Solo Card Game.
10 May 1940.
The player takes the role of the Germans invading the Western Democracies.

You win if you run the Allied deck out of cards: 
The Allied forces collapse and you conquer France in 6 weeks.
If you ever accumulate 7 delay tokens, the Allies have stopped you and 
you must fight a long war against France.

There are two decks:
The Allied Deck and the German Deck.

The German Deck contains 6 card types:
Air Power
Allied Blunder

Shuffle both decks.

There are 4 phases per turn:
1. Allied Defense Phase
2. German Logistics Phase
3. German Planning Phase
4. German Blitzkrieg Phase

Draw 4 Allied Cards and place them face up on the table.

Draw 7 cards from the German Deck and put them in your hand.
Leadership cards may be discarded to draw 2 cards.

You may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacements.

You must try to make a meld from your hand. 
A meld consists of up to one card of each of the following 5 types:
1 - Strategy
2 - Units
3 - Air Power
4 - Movement 
5 - Allied Blunder
If the meld has a Force total equal to or greater than the 
Allied force total, discard all the Allied cards.
If the meld has a Force total less than the Allied force total, 
gain a delay counter and shuffle the Allied cards back into the Allied deck.
At end of the turn Discard all German cards in play & in your hand.

Card Name:			Force:
British Royal Air Force		3	
British Expeditionary Force	2
French Artillery  		2
Military Assets			2
Superior Artillery		3
Attritional Warfare		1
Superior Tanks & Vehicles	2
Static Warfare			1
Penny-Packets			1
Scattered Forces  		1
French Air Force  		2
Dutch Air Force   		1
Belgian Air Force		1
Light Mechanized Division	1		
Heavy Armored Division		2		
Mechanized Infantry		2
Pillbox Tanks			1
British Armored Division  	2
French B-1 Tanks  		3
French H39 Tanks	          	2
Superior Firepower		3
Obsolete British Planes		1
Belgian Forces			1
Battle of Gembloux Gap		3
Low Country Air Defenses	        2
Occupy Defensive Positions	1	
Third Rate French Divisions	1
Fresh Reserves			2
Rugged Terrain			1
Belgian Fort Eben Emael		1
Heroic Defenses			3
Fortress Holland	         	1
Main Fortified Lines		2
French Forces			2
Dutch Armored Cars		1
Allied Defensive Line		2
French Light Cavalry		2
Allied Bombers			1
German Traffic Jams		1
Allied Formations		1
Natural Defensive Lines		2
Overstretched French Divisions	1
Wooded Hills & Rivers		1
Inept Counterattacks		1
Substantial Forces		2
Fighting Retreat	          	1
Panzers Overextended		2
Dunkirk Evacuation		1		
Parity of Forces	          	2	
Counter Attack			2

L = Leadership
S = Strategy
M = Movement
U = Unit
B = Allied Blunder
A = Air Power

Card Name			Type	Force
German High Command		L	-		
Adolf Hitler			L	-	
General Erich von Manstein	L	-	
Talented Field Commanders	L	-
Armored Blitzkrieg Theory	S	1				
Diversionary Operations		S	1		
All-arms Formations		S	2
Lightning War Propaganda	        S	1
Seize the Initiative		S	2
Boldness	          		S	2
Modifed Fall Gelb		S	2
Leak False Plans	          	S	1
Attack Airfields	          	S	2
Attack Communications		S	1
Bomb Rotterdam			S	3
Belgians Cut Off          	S	3
Divide British & French       	S	3
Battle in the Open		S	1
Consolidate Bridgeheads		S	1
Lines of Communication		S	1
Concentrate Force		S	1
Inside Allied Decision Cycle	S	2
Poor Planning			B	2	
Allies Overwhelmed		B	2	
Defeatism			B	1	
Political Turmoil		B	1	
Maginot Mentality		B	2
Low on Fuel			B	1
Failure to Coordinate		B	2
Few Radios			B	1
Independent Airpower		B	1
Churchill Orders Retreat  	B	3
French Government Panics  	B	3
Fatally Flawed Plan D		B	2
Namur-Sedan Gap			B	2
Allied Retreats			B	1
Fail to Block the Roads		B	1
Wait for Main Attack		B	1
Exhausted & Disorganized  	B	1
Postpone Attacks	          	B	1
Allied High Command Paralysis	B	2
Gaps in Allied Lines		B	2
Ardennes Breakthrough		M	2
Cross the Meuse			M	2
Bridging Equipment		M	1
Dramatic Gains			M	2		
Reach the English Channel	M	3		
High Tempo Operation		M	2
Advance into the Low Countries	M	1			
Bypass Strongpoints		M	1
Drive Through Defenders		M	1
Armored Spearhead		M	2
Panzer Corridor			M	2
Maneuver Warfare  		M	1
Encirclement			M	2
Outflank	          		M	2
Thrust Vectors			M	1
Salient				M	1
Rapid Exploitation		M	2
Cross the Frontier		M	2
Seize Intact Bridges		M	1
Maneuver Warfare	          	M	1
Achieve Air Superiority		A	2
Luftwaffe			A	2
Close Air Support		A	2	
Luftwaffe Flying Corps		A	2
Aerial Bombardment		A	1
Junkers Ju-87’s			A	2
Bomb Moving Troops		A	1
Heavy Air Attack	          	A	2
Stuka Dive Bombers		A	2
Paratroopers      		A	1
Glider Troops			A	1
Airborne Troops			A	1
Superior Air Defense		A	3
Close Airbases			A	2
High Number of Sorties		A	2
Anti-Aircraft Guns		A	3
Fighter Squads    		A	1
Mechanized Forces		U	2		
Panzer Divisions	          	U	2		
Motorized Infantry		U	1
Motorized Artillery		U	1
Signallers			U	1
Army Group A			U	2
Army Group B			U	2
Army Group C			U	2
PzKw I				U	1
PzKw II				U	1
PzKw III	          		U	2
PzKw IV				U	2
PzKw 35/38t			U	2
Brandenburg Teams		U	1
Advanced Elements		U	2
Wehrmacht			U	1
88mm Flak Cannons         	U	3
Pionere Units     		U	1	

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