Card game for 2-4 players. 

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The first player to make 5 Melds wins the game. 

Players share a common deck. 
There are 7 Suites: 
1. Brothers
2. Villain
3. Location
4. Alchemy
5. Friend
6. Plot
7. Theme
Each Suite has 13 Cards. 

Shuffle the Alchemy deck. 
Each player is dealt 5 cards. 
The oldest player goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Action Phase
3. Meld Phase
4. End Phase

Draw 2 cards from the top of the Alchemy deck and put them in your hand. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may play (discard) exactly one card from your hand. 
This will have an effect depending on the suite of the card: 
1. Brothers: Draw 3 cards and discard any 2 cards from your hand. 
2. Villain: Opponent must discard 2 Random cards.
3. Location: Look at Opponents Hand. Draw 1 card from the deck. 
4. Alchemy: Cannot be discarded in Action Phase. However,  
extra Alchemy cards count as Wild cards in Meld Phase. 
5. Friend: Draw top 2 cards of the deck and put them in your hand. 
6. Plot: Steal 1 random card from opponents hand. 
7. Theme: Take 1 Target card from the discard and put it in your hand. 

If possible, you may make a Meld. 
There are 4 types of Meld:
1.)  7 cards, one from each of the 7 Suites  
2.)  7 cards all from the same Suite
3.)  7 cards in consecutive Rank Order
4.)  7 cards of the Same Rank (Very Difficult: Automatically win the game)  
It takes 5 Melds to win the game. 
Immediately discard the Meld after you reveal it, then draw 5 new cards. 

Max hand size is 9 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

B = Brothers
V = Villain
L = Location
A = Alchemy
F = Friend
P = Plot
T = Theme

Name:				Suite	Rank
Edward Elric			B	1
Alphonse Elric 			B	2
Elric Brothers			B	3
Hero of the People		B	4
Brotherly Love			B	5
State Alchemist			B	6
Full Metal Alchemist		B	7
Spirit Attachment		B	8
Dog of the Military		B	9
Older Brother			B	10
Younger Brother			B	11
Short Brother			B	12
Tall Brother			B	13
Homunculi			V	1
Scar				V	2
Father Cornello			V	3
Guardian Armor			V	4
Corrupt Official       		V	5
Psiren				V	6
Rebels				V	7
Doll Maker			V	8
Sins				V	9
Mercenaries			V	10
Psychopath			V	11
Depraved Alchemist		V	12
Lust 				V	13
East HQ				L	1
Xenotime       			L	2
Refugee Camp			L	3
Resembool			L	4
Laboratory 5			L	5
Mining Town			L	6
Central Library			L	7
High Command			L	8
Temple				L	9
Desert				L	10
Farming Town			L	11
Moving Train			L	12
Central City			L	13
Impersonation			A	1
Flame				A	2
Electricity			A	3
Explosions			A	4
Earth & Stone			A	5
Traps & Cages			A	6
Tricks				A	7
Equivalent Exchange		A	8
Transmutation Circle		A	9
Animate				A	10
Creation       			A	11
Destruction			A	12
Conjure Weapons			A	13
Lt Colonel Mustang		F	1
Major Armstrong			F	2
Major Hughes			F	3
Lieutenant Ross			F	4
Winry				F	5
Hawkeye				F	6
Sheska				F	7
Van Hohenheim			F	8
Soldiers       			F	9
Newfound Friend        		F	10
Child				F	11
Elder				F	12
Contact				F	13
Philosophers Stone		P	1
Ishval Massacre			P	2
Mysterious Murders		P	3
The Other Brothers		P	4
Human Alchemy			P	5
Secret Experiments		P	6
Marcos Notes			P	7
Obsessions			P	8
Forbidden Alchemy		P	9
Save the Town			P	10
Military Cover-up		P	11
Red Water Production		P	12
Criminal at Large		P	13
Automail       			T	1
Human Souls			T	2
Chimeras       			T	3
Alchemist Duel			T	4
Investigation			T	5
Angry Townsfolk			T	6
Sacrifice			T	7
Alchemical Amplifier		T	8
Repairs				T	9
Reflexes       			T	10
Charade				T	11
Passion & Compassion		T	12
Painful Memories       		T	13

Each time you make a Meld you gain 1 Special Ability of your choice: 
1. Draw 3 cards in Draw Phase. 
2. Max Hand size increases to 10. 
3. You may Play a second card in Action Phase (but not the same type of card). 
4. You can use Brothers Cards as Wild cards in Meld Phase. 

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