Card Game. Fantasy conquest made simple.

There are 2 decks, the Territory deck, and the Battle deck.
The Territory deck has 15 cards.
There are 5 types of territories: Castles, Mountains, Towers, Forests, and Swamps.
The Territory deck has 3 cards of each.
The Battle Deck has 60 cards.
There are 4 types of Battle cards: Heroes, Minions, Artifacts, and Spells.
The Battle Deck has one of each of the cards listed in the Card Lists under 
these four headings.

Control all of the territory cards.

Each player gets 4 territory cards dealt randomly from the territory deck.
After setup the territory deck is no longer used.
All players draw a card from the battle deck. The player who draws 
the highest BV or AV score goes first. The next highest goes second, and 
so on. Redraw in case of ties.
Each player starts with 7 cards.

Players take turns. Each turn has 2 phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Attack Phase

Draw 3 cards.
You may have a maximum of 7 cards in your hand. 
If you ever have more than 7 cards at the end of a phase, discard the excess cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and continue play.

If you have a hero in your hand you may attack.
If you don't want to attack you may skip this phase.
If you want to attack, pick one of your opponents territories to be the
target of your attack.
Play one of your heroes face up on the table.
You may also play one artifact card.
You may also play one or more Minion cards whose territory matches that
of the attacking hero.
For example: A barbarian may have a Giant as a minion, but not a vampire.
You may also play one or two spell cards if allowed.
Each hero has a spell level of 0, 1, or 2. This is the number of
spells the hero may cast during the battle.
Add up the AV (Attack Value) of the Hero plus the BV (Battle Value) of all 
his minion, spell, and artifact cards. This is the "Total Attack Score."
The Defender may play a Hero.
The Defender may play one artifact card, only if he played a hero.
The Defender may also give his hero spells according to the heroes spell level. 
The Defender may play Minion cards that match his heroes territory and the
territory that is being attacked. 
The Defender may play Minion cards that match his territory that is being 
attacked even if he does not play a hero.
Attacker and Defender may continue playing cards until they both pass.
Add up the Defenders BVs and DV (Defense Value) to get a "Total Defense Score."
Compare the total scores of the attacker and the defender.
If the Attackers Score is higher, he gets to keep the territory card, and draws 2 cards.
If the Defenders Score is equal or higher he keeps his territory card and draws 3 cards.
All cards played during the battle on both sides are discarded.

Name:		#
Castle		3
Mountain       	3
Forest		3
Tower		3
Swamp		3

Name		Territory	AV	DV	Spells	Notes
Knight		Castle		1	5	0	Castle Minions get +1BV
Priest		Castle		1	1	2	negate 1 spell cast by opponent during battle.
Cleric		Castle		1	3	1	+3 BV versus Swamp Minions
Barbarian	Mountain	6	3	0	Cannot use Artifacts
Warrior		Mountain	4	4	0
Shaman		Mountain	3	1	1	Mountain Minions get +1BV
Druid		Forest		1	3	1	Forest Minions get +1BV
Ranger		Forest		2	4	0	+3 BV when battle at Forest
Enchantress	Forest		1	1	1	Control 1 enemy minion before totals compared.
Wizard		Tower		1	1	3
Sorcerer	Tower		3	1	1	The Sorcerer may use one non-tower minion.
Rogue		Tower		3	3	0	Steal 1 random card from opponents hand when played.
Warlock		Swamp		1	3	1	+3 BV versus Forest Minions
Necromancer	Swamp		1	1	2	Swamp Minions get +1BV	
Lich		Swamp		3	1	1	+3 BV when battle at Swamp	

Name		Territory	BV	Special
Peasants	Castle		1	+1 BV if Defending Castle
Archers		Castle		2	+1 BV if Defending
Pikemen		Castle		3	+1 BV if Defending, -1 BV if Attacking
Griffins	Castle		4
Archangel	Castle		5	+1 BV versus Swamp Minions & Heroes
Goblins		Mountain	1	Discard a card to get +1 BV
Orcs		Mountain	2	+1 BV if Attacking
Ogres		Mountain	3
Trolls		Mountain	4
Giant		Mountain	5	+1 BV if Defending Mountain
Pixies		Forest		1	Hero gets +1 Spell Level
Elves		Forest		2	Hero gets +1 Spell Level
Dwarves		Forest		3	+1 BV versus Mountain Minions
Unicorns	Forest		4	Hero gets +1 Spell Level
Dragon		Forest		5	Opponent must discard one random card
Gnomes		Tower		1	+1 BV if Defending Tower
Myrmidons	Tower		2
Golems		Tower		3	Negate one of opponents spells
Djinn		Tower		4	Hero gets +1 Spell Level
Demon		Tower		5	+1 BV if Attacking
Skeletons	Swamp		1
Zombies		Swamp		2
Swarm		Swamp		3	Destroy level 1 Minion
Wraiths		Swamp		4	+1 BV at Swamp
Vampire		Swamp		5	+1 BV versus Castle Minions
Notes: When played the swarm destroys one opposing minion of BV=1 

Name			BV	Notes
Rune Staff 		5	Draw one card when played
Celestial Sword 	4	AV +1
Titans Armor		3	DV +1
Spell Shield		2	Negate one of opponents spells during battle
Ring of the Magi	1	Hero gets +1 Spell Level

Name			BV	Effect
Bless			0	All of your minions get +1 BV
Cone of Cold		2	Opponent must discard one random card.
Lightning Bolt		3	Destroy opponents Artifact.	
Fireball		3	All of your opponents Minions are -1 BV
Disintegrate		5
Illusions		X	X = 1+ Casters spell level
Invisibility		3
Petrification		0	Destroy one of opponents Minions.
Charm			0	Take control of one of opponents Minions.
Cataclysm		0	Destroy all Minions in battle so far.
Scrye			0	Look at opponents hand.
Fortune			0	Draw 3 cards.
Summon   		0	During battle use any Minion card in your hand.
Wall of Fire		0	Your opponent may not attack you on his turn.
Fly			0	You may make a second attack this turn.
Notes: Play Fly after your first attack, if you have a second hero ready.
Play Wall of Fire at the beginning of your opponents attack phase.
Play Scrye and fortune at any time.

For a short game, let the winner be the player with the most territories 
when the deck runs out.

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