by Markus Salo (msalo71@yahoo.com)

INTRODUCTION Solo Dice Game. Simulation of an American solo F-14 Bombing Mission in the Middle East circa 1987. Pretty much like Microprose F-15 II. No realism, I think no Tomcat would do a solo bombing mission. MATERIALS Paper, pencil, 1-2 six sided dice, nobody to play with. MISSION The mission consists 25 waypoints, first and last of which is home base. Draw the waypoints as circles connected with lines on a piece of paper. There are two targets in a mission, primary and secondary targets. First target is 2d6 waypoints from the 1st waypoint, the second 2d6 waypoints from the first target. Roll on the target table to determine what the targets are. TARGET TYPES Roll to see what the target is: 1D6 Type: Objective Points: Objective Damage points 1 Truck Convoy 2 2 2 Temporary Bridge 2 2 3 Fuel Dump 2 2 4 Ammo Storage 2 2 5 HQ Bunker 3 3 6 Power Station 4 4 CONTACT On every turn roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 on 1D6 the strike force encounters hostile forces. Roll 1D6 again: On a roll of 1-3 on 1D6 a SAM site is encountered. On a roll of 4-6 on 1D6 a flight of Mig-23s are encountered. SAM SITE 1D6 Missiles are launched at the Strike Force. For each Missile make a Counter Measure Roll of 1D6: On a roll of 4-6 the missile is spoofed and misses. Each Counter Measure Roll costs the player one Chaff and Flare. When the player runs out of Chaff and Flare, no Counter Measure Rolls can be done. For each missile not spoofed, roll 1D6 Evade Roll: On 1-4 on d6 player evades the missile. If the missile hits the player, the player gets one damage point. MIG-23 Flogger FLIGHT 1D6 Migs will attack the player. The player can intercept the Migs with missiles. If the player fires an AMRAAM, he rolls a Missile Roll on 1d6. On 3-6 the AMRAAM hits one Mig and destroys it. If the player fires an Sidewinder, the missile hits one Mig on 4-6 on 1d6. If the player uses his guns, he hits the enemy with 5-6 on 1d6. All the unintercepted Migs hit the players plane with one damage point. BOMBING RUNS Player can hit the target with Mavericks or Machine Cannon. Maverick hits the target with 4-6 on 1d6, the gun with 5-6. The player can make multiple passes over the target and can fire just one weapon per pass. At every pass he has to roll a new Contact Roll (and face new enemies on 1 on 1d6) The Maverick causes 2 Damage points on the target if hits, the Cannon only one Damage point. To destroy a target, a different amount of damage points are needed. See target table (Objective Damage Points). F-14 Armament Type Hit Roll d6 Ground Damage 10 Machine Cannon Bursts A-A/A-G 5-6 1 2 AMRAAMS A-A 3-6 2 Sidewinders A-A 4-6 2 Mavericks A-G 4-6 2 12 Chaff and Flares Counter measure A-A = Air to Air A-G = Air to Ground DAMAGE TO F-14 F-14 can take up to 7 damage points. When full, the player can try to bail out. The player is able to bail out and be rescued with 3-6 on 1d6. SCORING Keep a running tally of points and kills while you play. You get awarded medals and promotions accordingly. You start with no medals and at a rank of 2nd Lt. PROMOTION TABLE 2nd Lt starting rank 1st Lt 5 missions and 15 points Captain 15 missions, 25 points Major 20 missions, 45 points Lt Col 30 missions, 80 points Col 50 missions, 100 points MEDAL TABLE Purple Heart successful bail out and rescue Ace (not a medal) 5 kills Air Mans Medal 15 kills Distinguished Flying Medal 20 kills Congressional Medal of Honour 35 kills TWO PLAYER VARIANT Two players can play simultaneously as a team. The player with higher rank is the leader, the other player the wing man. The leader attacks always first. When attacked by missiles, the first missile attacks the leader, the second the wingman, the third the leader and so on. Same thing with the Migs. F-18 VARIANT Click Here Board Game Geek

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