Card game based on the first season of the TV Series "Magicians". 

Magicians is a licensed, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

Be the first player to score 100 Victory Points. 

Players share a common deck. 
During play the deck is kept face-down. 
The Deck has 1 copy of each card described in the card list. 

Discarded and Banished cards are placed here. 
These cards are kept face-up. 

Each player maintains a Hand of cards

A region in the center of the table where there are Face-up Cards in play not 
Controlled by any player. 

A region in front of each player containing Face-up Cards controlled by that 
Player (Cards played from hand or summoned by that player). 

100 Points to win. 
Keep track of points with paper and pencil. 

Every card will have 2 or more Traits. 
There are 27 separate Traits:
Character, Female, Student, Teacher, Place, Artifact, Fillory, 
God, Magic, Traveler, Hedge, Sex, Knowledge, Spell, 
Religion, Creature, Plot, Time, Psychic, Light, Drugs, 
Threat, Transform, Defense, Heal, Telekinetics, Plover

Each card will have a Special Ability. (SA)
SA are activated when a card is played from a players hand. 
Common special Abilities include: Summon and Banish. 

A Special Ability. The indicated card is removed from wherever it is 
(Deck, Discard, Neutral Zone, Opponent’s Zone, or Hand) and placed 
In your hand or Control Zone. Note: If placed in your control Zone, its 
SA does not activate. 

A Special Ability. The indicated card is removed from your Opponent’s 
Control Zone or the Neutral Zone and placed in the Discard pile.

Place the following cards in the Neutral Zone: 
The Beast, Quentin, Julia, Alice, Penny, Kady, Brakebills, Fillory & Further, 
Dean Fogg, Eliza, Elliot, Margo, and Jane Chatwin. 
Shuffle the deck. Each player draws a hand of 3 cards. 
The most magical player goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Action Phase
3. Card Trick Phase
4. Score Phase
5. End Phase

Draw the top card of the Deck and put it in your hand. 
If the Deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Put one card from your hand into play into your Control Zone. 
It’s Special Ability is activated. 

You may discard 1 card from your hand to generate a card trick effect. 
The effect is based on one of the Traits of the card. 
(Note that many Traits do not produce an effect)
Knowledge: Look at the next 10 cards in the Deck
Psychic: Look at Opponent's Hand
Defense: Move a Creature in a Control Zone into the Neutral Zone
Transform: Switch places of 2 Characters in Neutral or Control Zones
Traveler: Look at next 5 cards in deck and put 1 in your hand
Heal: Move Character in Discard to your Control Zone
Time: Get an extra Action Phase immediately
Spell: Draw 1 card and Place a card from your Hand into your 
Control Zone (SA not activated) 
Fillory: Score 1 VP
Religion: Steal 1 Random card from Opponents hand
Plot: Move a Character in a Control Zone into the Neutral Zone
Character: Draw 2 Cards from the Deck: Put 1 in your hand and 1 in your Control Zone
Hedge: Take 1 Random card from the Discard and put it in your hand or Control Zone
Threat: Opponent must discard 1 random card from their hand

You may score 1 Trait of your choice. 
For every card in your Control Zone that has that Trait, score X Victory Points.
X is the square of the number of cards scored, so… 
1 Card scores 1 VP; 2 Cards score 4 VP; 3 Cards score 9 VP; 4 Cards score 16 VP, and so on.  
Once you score a particular Trait, you may not score that trait again for the 
Rest of the game. Use paper and pencil to keep track of VP and scored Traits. 
Note: The Character Trait may not be scored. 

Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards. 

Card:: Traits:: Special Ability
Quentin:: Character, Student, Telekinetics, Fillory:: Summon Julia, Alice, Penny or Elliot
Julia:: Character, Hedge, Religion, Female:: Summon Quentin or Hedge
Alice:: Character, Student, Female, Light:: Summon Spell
Fillory & Further:: Artifact, Fillory:: Summon Fillory
Brakebills:: Place, Teacher, Student:: Summon Student or Teacher
Penny:: Character, Student, Traveler, Psychic:: Summon Place
Kady:: Character, Student, Female, Hedge, Religion:: Summon Artifact
The Beast:: Character, Plot, Threat, Creature, Fillory:: Banish Character
Elliot: Character, Student, Drugs:: Summon Drugs or Margo
Margo: Character, Student, Female:: Summon Elliot or Sex
Dean Fogg:: Character, Teacher, Knowledge, Defense:: Summon Eliza, Student or Defense
Eliza:: Character, Female, Time, Traveler:: Summon Quentin, Time or Plot
Jane Chatwin:: Character, Fillory, Plover, Female:: Summon Fillory or Quentin
Moonstone Knife:: Artifact, Fillory:: Banish the Beast
Time Loop:: Time, Plot, Knowledge:: Summon or Banish Plot
Romance:: Sex, Plot:: Summon Student or Hedge
Battle Magic:: Magic, Spell, Telekinetics, Light, Defense:: Banish Threat
Magic Missile:: Spell, Telekinetics, Defense:: Summon Alice
Shoot Flames:: Spell, Light, Defense:: Summon Penny
Levitation:: Spell, Telekinetics, Religion:: Summon Julia or Kady 
Death:: Plot, Threat:: Banish Character
Neitherlands:: Place, Traveler:: Summon Traveler
Sex Magic:: Magic, Sex:: Summon Student
Time Magic:: Magic, Time:: Summon Time
God Semen:: Artifact, God:: Summon Female
Ember:: God, Fillory, Knowledge:: Summon Quentin, Julia or God Semen
Trickster God:: God, Threat:: Summon Julia or Banish Religion
Djinn:: Creature, Magic:: Summon Julia or Todd
Psychic Magic:: Magic, Psychic:: Summon Psychic
The Sixth Book:: Knowledge, Fillory, Artifact:: Summon Quentin, Eliza, or Penny
Light Magic:: Magic, Light:: Summon Light or Alice
Mentors:: Teacher, Knowledge, Magic:: Summon Magic
Marina:: Character, Hedge, Female, Threat:: Summon or Banish Hedge
Transplantation Spell:: Spell, Hedge, Traveler:: Summon Artifact
Joe:: Character, Creature, Traveler, Sex:: Summon Sex
Pete:: Character, Hedge:: Summon Hedge
Stop Time:: Spell, Time:: Summon the Beast
Animate Dead:: Spell, Hedge, Telekinetics:: Summon Pete
Hospital:: Place, Heal:: Summon Julia, Quentin, Dean Fogg, or Penny
Stanley:: Character, Traveler, Teacher:: Summon Traveler
Astral Projection:: Spell, Traveler, Psychic:: Summon Penny
Richard:: Character, Religion, Heal:: Summon Religion
Healing Magic:: Magic, Heal:: Summon Heal
Professor Lipson:: Character, Female, Teacher, Heal:: Summon Heal
Persephone:: God, Female, Religion:: Summon Julia
Josh Hoberman:: Character, Student, Drugs:: Summon Victoria or Neitherlands
Todd: Character, Student:: Summon Djinn or Margo
The Librarian:: Character, Knowledge, Female:: Summon Fillory, Knowledge or Penny
Magical Test:: Magic, Plot:: Summon Student or Julia
Memory Wipe:: Plot, Spell:: Banish Student or Julia
Arcane Sigil:: Knowledge, Fillory:: Summon Jane, Alice or Quentin
Magical Ritual:: Plot, Magic, Traveler:: Summon Creature
Niffin:: Creature, Magic, Transform, Threat:: Summon Alice
Talking Animal:: Fillory, Creature:: Summon Fillory
Binding Spell:: Spell, Defense:: Banish Creature
Safe House:: Hedge, Place:: Summon Hedge
Demon Bug:: Artifact, Creature, Heal:: Summon Quentin
Box of Memories:: Artifact, Knowledge:: Summon Marina
Protective Amulet:: Artifact, Defense:: Banish Magic
Delusion Spell:: Spell, Psychic:: Banish Quentin
Victoria:: Student, Female, Traveler:: Summon Penny or Josh
The Trials:: Plot, Student:: Summon Student
Transformation Magic:: Magic, Transform:: Summon Transform
Kady’s Mother:: Character, Hedge, Female:: Summon Kady or Julia
Professor Mayakovsky:: Teacher, Plot:: Summon Student
Mike:: Character, Plot, Threat:: Summon Elliot or Banish Eliza
Cursed Blade:: Artifact, Fillory:: Banish Penny
Religious Magic:: Magic, Religion:: Summon Religion
Christopher Plover:: Character, Plot, Fillory, Plover:: Summon Fillory
Plover Estate:: Place, Plover:: Summon Plover
Martin Chatwin:: Character, Fillory, Plover:: Summon the Beast
Magic Button:: Artifact, Traveler, Fillory, Plover:: Summon Fillory
Beacon Spell:: Spell, Sex, Light:: Summon Penny
Golem:: Creature, Sex:: Summon Margo
Cancer Puppy:: Creature, Heal:: Summon Quentin or Elliot
Game of Welters:: Student, Magic, Spell:: Summon Student
Guardian:: Knowledge, Religion, God:: Summon Religion
Probability Magic:: Magic, Knowledge:: Summon or Banish Plot
Bottled Emotions:: Artifact, Psychic:: Summon Sex or Battle Magic
Infidelity:: Plot, Sex:: Banish Alice or Quentin
Physical Kids: Magic, Telekinetics, Student:: Summon Alice, Quentin, Margo or Elliot
Psychic Blocker:: Psychic, Artifact, Defense:: Banish Psychic
Threesome:: Plot, Sex:: Summon Quentin, Elliot or Margo
Mercenaries:: Threat, Creatures:: Summon Neitherlands
Time Travel Device:: Artifact, Time:: Summon Jane or Martin
Watcher Woman:: Female, Fillory, Time:: Summon Quentin or Eliza
Blade Maker:: Character, Fillory:: Summon Moonstone Knife
Source of Magic:: Fillory, Magic, Place:: Summon Martin or the Beast
Flight of Geese:: Transform, Spell:: Summon Mayakowski
Arctic Foxes:: Transform, Spell, Sex:: Summon Quentin or Alice
Hammer Spell:: Spell, Student:: Summon Student
Invisibility Spell:: Light, Defense, Spell:: Summon Alice
Neverending Flask:: Artifact, Drugs:: Summon Elliot or Margo
Magic Carrot:: Artifact, Drugs:: Summon Elliot or Josh
Cocaine:: Drugs:: Summon or Banish Penny
Amphetamines:: Drugs:: Summon Julia
Card Tricks:: Spell, Telekinetics:: Summon Quentin 
Psychic Wards:: Psychic, Defense, Spell:: Banish Psychic
Ibriza:: Place, Drugs, Sex:: Summon Margo
Suicide:: Healing, Psychic, Religion:: Banish Character
Prayer Circle:: Spell, Religion:: Summon God
Glass Horses:: Spell, Light, Transform:: Summon Alice
Dungeon:: Place, Fillory:: Summon Victoria or Christopher Plover
Insanity:: Threat, Psychic:: Banish Traveler
Neitherlands Library:: Knowledge, Place:: Summon Knowledge
Convalescence:: Heal, Time:: Summon Character
Tattoo Magic:: Traveler, Magic, Hedge:: Summon Traveler
Ghosts of Plover:: Creature, Plover, Threat:: Summon Plot
Witch in a Coma:: Heal, Female, Time:: Summon Julia or Richard
Roman Orgy:: Sex, Place:: Summon Alice, Quentin or Joe

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