INTRODUCTION Card game for 2-4+ players. Theme: Politics in Germany circa 1926-1933. VICTORY Have the most Political Support when the Game ends. GAME END The game ends when the Anarchy Level is 10 or greater. Discarded Anarchy cards increase the Anarchy Level. MAIN POLITICAL PARTIES There are 4 main Political Parties: 1. Nazis (National Socialist Workers Party) 2. Spartakists (Communists) 3. Catholics (Center Party) 4. Socialists (SPD) More parties are available if there are more than 4 players. Each Party is represented by a Political Party card, which provides X levels in Propaganda and a Special Ability. POLITICAL PARTY CARDS Party: Propaganda Special Ability: Nazis 7 Play an extra Organization card each turn Spartakists 6 Draw an extra Card each turn Socialists 5 You may always play a Legitimacy card Catholics 4 Max hand size is 7 cards THE DECK Not including Political Party cards. Players share a common deck. SETUP Starting Anarchy Level = Zero. Each player picks one Political Party to control and takes posession of the corresponding Party Card. Each Party has a basic starting Political Support of Zero. Shuffle the deck. Each player is dealt a random hand of 5 cards. The most German Player goes first. POLITICAL PARTY ATTRIBUTES Each Political Party has 2 Attributes: 1. Propaganda Level 2. Political Support Level PROPAGANDA LEVEL ATTRIBUTE Political Party cards and Organization cards increase a Party’s Propaganda Level. Propaganda is needed to win control of Support Groups. Note that Propaganda levels are spent like money. Your Propaganda Level regenerates fully each turn. Any levels of Propaganda you don't spend are not accumulated. Example: Lets say your Propaganda level is 17. On your turn, you use 10 Levels and 7 go unused. On your next turn you start all over again with 17 Levels of Propaganda. POLITICAL SUPPORT LEVEL ATTRIBUTE Political Support is accumulated by gaining control of Support Groups. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 8 Phases: 1. Resources Phase 2. Organization Phase 3. Discontent Phase 4. Recruit Phase 5. Steal Support Phase 6. Republic Phase 7. Reichstag Phase 8. Reorganization Phase RESOURCES PHASE Draw 1 card from the deck and put it in your hand. You may Spend 10 Propaganda Levels to draw 1 extra card. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. ORGANIZATION PHASE Put up to 1 Organization card from your hand into play. Each Organization card has a Propaganda Level. CARDS IN PLAY RULE Cards in play are kept face up on the table in front of and facing the player who put them there (the owner of the card). Cards in play remain in play from turn to turn until some other rule or card action causes them to be discarded or otherwise removed. DISCONTENT PHASE You may play (discard) up to 1 Violence or 1 Nationalism card in this Phase. RECRUIT PHASE Gain control of up to 1 Support Card. To gain control of a Support card you must first play a Support card from your hand face-up to the Table. Next you must spend Propaganda Levels in excess of the Political Support Rating of the Card to gain posession of it. The Propaganda Levels you spend are from 2 sources: 1. Your Party & Organization Cards (Which can be used over again every turn) 2. Propaganda Cards (One time use: Discard when played) Note: You may play more than one Propaganda card. Support cards you control stay face-up in play and Provide continuous Levels of Political Support. STEAL SUPPORT PHASE Attempt to gain control of 1 Target Support Card controlled by another player. To do this you must play a Propaganda card that allows this. Next you must spend Propaganda Levels in excess of the: Political Support Rating of the Target Support Card plus The Propaganda Level of the Controlling opponent plus The value of any Propaganda cards the defender plays. The Propaganda Levels you spend are from 2 sources: 1. Your Party & Organization Cards (Which can be used over again every turn) 2. Propaganda Cards (One time use: Discard when played) REPUBLIC PHASE You may play (discard) up to 1 Government card in this Phase. Government cards describe reactionary efforts of the collapsing Government and Produce a variety of ill-effects on your political opponents. REICHSTAG PHASE You may play up to 1 Legitimacy card in this Phase. To play a Legitimacy card, you must have either the most Support Cards in play, or have the highest Political Support Level worth of Support cards, or be tied for either. Like Support cards, Legitimacy cards stay face-up in play and Provide Levels of Political Support. REORGANIZATION PHASE Max hand size is 5 Cards. Discard down to Max hand Size. All cards are discarded Face-up. If a player discards 1 or more Anarchy cards on his turn, raise the Anarchy Level by 1. SPECIAL CARDS Some Special cards are played as a reaction to another card play. Otherwise, play them without limit in your Government Phase. CARD LIST NOTATION S = Support (Groups outside the Party) O = Organization (Resources within the Party) P = Propaganda A = Anarchy V = Violence N = Nationalism L = Legitimacy G = Government X = Special COMMON DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Type Level Notes: Civil Servants S 5 +1 for each Legitimacy card you control Freikorps S 10 Imperial Army S 9 Judges S 8 Professors S 7 Treaty of Versailles N - Draw 2 cards Demilitarized N - Draw 2 cards Lost Territories N - Draw 2 cards Crushing Reparations A - Dictated Peace N - Draw 2 cards West Prussia N - Draw 2 cards Lost Colonies N - Draw 2 cards Changing Governments N - Draw 2 cards Escalating Inflation A - Mutinies A - Racism N - Draw 2 cards Extremism N - Draw 2 cards Nationalist Fervor N - Draw 2 cards Revolutionary Turmoil A - Self-Employed S 4 Middle Classes S 6 Great Industrialists S 10 Post-War Hardships A - Belief in Fate P 4 Draw 1 card when played Counter-Propaganda X - Negate a Propaganda Card Street Battles V - Opponent must Discard 2 Cards Fanaticism P 7 You may Attack Opponents Support Card Exploitation of Discontent P 10 You may Attack Opponents Support Card Anti-Semitism N - Draw 2 cards Reaction to Defeat N - Draw 2 cards Rabble Rousing V - Draw 1 Card; Opponent must Discard 1 Card Aryanism N - Draw 2 cards Public Speaking P 5 Masterful Propaganda P 9 You may Attack Opponents Support Card Military Contacts O 4 Raise Money X - Draw 3 cards Newspaper O 4 Rallies P 6 French Occupied Rurh N - Draw 2 cards Paper Money A - Hyperinflation A - Collapse of the Mark A - Intimidation V - Draw 1 Card; Opponent must Discard 1 Card Coalition Government L 7 Emergency Powers G - All opponents must discard 2 cards Negotiate a Deal L 6 Unrest A - March to Berlin P 8 Beer Hall Putsch V - Steal 1 Support Card from opponent Police X - Negate a Violence Card Arrests G - Discard a target Organization Card Media P 7 Publicity P 6 Propaganda Victory X - Get an extra Turn High Treason G - Opponent must discard 3 cards Restore Order G - Reduce Anarchy Level by 1 Internal Divisions X - Opponent must discard 3 cards Stabilized Mark G - Reduce Anarchy Level by 1 US Loans G - Reduce Anarchy Level by 1 Gain Reichstag Seats L 6 Campaigning P 4 Draw 1 card Reunification O 2 Charismatic Leader O 5 Inspired Leadership O 5 Political Prisoners G - Opponent draws no cards on his next turn Government Crackdown G - All Players must discard their hands Party Mouthpiece O 4 Reorganization O 2 Youth Organizations O 3 Professional Organizations O 3 Absorb Minor Factions O 3 Alliance L 5 Wall Street Crash A - Unemployment A - Depression A - Early Elections L 4 Go to the Polls L 4 Working Class S 6 Protest Vote L 5 White Collar Workers S 5 Farmers S 4 Propaganda Machine P 7 You may Attack Opponents Support Card Films & Posters P 7 Books & Leaflets P 6 Intelligentsia S 6 Bourgeois S 5 Famous Speech P 9 You may Attack Opponents Support Card Bid for Chancellor L 8 Free Elections L 4 Attack Government V - All players draw 1 card Financial Contributions O 2 Party Morale O 2 Support Strikes V - All players discard 1 card Political Compromise L 6 Veto X - Negate a Legitimacy card Demonstration V - Draw 2 Cards Appointment L 7 Public Opinion P 5 False Claims P 6 You may Attack Opponents Support Card Scandal P 8 You may Attack Opponents Support Card Purge V - Discard your hand & draw 5 cards Murder V - Discard a target Support card Threats V - Steal 2 random cards from opponent Assassinations V - Opponent must discard 3 cards Oath of Loyalty O 2 All your Support cards get +1 Majority Vote L 8 Local State Governments S 5 Trade Unions S 10 Promises P 6 Concessions L 4 Campaign of Terror V - All opponents must discard 1 random card Radio P 6 Appeals for Unity P 5 The Presidency G - Opponent misses his next turn Brownshirts V - Steal 1 random card from each opponent Occultism P 5 Look at next 7 cards in deck Strong-Arm Tactics V - Target opponent must discard his hand CARD SET AVAILABLE Thanks Ron! Click Here OPTIONAL RULES More Political Parties: Nationalists, Liberals, and Democrats. Party: Propaganda Special Ability: Nationalists 6 Get an extra Discontent Phase on your Turn Liberals 5 Get an extra Republic Phase on your Turn Democrats 4 Get an extra Recruit Phase on your Turn SESSION REPORT Arizona Playtests Thanks Greg! Note that the rules have been rewritten in response to this Review. LINKS Weimar Republic Wikipedia BGG

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