INTRODUCTION Card game based on the Elf Quest Universe. Elf Quest is a copyrighted trademarked property. This is merely a Fan site. STARTING TRIBES Tribes are composed of elves. There are 2 types of elves: Non-character Members: Strength +0 and represented by tokens. Character Members: Represented by cards. A Member card or token represents the Elf and its Bond Beast if it has one. Each player starts with a tribe of 20 Non-character Members. Decide what type of tribe you have: Wolf Riders, Sun Folk, Blue Mountain Gliders, or Go-Backs. THE DECK Players share a common deck and discard pile. Shuffle the deck before play begins. If the deck ever runs out shuffle the discard and draw from it. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 5 phases: 1. Fate Phase 2. Travel Phase 3. Encounter Phase 4. Recruit Phase 5. Replenish Phase FATE PHASE Draw 1 card from the deck and put it in your hand. Max hand size is 7 cards. If after drawing you have 8 or more cards discard one of them. TRAVEL PHASE You may play a Land card. Play the card face up on top of your previously played Land card. You cannot play a Desert card if your last card was a Tundra card. You cannot play a Tundra card if your last card was a Desert card. ENCOUNTER PHASE If you just played a land this turn, the opponent to your right may play an Encounter card. The Encounter Card must match the Land type the active player played this turn. The opponent may attach a Weapon card to a combat encounter if the creatures can use it. For Example: The opponent plays Sleep Dust with a Troll encounter. RESOLVING COMBAT ENCOUNTERS The active player may play Aid Cards from his hand. Aid cards include Weapon Cards, Magic cards, and Ally cards. You may only play an Ally card if you have elves of a type that can ally with it. For Example: Wolves will only ally if you have Wolf riders in your tribe. You may only play a Magic card if you have an Elf that can use it. You may only play a Weapon card if you have an Elf or ally that can use it. Played Aid cards add to your combat total every round of the combat. Each round has 5 Segments: 1. Combat Roll Segment: Roll 1D20. This is the combat roll. 2. Modifier Segment: Add Character and Aid card bonuses to the Total. Subtract the Encounter Card Strength (and any attached Weapons) from the Total. 3. Casualty Segment: Roll 1D6. This is the Casualty roll. On a roll of 1-3 you suffer one casualty. If you have suffered a casualty discard one Ally card you played if there are any. If there are no ally cards roll 1D6: On a roll of 1-3 a Character (card) Member is killed. On a roll of 4-6 a non-Character (token) Member is killed. 4. Decision Segment: If the Total is 11 or greater your Elves win the Combat: Combat phase is now over. If the Total is 10 or less you lose the round. Roll 1D6: On a roll of 1-4 the combat continues another round. On a roll of 5-6 your band of elves escapes and combat ends. Aid cards and Encounter cards are discarded at the end of the encounter. HEALERS If you have a Character that is a healer roll 1D6 at the end of an encounter in which you lost a Tribe member. On a roll of 1-3 one casualty (Characters first) is negated. RECRUIT PHASE If you traveled to a new Land this turn you may add Character cards to your tribe. Play the card(s) face up to the table in front of you. The Character cards must match the Land type. For example you must be in the Desert to recruit Sun Folk Character Cards. REPLENISH PHASE Unless otherwise stated on the card, Event cards are played during this phase. If you have a Food card you may discard it to take another turn. You may have a maximum of two turns in a row. VICTORY You automatically lose if there are no elves left alive in your tribe. To win you must awaken the Old one. To do this you must travel a distance of 15 land cards. The last land you place must be a Mountain or Tundra (The Frozen Mountains). The last land you place is considered to be an entrance to the “Palace”. Once there you automatically face a combat encounter of Guardian trolls of Strength +17. To defeat them you must win 3 Combat rolls during Combat Phase. During combat you may not retreat, you must either win or die trying. CARD LIST NOTATIONS WR = Wolf Riders (Forest) SF = Sun Folk (Desert) BMG = Blue Mountain Gliders (Mountain) GOB = Go-Backs (Tundra) PV = Preserver (Forest) CHARACTER CARDS Card Name: Tribe: Strength: Notes: Cutter WR +5 Blood of Ten Chiefs Skywise WR +3 Leetah SF +1 Healer Clearbrook WR +2 Redlance WR +2 Strongbow WR +4 Treestump WR +4 Scouter WR +2 One-Eye WR +3 Pike WR +3 Nightfall WR +3 Moonshade WR +2 Dart WR +2 Aroree BMG +3 Tyldak BMG +3 Lord Voll BMG +4 Rayek SF +4 Kahvi GOB +3 Petalwing PV +3 Ekuar Elf +2 Halek SF +1 Vaya GOB +3 Kureel BMG +2 Vok GOB +2 Yif GOB +2 LAND CARDS Card Name: Number in Deck: Tundra 15 Forest 15 Mountain 15 Desert 15 WEAPON AID CARDS Card Name: Strength: User: Sleep Dust +4 Elves or Trolls Sword +3 All Club +2 Trolls or Humans Fighting Claw +2 Wolf Riders Crossbows +4 Trolls & Go-Backs Arrow Whip +2 WR, SF Metal Armor +9 Elves Talon Whip +3 BMG Spear +3 All Shield +2 GOB Bow +4 WR, GOB Dagger +2 All Battle Axe +3 Trolls & Go-Backs MAGIC AID CARDS Card Name: Strength Used by: Lock-Send +3 Elves Fire Magic +3 BMG, SF Levitation +3 BMG Plant Shaping +2 WR Rock Shaping +5 BMG, SF Anti-Healing +3 BMG, SF Mind Stun +3 BMG, SF, WR Magic Shielding +2 SF Beast Bonding +3 GOB, BMG, WR ALLY AID CARDS Card Name: Strength Allies with: Notes: Wolf pack +3 WR Bond Beasts Giant Hawks +4 BMG Bond Beasts Great Elks +2 GOB Bond Beasts Star Jumper +4 WR Bond Beast: Wolf Nightrunner +4 WR Bond Beast: Wolf Tenspan +4 BMG Bond Beast: Giant Hawk Picknose +3 Elves Troll Troll Slaves +4 Elves Trolls Olbar +3 Elves Human Friendly Humans +3 Elves Humans Preservers +5 Elves ENCOUNTER CARDS Card Name Strength Land Notes Long Tooth +3 Tundra Saber Tooth Tiger Mad Horn +4 Tundra Woolly Rhinocerous Blood Worms +4 Forest Giant 6” Leeches Bear +2 Forest Crocodillian +1 Forest Finback +5 Forest Dinosaur Sting Tail +0 Desert Scorpion Giant Spider +2 Forest Giant Snake +3 Forest Ice Trolls +7 Tundra Trolls Cold Dwellers +2 Tundra Humans Strangleweed +3 Forest Swordfoot +4 Forest Small Dinosaur Bone Woman +2 Forest Human Shamaness Madcoil +13 Forest Magical Lion-Python Greymung +3 Mountain Troll King Guttlekraw +5 Mountain Troll King Thief +2 Forest Outcast Human Tunnel Dwellers +1 Mountain Trolls Tunnel Makers +1 Mountain Trolls Tribe of 5-Fingers +0 Forest Humans Tribe of Round Ears +0 Forest Humans Two-Edge +11 Mountain Elf-Troll Winnowill +9 Mountain Evil BMG Priest of Gotara +2 Forest Human FOOD CARDS Card Name: Land: Deer Tundra Bison Tundra Sun Village Desert Sorrows End Desert Puckernuts Forest Tree Grazers Forest Tree Wee Forest Shellback Forest Bristle Boar Forest Troll Brew Mountain Beesweets Forest EVENT CARDS Card Name: Notes: Gamestones Negate a Troll Encounter at beginning of Encounter Phase Fever Dream Look at the next 7 cards in the deck. Magic Feeling Look at the next 7 cards in the deck. Savah If in the desert look at the next 7 cards in the deck. Dreamberries If you are in the Forest Look at the next 7 cards in the deck. Astral Projection Look at all opponent’s hands if your tribe has a SF member Sending Look at all opponent’s hands Bellyworms Sickness: Opponent must miss next turn Trial of Heart Discard 1 Character of Opponent with Characters of different types Forbidden Grove Opponent in Forest must miss next turn Fly on Giant Hawks Take an extra turn if your tribe has BMG Travel on No-Humps Take an extra turn Lodestone Take an extra turn Travel on Zwoots Take an extra turn if you are in the desert Flesh Shaping Attach to BMG elf: Elf gets Strength +2 permanently My Eyes see with Joy Put a Character card in the Discard pile into your hand Stay Behind Opponent discards 1D6 Non-character Member tokens Recognition Take control of Target Elf Mind Snare Look at one opponents hand and take one card Healing Magic Negate one Casualty at end of Encounter phase Elf Children Gain 1D6 Non-character Member tokens Elf Joining Gain 1D6 Non-character Member tokens in 1D6 turns Burning Waste Opponent whose tribe is in the Desert loses 1D6 Members Hold Council Draw 3 Cards WOLFRIDER VARIANT SETUP Each player begins with a tribe of Wolfriders. Each tribe has 4D6 Non-character members. Remove all the Wolfrider character cards from the deck. Each player is dealt 3 Wolfrider Character cards. The remaining cards are shuffled back into the deck. LINKS Wingthings Links Elfquest Tours

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