Card, Board, & Dice game for 2 to 4 (or more)players.

Each player is an Eskimo (Inuit) Hunter.


At the end of the game, the player with the most Food Points wins. Food points are gained by collecting (hunting) Animal cards. The game ends when all Animal cards have been collected. Get 1 FP for each Special card in your hand at the end of the game.

The Board

The Board is a circular track divided into 16 spaces:

Space # Name: Type Notes:
1 Ice I  
2 Coast H  
3 Ice I  
4 Igloo S Snow House
5 Ice I  
6 Thin Ice H  
7 Ice I  
8 Domid S Sod & Whalebone
9 Ice I  
10 Tundra H  
11 Ice I  
12 Tent S Skin Covered (Season of Light)
13 Ice I  
14 Ice Berg H  
15 Ice I  
16 Stone House S Stone and Driftwood
S shelter
H Hunting Ground
I Ice


Each player has a pawn to represent his Eskimo Hunter

Six sided dice are needed.

The Decks

There are 2 Decks:

  1. The Animal Deck
  2. The Hunter Deck

The Animal Deck

Each Animal card has a Food value from 1 to 4.

Each Animal can only be hunted with certain types of Weapons.

The Hunter Deck

The Hunter deck includes 3 card types:

  1. Hunting Weapons
  2. Transportation
  3. Special


Each player places his Eskimo Pawn in a Shelter Space.

Each player draws to cards from the Hunter Deck.

Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first.

Hunting Ground Spsces

Each Hunting Ground Space must have an Animal Card on it Face up.

If at any time a Hunting Ground is empty, immediately draw the next

Animal card from the Animal Deck and place it on the Hunting Ground.

Turn Sequence

  1. Players take turns.
  2. Each turn has 5 Phases
  3. Travel Phase
  4. Ice Phase
  5. Shelter Phase
  6. Hunt Phase
  7. Transport Phase

Travel Phase

Roll 1D6 and move that many Spaces clockwise or counterclockwise.

Ice Phase

If you land on an “Ice” Space nothing happens.

Shelter Phase

If you land on a Shelter Space draw one card from the

Hunter deck, Show it to all players & put it in your hand.

If you drew a Special card, you may not move again until after your

Next turn (At home not hunting); However you may search the deck for

A Weapon & a Transport card & put them in your hand.

You may carry a maximum of 4 Hunter cards.

Discard excess cards.

Hunt Phase

If you land on a Hunting Ground space, you may hunt the Animal there.

To get the Animal, discard an appropriate Weapon card.

Your Eskimo has caught the Animal and must carry it back to any Shelter.

The Eskimo cannot hunt again until after it visits a Shelter.

Keep all Animals you’ve hunted in a pile beside you.

To catch a Walrus or Whale you must also discard a Boat card.


You may discard a Transport card to move again (Go back to Transport Phase).


# = Copies of that card in the Deck
FP = Food Points
H = Hunting Weapons
T = Transportation
S = Special


Animal Name # FP Notes
Seal 4 2 Sea Mammal
Sea Lion 2 2 Sea Mammal
Walrus 1 4 Sea Mammal
Bowhead Whale 1 4 Whale
Bottlenose Whale 1 4 Whale
Narwhal 1 4 Whale
Char 1 2 Fish
Salmon 2 2 Fish
Sea Birds 1 1 Birds
Waterfowl 1 1 Birds
Migrating Birds 1 1 Birds
Bird Eggs 1 1 No Weapon card needed
Caribou 1 3 Hoofed
Reindeer 1 3 Hoofed
Musk Ox 1 3 Hoofed
Small Game 2 1 Wolves, Foxes, Hares
Polar Bear 2 4 Hibernating


CardName # Type Notes
Harpoon 3 W Sea Mammals & Whales only
Spear 3 W Any
Bow & Arrows 2 W Any
Bait & Snare 2 W Small Game & Birds only
Fish Hooks 2 W Fish only
Sledge 2 T Dogs
Sled Dogs 2 T Dogs
Huskies 2 T Dogs
Kayak 4 T One Seat Boat
Umiak 2 T Deep Rowboat
Clothing 1 S Fur Parka, Mittens, Boots
Sports 1 S Ball, Blanket Toss, Hand Football
Games 1 S Cats Cradle, Bones
Fun 1 S Storyteller, Tongue Twisters, Funny Faces
Music 1 S Tambourine, Singing, Pentatonic Scale
Customs 1 S Ridicule Contest, Hospitality
Food Preservation 1 S Frozen, Air Dried, Decayed
Food Preparation 1 S Eat Raw Flesh or Lightly Boiled
Tools 1 S Seal oil Lamp, Knives, Pots, Ivory Needle
Carvings 1 S Toys, Fetishes, Ivory, Bone, Soapstone
Language 1 S Aleut, Eskimoan, Syllable Language
Religion 1 S Medicine Man, Food Taboos, Ceremonies

The Eskimo RPG - Solo Rules

These solo rules are based on an essentially romantic view of the eskimo and hopefully compliment the multi player "Eskimo" card and board game by Lloyd Krassner.

Why solo??? - No one to play with, thats why.

Time frame

The solo rules are 1 year in the life of your eskimo. One year is 16 steps of the season track (see below)

Real World to game mechanics

the upper world (realworld) is bad luck, accident, misadventure and occassionally good luck. To survive you need to manage your resources, your personal strengths, acquire skills and deal with misfortune.

The other world is taboo, transgression, animal guides and recovering your balance in your world.

You need both to survive. You will need to travel in both worlds and maintain balance.

The Fate Deck

Shuffle pack and draw 16 face down and place at the centre. They are the "Fate" cards. One fate card is played each turn

This world

Find driftwood      
Polar bear attack      
Accident serious (1 sector move)      
Accident minor      
Taboo (placed on one of your attributes)      
Clan/Family member sick      
Kayak damaged      
Kayak destroyed      
Sled damaged      
Sled destroyed      
Food spoils      
Blizzard (for roll/2 rounded down = moves)      
Spirit Attack      
Spirit Guide      
Shaman Experience     Stays with you unless you get all attributes tabooed
Amulet / Talsiman      
Shamans blessing     Must be in an inhabited area to use
Totemic blessing     Must be in the wildeness to use

Your Eskimos attributes

Attributes are skills - upperworld and lowerworld - that help you survive.

1 D6 # Attribute    
1 Hunting    
2 Tool    
3 Social    
4 Shaman    
5 Luck    
6 Totem    

Taboos - underworld things that affect your attributes

If taboo card is drawn roll 1 D6. Place a taboo card on one of your attributes.

The Seasons

The seasons are represented by the outer circular track. The season track has two functions to represent the four regular seasons - Winter, spring, Summer, Autumn and represent the effect of yearly movement of the sun. These factors will affect the hunting and movement.

For Example: You will not be able to use a sled in summer or kayak in winter

Preparing the seasons track

The season track has two parts

  1. Sea track
  2. seasons track

The seasons track is cut from the template. Notice that the ice spaces on the original game track are replaced by sea spaces. Carefully cut the sea spaces from the environment track. The "Sea spaces are on the Season track and will change as the "year" progresses.

The Underworld - remove taboo and recover attributes

You must enter the underworld to

  1. remove taboos
  2. recover attributes and
  3. defend against sprit attack

To enter the underworld you need to have

  1. a shaman card and
  2. access to your totem

Spirit Attack

If you loose a sprit attack you attract another taboo. If an attribute has an existing taboo the new taboo must be it must be on another attribute.

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