Ramming Speed!!!

Hex map.
Models or counters.
Paper & pencils.
6 & 10 sided dice.

Keep records of each ship for:
Ship Name, Captains name
Captain skills, Crew Skills
Current number of Crew, Ammo
Ship Size, Modified Base Rowing Speed
Number & Types of Advantages

Rout, capture, or sink your opponent’s fleet. 

Have one person design the scenario.
The other player chooses which side he wants to play.

Deck	Ram	Crew	Move	Name
3	1	30	4	Triaconter 
5	2	50	4	Penteconter
5	3	100	5	Bireme
4	4	100	5	Bireme (Modified Trireme) 
6	5	170	6	Trireme
8	5	170	6	Trireme (Full Deck)
10	6	220	5	Quadrireme 
12	7	300	4	Quinquereme
16	8	400	3	Large Quinquereme
20	9	500	2	Huge Quinquereme
Deck Size = Determines number of Advantages.
Ram Bonus = Determines damage done by ramming.
Crew = Rowers

Crews can be poor, good, or elite.

Each ship has a number of Advantages equal to its deck size.
1D10	Advantage:	Notes
1	Prongs		+1 to Ram bonus
2	Sails		+1 to Sail Roll
3	Reinforced Hull	+1 to defend vs Ram attacks 
4	Reinforced Ram	+1 to Ram bonus
5	Hoplites	Crew +20
6	Hoplites	Crew +20
7	Archers		Missile Attack
8-10	Missile		Roll on Missile Subtable

Missile Subtable
1D10	Advantage:
1	Archers	
2	Greek Fire	
3	Ballistae	
4	Catapult	
5	Onagers
6	Trebuchet
7	Harpax (Catapult Launched Grapnel)
8	Corvus (Swing Bridge)
9	Tower and Archers
10	Parablemata (Leather Screens)

A round is when every ship has moved.
Players take turns moving their ships, one ship at a time.
The player with the larger fleet moves first.
For example: 
Joe has ships A, B, C
Andy has ships D, E, F, G, H, I
Andy moves D, Joe moves A, Andy moves E, Joe moves B, followed by: F, C, G, H, I
When a ship moves it has the following phases:
1. Fire Phase
2. Sail Phase
3. Row Phase
4. Missile Attacks
5. Ramming Attacks
6. Boarding Phase
7. Morale Phase

All ships have a forward facing.
Ships should be marked for easy identification.

Ships on fire lose 1D10 crew per fire counter.
Roll 1D6 for each fire counter:
1	The fire is put.
2-5	-
6	Put an additional fire counter on the ship.
If you are adjacent to a ship on fire, you will catch 
on fire on a roll of 5-6 on 1D6.
Any ship with 6 or more fires is automatically destroyed.

Roll 1D6 for the ship:
1	Floundering: -1D6 Move points
2-3	Against the Wind: -1 Move Point this turn
4-7	No effect
8-9	Catch the wind: +1 Move Point
10	+2 Move Points
11+	+3 Move Points
Add 1 to your roll per Sails Advantage the ship has.
Add 1 for an elite crew.
Subtract 2 for a poor crew.
Subtract 2 if ship is on Fire.
Subtract 4 if you rammed or were rammed last turn.

Only one ship per hex.
Each ship has a base number of Move points.
Subtract 3 if you rammed or were rammed last turn.
Add the modifier determined in Sail Phase.
Ship speed is decreased equal to the percentage of 
rowers lost (Killed) rounding down.
If you were at a complete stop last turn you can 
move a maximum of half speed.
A ship may go at ramming speed and get +2 Move points.
A ship may only go at ramming speed if it will end up ramming.
Grappled ships may not move.
If you are grappled you may attempt to ungrapple: 
Roll 1D6. on a roll of 4-6 you may move.
A ship may use some, none or all of its move points.
A move point can be used to turn one hex face.
A move point can be used to move forward or backwards one space.

A ship may make Missile attacks at any point, or points during its move.
Archers, Greek fire, Ballistae, and Catapults are all Missile attacks.
An Advantage may only make one attack per turn.
Weapons hit on a roll of 6-10 on 1D10.
Subtract 1 if the target has parablemata.
Missile Advantages have enough ammo for 10 shots each.

Weapon		Range	ToHit	Dam	Fire	Minimum Range	
Rowers		1	-1	1D10	-	1
Archers		2	+2	1D10	1	1
Greek Fire	1	0	2D10	1-4*	1
Ballistae	4	+1	1D6	1	1
Catapults	6	-1	2D10	1-2	2
Onagers		4	0	1D10	1	1
Trebuchet	10	-2	3D10	1-3	3
Tower Archers	3	+3	1D10	1	1
Note: Rowers throw javelins from a sitting position.
This represents the combined attack of all rowers.
Fire = The chance the enemy ship catches on fire on a roll of 1D6. 
Put 1 Fire counter on the ship.
Inflicts 1D3 Fire counters.
Dam = Number of enemy crew killed if attack hits.
ToHit = Modifier to the “to hit” roll.
Range = in Hexes

If a ship moves forward 1 or more spaces in a row, and is facing an 
opposing ship in its forward adjacent hex, it may ram it.
Roll on the Ramming table:
1D10	Damage Result
1-2	No effect
3-6	Oars sheared: Opposing ship has –1D6 Move points
7-8	Opposing ship sinks in 2D6 turns and has –1D6 Move points
9	Opposing ship sinks in 1D6 turns and has –1D6 Move points
10+	Opposing ship sinks (is immediately destroyed)
Subtract 5 if the rammer moved less than 3 spaces in 
a row to reach its target.
If both ships are facing each other subtract 2.
The attacking ship adds its Ram bonus to the roll.
The defending ship subtracts its Ram bonus from the roll.
The defending ship subtracts its Hull advantage from the roll.
A ship cannot move any more on the same turn after ramming.

If an opposing ship is adjacent you may board it on a roll of 6-10 on 1D10.
The ships are considered to be grappled.
Add 1 if you have a Harpax.
Add 1 if you have a Corvus.
Add 1 if you are the larger ship.
Add 1 if you rammed the ship this turn.
Add 1 if the ships are rammed together. 
For each 10 crew you have (rounding up) roll 1D6.
This is the number of enemy crew lost.
The opposing ship simultaneously rolls and inflicts casualties.
A ship with no crew cannot move or attack.
An empty ship may be captured by an adjacent ship.
The capturer may split its crew between the 2 boats.

Roll on the following table.
1D10	Result
0	Rout or Surrender (or Abandon Ship) if enemy ship adjacent
1-2	Rout: Try to escape
3-10	Keep fighting
Add +2 if no crew have been killed yet this battle.
-3 if sinking.
-2 if half of crew are dead.
-1 if adjacent to enemy ship with larger crew.
-1 if enemy has more Size points worth of ships.
-2 if any friendly ships in 20 hexes are routing.

Each ship has 1 Captain.
The basic Captain has 0-1 skill.
Heroic Captains have 2 or more skills.
Elite crews will also have 1 or more skills.
Nationality indicates skills exemplified by certain cultures.

1D6	Skill		Notes					Nationality
1	Melee		+1 to all rolls in Boarding Phase	Spartan
2	Sailing		+1 to Sailing roll			Phoenician
3	Rowing		+1 Move point				Egyptian
4	Rally		+2 to Morale roll			Roman
5	Ramming		+1 to Ram bonus 			Athenian
6	Missiles	+1 to hit with all Missile attacks	Persian

Hex Type:		Notes:
Open water		
Shallows		Run aground 
Rocky Shallows		Roll on Ramming Table
Gulf Stream		+1 to Sailing Roll
Rough Waters		-1 to Sailing Roll
Sargasso		Cost 2 Move points to enter
Land			Ships Cannot enter

Periplus- Outflanking maneuver.
Diekplus- Attacking in column formation to break enemies line.
Kyklos- Defensive circle with all ships facing outwards.

Any ship may make missile attacks during another ships move.
A Missile Advantage may only make one attack per turn.

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