Poker Style card game for 2 players. 

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 
Currently the 8 richest men in the world have wealth equal to the 
poorest 3.6 Billion people. 
The gap between the rich and the poor has been increasing for decades. 
Each hand represents 10 years starting with the 1950’s. 
One player is the Rich. The other player is the Poor. 

At the end of 7 hands, the player with the most points wins. 
If the rich player wins, it is business as usual. 
If the poor player wins, then the world is a better place. 

Players share a common deck. 

There are 7 card Types: 
Type:				Used by:
Rent Seeking			Rich player
Enlightened			Poor Player
Tax Evasion			Rich player
Investment			Poor player
Extraction			Rich player
Reaction			Poor player
Neutral				Both players

Each player has 3 types of cards he can use plus the Neutral type. 
This equals 4 suites for each player. 

Determine who is the rich player and who is the poor player. 
Shuffle the deck. 

1. Deal each player 5 cards. If the deck runs out shuffle the discard and draw from it. 
2. Each player may discard up to 3 cards and draw replacements. 
3. Players reveal their hands and score them. 
4. All cards are discarded. 

Each player has a hand of 5 cards. 
This will include cards they can and cannot use. 
Points:	Hand: 		Notes:
2	1 Pair		2 of the same Suite
4	3 of a Kind	3 of the same Suite
6	4 of a Kind	4 of the same Suite
8	5 of a Kind	5 of the same Suite
5	2 Pairs		2 of the same Suite and 2 of the same Suite
7	Full House	2 of the same Suite and 3 of the same Suite
5	Flush		4 from 4 different Suites

Card Name:			Type:				User
World Economic Forum		Enlightened			Poor
Corporate Responsibility	Enlightened			Poor
Moral Issue			Enlightened			Poor
Political Issue			Enlightened			Poor
Sustainable Prosperity		Enlightened			Poor
Enlightened Leaders		Enlightened			Poor
Enlightened Self Interest	Enlightened			Poor
Shared Prosperity		Enlightened			Poor
Shifting Taxes			Tax Evasion			Rich
Lower Tax Jurisdictions		Tax Evasion			Rich
Tax Avoidance			Tax Evasion			Rich
Offshore Tax Havens		Tax Evasion			Rich
Tax Competition			Tax Evasion			Rich
Panama				Tax Evasion			Rich
Cayman Islands			Tax Evasion			Rich
Luxembourg			Tax Evasion			Rich
Long Term Investments		Investment			Poor
Treat Workers Decently		Investment			Poor
Increase Wages			Investment			Poor
Invest in Employees		Investment			Poor
Technology Investments		Investment			Poor
Capital Investments		Investment			Poor
Invest in the Future		Investment			Poor
Profits back into Company	Investment			Poor
Lobbying			Rent Seeking			Rich
Deregulation			Rent Seeking			Rich
Taxpayers pick up the Tab	Rent Seeking			Rich
Monopolies			Rent Seeking			Rich
Subsidies			Rent Seeking			Rich
Too Big to Fail			Rent Seeking			Rich
Government Favor		Rent Seeking			Rich
Rent Seeking			Rent Seeking			Rich
Demand Fair Share		Reaction			Poor
Elections			Reaction			Poor
Referendums			Reaction			Poor
Rebellion			Reaction			Poor
Anti-Poverty Organizations	Reaction			Poor
International Monetary Fund	Reaction			Poor
Democracy			Reaction			Poor
Oxfam				Reaction			Poor
Shareholders			Extraction			Rich
Top Executives			Extraction			Rich
Super Rich			Extraction			Rich
Dividend Payouts 		Extraction			Rich
Under Investing			Extraction			Rich
Bankruptcy			Extraction			Rich
Pension Deficits		Extraction			Rich
Corporate Borrowing		Extraction			Rich
Global Economy			Neutral				Both
Economic Gains			Neutral				Both
Political Systems		Neutral				Both
Globalization			Neutral				Both
Market Economies		Neutral				Both
Corporations			Neutral				Both
Magnates			Neutral				Both
Ordinary Citizens		Neutral				Both


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