Card game for 2 players.
Based on the Supernatural Horror Movies. 
One player is Freddie, the other is Jason. 

Freddie & Jason are licensed, copyrighted properties. 
This is merely a fan site.

If at the end of your turn, your opponent is at zero or less hit points, you win.

Players share a common deck. 

There are 10 types of cards:
L = Location
V = Victim
A = Attack
F = Fire Attack
D = Death Blow Attack
T = Trap
E = Escape
H = Heal
I = Inspiration
X = Special 

Each player starts with 13 Hit Points. 
Use Red Tokens to keep track of Hit Points. 
One Point of Damage causes the loss of 1 Hit Point. 

Shuffle the deck.
Each player is dealt 6 cards. 
The scariest player goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 7 Phases:
Draw Phase
Inspiration Phase
Location Phase
Victim Phase
Trap Phase
Attack Phase
Recovery Phase

Draw 2 cards and put them in your hand. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it. 

Play (discard) an inspiration card to draw 2 cards.  
Maximum one inspiration card play per turn. 

Play one Location Card from your hand face up to the table.
All previous Location cards in play are discarded. 
The player that most recently played a Location card gains the Initiative.
Attacks by a player with the Initiative do +1 damage. 

Your opponent may put 1 Victim card face up into play. 
Victims you play act as blockers for your monster. 

You may play (discard) a Trap card to cause your opponent to discard two random cards. 
Your opponent may play (discard) an Escape card to negate a Trap card. 

Play an Attack card to kill (discard) an opponent’s victim card.
You may make multiple attacks this phase (play multiple attack cards).
If there are no opposing Victims remaining, you may target your opponent directly. 
All Attacks do a base of 1 point of damage (some do more). 
Your opponent may play (discard) an Escape card to negate an Attack card. 
You can only use a Death Blow Attack directly against an opponent if the 
Damage done by the attack will reduce the player to zero or less Hit Points. 

Your opponent may play (discard) heal cards to regain lost hit points. 
Each Heal card played gains back 2 lost Hit points. 
Maximum hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. 

LI = Location Inside
LO = Location Outside

Card Name			Type	Notes:
Psychopathic Rampage		I	
Sadistic Mass Murderer		I	
Killing Machine			I	
Gore Fest			I	
Supernatural Slasher		I	
Lake Pier			LO	Attacks by Jason do +1 Damage
Woods				LO	Attacks by Jason do +1 Damage
Boiler Room			LI	Attacks by Freddy do +1 Damage
Dream World			LO	Attacks by Freddy do +1 Damage
Moving Bus			LO	
Construction Site		LO	Fire Attacks do +1 Damage
Junk Yard			LO	
Blind Alley			LO	Opponent must discard 1 Random card
Graveyard			LO	
Sewers				LI
Hospital			LI	
Tool Shed			LI	
Traumatized Girl		V	
Teenagers			V	
Veteran Survivor		V	To kill, Attack must do 2+ Damage
Screamer			V	
Fresh Meat			V	
High School Students		V	
Frightened Child		V	
Terrified Victim		V
Easy Prey			V	
Massacre			X	Discard all Victim cards in Play in Trap Phase
Slaughter			X	Discard all Victim cards in Play in Trap Phase
Sacrificial Attack		D	Do 3 Damage to Foe and 2 Damage to Self
Decapitate			D	+3 Damage
Send Him Back to Hell		D	+2 Damage
Mortal Wound			D	+2 Damage
Furnace				F
Propane Tanks			F	
Gas Cans			F
Burn Baby Burn			F
Electrocution			F
Machete				A	If used by Jason does +1 Damage
Claws				A	If used by Freddy does +1 Damage
Rip off Arm			A	+1 Damage; Opponent cannot attack next turn
Hamstring			A	Opponent cannot attack next turn
Disembowel			A	Opponent must Discard 1 random card
Eye Gouge			A	+1 Damage; Opponent must Discard 1 random card
Swinging Crane			A	Outside Only
Crushed by Large Object		A	Outside Only
Vehicular Accident		A	Outside Only
Hatchet Job			A	
Metal Poles			A	
Impale				A	
Deep Gash			A	
Spurting Blood			A	
Go for the Jugular		A
Spraying Blood			A	
Booby Trap			E	You must have a Victim in play
Run Away			E	You must have a Victim in play
Meddling Kids			E	You must have a Victim in play
Submerged			E	Only vs Fire Attack
Barricade			E	You must be Inside
Fall of Ledge			E	You must be Outside 
Block Attack			E	
Jump				E	
Wake Up				E	
Chase				T
Cornered			T
Sudden Reappearance		T
Trapped				T
Immobilized			T
Tied-Up				T
Dead End			T
Regenerate			H
Reattach Limbs			H	
Rise From the Dead		H	
Shake It Off			H
Good as New			H

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