INTRODUCTION Card game for 2 players. WWI Aerial Dogfight Simulation. One player is the Germans, the other is the Allies. VICTORY The first player to shoot down 4 enemy machines wins the battle. Use coins to keep track of “Kills.” THE DECK Players share a Common Deck The deck has 6 suites: Pilots Allied Planes (These can only be used by the Allied player) German Planes (These can only be used by the German player) Tactics Shooting Flying Each suite has 12 cards ranked from 1 to 12. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn has 4 Phases: Flight Phase Tactics Phase Attack Phase Regroup Phase FLIGHT PHASE Each player is dealt 5 cards. TACTICS PHASE Players may discard up to 3 cards and draw replacements. ATTACK PHASE Each player may make an attack. An attack includes: 1 Pilot card required 1 Plane card (of your side) required Up to 1 Shooting card Up to 1 Tactics card Up to 1 Flying card. Add the ranks of all cards in the Attack to get the Attack Rank. If one player is able to make an attack, and his Opponent does not, he automatically makes a Kill. If neither player is able to make an attack, no one makes a Kill. If both players attack, the higher Attack Rank makes the kill, and If the Attack Ranks are tied, both players make a kill. REGRUP PHASE Players discard their hands. Shuffle the deck. CARD LIST NOTATION P = Pilots A = Allied Planes (These can only be used by the Allied player) G = German Planes (These can only be used by the German player) T = Tactics S = Shooting F = Flying COMMON DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Suite Rank: New Pilot P 1 Reckless Flier P 2 Flamboyant Flier P 3 Zealous Flier P 4 Aviator P 5 Veteran Pilot P 6 Seasoned Airman P 7 Master Airman P 8 Ace Pilot P 9 Top Gun P 10 Knight of the Air P 11 Patrol Leader P 12 Morane Saulnier A 1 Airco DH2 A 2 FE2b A 3 Bristol Scout A 4 Sopwith Pup A 5 Bristol Fighter A 6 Nieuport 17 A 7 Spad 13 A 8 SE5a Scout A 9 Sopwith Camel A 10 Sopwith Dolphin A 11 Sopwith Snipe A 12 Aviatik G 1 Hansa-Brandenburg G 2 Eindecker G 3 Halberstsdt DI G 4 Fokker Biplane DII G 5 Albatross Scout DII G 6 Albatross DIII G 7 Pfalz DIII G 8 Albatross DV G 9 Fokker Triplane G 10 Albatross DVa G 11 Fokker DVII G 12 Potshot S 1 Machine Guns S 2 Synchronizing Gear S 3 Lead Target S 4 Enemy in Range S 5 Gunnery S 6 Strafe S 7 Crossfire S 8 Shooting Skill S 9 Burst S 10 Square in your Sights S 11 Point Blank S 12 Feint T 1 Dogfight T 2 Headlong Attack T 3 Decoy T 4 Formation Flying T 5 Teamwork T 6 Out of the Sun T 7 Stalk Prey T 8 Dive Attack T 9 Attack from Above T 10 Blind Spot T 11 Surprise T 12 Chivalry F 1 Stunt F 2 Maneuver F 3 Aerobatics F 4 Spin F 5 Stall Turn F 6 Kick Over Turn F 7 Climbing Turn F 8 Immelman F 9 Half Roll F 10 Steep Climb F 11 Stay on his Tail F 12 CARDSET AVAILABLE! WS III by Evilnames LINKS War in the Air Rickenbacker Ace Pilots

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