Wargame for 2+ players. 
England circa 800 AD – 1000 AD.
(After the Romans & Before the Normans)

Conquer the most Territories by turn 10.

Draw an Outline of Britain.
Divide it into about 20 Territories.

Each player picks one Tribe:
Tribe:		King:			Start:
Anglo-Saxons	Alfred the Great	South & Central
Vikings		Cnut the Great		East
Welsh		Rhodri Mawr the Great	West
Scots		Cinead MacAlpine	Northeast
Picts		Drust IX		Northwest

Each player has a set of Tokens of a unique color to represent his armies. 

There are 5 types of cards in the deck:
Each card has a Force value.

The Vikings & Picts place 3 Tokens in one Territory. 
The other groups place 4 Tokens in one Territory.

Each turn has 3 Phases:
Recruit Phase
Move Phase
Battle Phase

Tokens may Stack. 
A Stack is referred to as an army.

Place a Token in each Territory you occupy (control) with your armies. 
You cannot have more Tokens than 4 times the number of 
Territories you control. Excess Tokens are disbanded. 

Each of your Tokens may move once to an adjacent territory. 

A Battle occurs in every Territory occupied by Tokens from 2 different players. 
Each Battle is resolved in turn.
Each player draws 2 cards for each Token he has in the battle.
A player may then discard half his cards & draw replacements. 
Players reveal their hands.
Only the defender can play Fort cards.
Only the attacker can play Siege cards.
Weapon cards cannot be played in excess of Warrior cards.
Armor cards cannot be played in excess of Warrior cards.
Cards that cannot be played are discarded.
Each player adds up the total Force of his remaining cards.
The Higher Total wins. 
The loser discards all his Tokens in the Territory.
The winner discards Tokens equal to the number of Weapon, Siege and 
Fort cards the loser played minus the number of Armor cards the winner played. 
Discard all cards played in the battle. Go on to the next Battle.

Long Ships: The Vikings used Long ships to raid far off locations. 
In Move phase, you may move Tokens in Coastal Territories to any 
Other coastal territory. 
Berserkers: In a Battle, you may discard (max) one of your 
Tokens for +3 Force. 
Vikings do not recruit as the other races do, instead they draw 2 cards 
and add their forces together. This many Tokens arrive by ship at any of 
your Coastal Territories. 
If the Vikings did not conquer any territory during the turn, then 
remove 1 Viking Token from the board. These Vikings went elsewhere. 

Fyrd: The Saxon armies became a professional standing force at this time. 
The Saxons cannot have more Tokens than 5 times the number of 
Territories you control (other players are 4). 
Excess Tokens are disbanded. 
The Anglo Saxons made fine Mail: 
Armor cards played get +1

The land of Castles: When defending, a Welsh army gets bonus force 
equal to the Number of Tokens in its army. 
Plus all Defense cards played get +1 Force. 

Warrior & Weapon cards played by the Clansmen get +1 Force. 

The Wild Picts get to draw 1 extra Card during a battle.   

W = Warrior
X = Weapon
A = Armor
F = Fort
S = Siege

Card Name		Type	Force	
Chieftain		W	5	
Nobility		W	5
Hero			W	5
Select Warriors		W	4
Huscarl			W	4
Mercenaries		W	2
Heavy Infantry		W	3
Light Infantry		W	1
Archers			W	2
Irregular Troops	W	1
Cavalry			W	2
Skirmishers		W	1	
Axemen			W	4
War Band		W	3
Spearmen		W	3
Short Bow		X	3
Javelins		X	2
Short Sword		X	4
Battle Axe		X	5
Long Sword		X	5
Darts			X	1
Long Spear		X	5
Scramaseax		X	2
Hand Axe		X	4
Spear			X	4
Light Spear		X	3
Sling			X	3
Francisca		X	2
Club			X	1
Dagger			X	1
Shield Wall		A	5
Large Shield		A	4
Small Shield		A	3
Square Shield		A	2
Round Shield		A	3
Padded Leather		A	1
Quilted Leather		A	1
Reinforced Leather	A	2
Mail Shirt		A	4
Long Mail		A	5
Mail Coat		A	5
Leather Cap		A	1
Helm			A	2
Nasal Helm		A	3
Faced Helm		A	4
Castle			F	5
Hill Fort		F	4
Keep			F	3
Pallisade		F	3
Garrison		F	3
Militia			F	1
Earthworks		F	2
Starve Out		S	2
Surprise		S	5
Assault			S	3
Siege Engines		S	2
Treachery		S	4
Raids			S	1
Surrounded		S	4

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