Board Game for 2 players.
One player takes the role of the Hero Beowulf. 
The other player takes the role of the Monster Grendel. 

Slay your Foe.
The first player to reduce his opponent to zero or less hits wins. 

Each player starts the game with 20 Hit Points.

There will be 2 unique pawns, one each for Grendel and Beowulf. 
Both pawns may occupy the same space at the same time.

Players share a common deck. 
The deck has 1 copy of each card in the card list. 

Choose who will be Grendel and who will be Beowulf. 
Grendel goes first. 
The Beowulf pawn starts in the Great Hall Space.
The Grendel pawn starts in the Endless Pit Space.

The board is a track 13 spaces long. 
#	Location:	Region:		BD	GD
1	Great Hall	Dane		3	1
2	Villages       	Dane		3	1
3	Coast		Wild		2	1
4	Forests		Wild		2	1	
5	Hills		Wild		2	1
6	Tors		Cold		1	1
7	Tundra		Cold		1	1
8	Taiga		Cold		1	1
9	Marsh		Swamp		1	2
10	Bog		Swamp		1	2
11	Fen		Swamp		1	2
12	Caves		Evil		1	3
13	Endless Pit	Evil		1	3		
BD = Beowulf Draw
GD = Grendel Draw
The term Location is synonymous with space. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases: 
1. Beginning Phase
2. Journey Phase
3. Battle Phase
4. Ending Phase

Draw a number of cards equal to the Draw rating of the 
Location your pawn is in. 
For example: if in the village Beowulf would draw 3 but 
Grendel would only draw 1.  

Roll 1D6. This is the Travel Roll:
Roll		Spaces
0 or less	0
1-2		1
3-4		2
5-6		3
7+		4
You may choose not to move, or you may move in either 
Direction the indicated number of Spaces. 
You may play a card to modify a Travel Roll. 

You may play an attack card against your opponent if the 
Pawns are at the appropriate range. 
Your opponent will lose a number of hit points equal to the 
Damage rating of the attack card. 
Your opponent may play a defense card to reduce the 
Amount of damage done. 
Note that a defense card can be played against an attack of any range. 
For an attack of range = zero, both pawns must occupy the same space. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. 

When a card is played it is discarded. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Ally cards can be used as Attack cards or Defense cards

B = Only Beowulf player may use card
G = Only Grendel player may use card
E = Either player may use card
A = Attack card (Range = 0 unless otherwise specified)
D = Defense card
X = Special card
L = Ally card
T = Travel card
TR = Travel Roll
Dam = Damage caused by Attack or reduced by Defense

Name:				User	Type	Dam	Notes:
Dagger				B	A	1	
Sword				B	A	2
Axe				B	A	3	
Spear				B	A	2	Range = 1
Fire Trap			B	A	2	Range = 1
Arrows				B	A	1	Range = 2
Bow				B	A	1	Range = 2
Claws				G	A	1
Bite				G	A	2
Maul				G	A	3	
Boulder				G	A	2	Range = 1
Rocks				G	A	1	Range = 1
Pit Trap			G	A	1	Range = 2
Swing Trap			G	A	2	Range = 2
Helmet				B	D	1
Chainmail			B	D	2
Shield				B	D	3
Slimy Skin			G	D	1
Thick Hide			G	D	2
Massive Bulk			G	D	3
Darkness       			E	D	6
Geat Warriors			B	L	3	
Dane Warriors			B	L	2	
Swede Warriors			B	L	1	
Crunch Bones			G	A	5
Arm Twist			B	A	5
Giant Rat Swarm			G	L	1
Vampire Bats			G	L	2
Ogres				G	L	3
Pathfinder			B	T	-	TR +4
Longship       			B	T	-	TR +3
Horses				B	T	-	TR +2
Godspeed       			B	T	-	TR +1
Forest Walk			G	T	-	TR +1
Swamp Walk			G	T	-	TR +2
Mountain Walk			G	T	-	TR +3
Ice Walk			G	T	-	TR +4
Haste				E	T	-	TR +1
Great Strength			E	A	4	
Cunning				E	X	-	Draw 3 Cards
Horror				G	X	-	Draw 3 Cards
Courage				B	X	-	Draw 3 Cards
Heal				E	X	-	Gain back 2 lost Hits
Drinking Horn			B	X	-	Gain back 2 lost Hits
Regenerate			G	X	-	Gain back 2 lost Hits
Witches Vision			E	X	-	Look at opponents Hand
Injury				E	T	-	TR -1 Play on Opponent
Lost				E	T	-	TR -2 Play on Opponent
Storm				E	T	-	TR -3 Play on Opponent
Foul Stench			G	A	0	Opponent discards 4 cards
Cornered       			B	A	0	Opponent discards 4 cards

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Grendels Mother is treated exactly like Grendel. 
After Beowulf defeats Grendel, basically restart the game, except
that it's now his Mother. 

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