Card game for 2-4+ players. 
Each player takes the role of 1 or more successive 20th century Dictators. 

The game ends when a turn starts and there are no cards left in the deck. 

The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins. 

Use Tokens to represent Victory Points (VP). 

Players share a common deck. 
The Deck contains 5 types of cards: 
Challenge cards, Military Power cards, Political Power cards, Atrocity cards, Wealth cards. 
Note that each card type has a point value from 1 to 3. 

Flip a coin to see who picks first in the first World stage Phase of the Game. 

Turns are divided up into 5 Phases: 
1. World Stage Phase
2. Coup Phase
3. Abuse of Power Phase
4. Icon Phase
5. Corruption Phase

Take the top 10 cards of the deck and place them face up in the middle of the table.
These are called the Draw cards.  
Players take turns taking 1 Draw card and putting it into their hand. 
The player with the highest Political Power goes first, next highest goes second, and so on.
(This is called the Current Turn Order, determined only once per turn) 
Continue until all cards are picked. 
If you are forced to take a Challenge card, instead of putting it in your hand, place it face up 
in front of you. 

If you have 6 or more points worth of Challenge cards in front of you, you have been deposed: 
Discard your hand and all of your cards in play. Start next turn as a new Dictator. 

For all players in Current Turn order: 
You may put 1 Military Power(MP) card into play. 
You may put 1 Political Power(PP) card into play. 
You cannot have more points worth of PP than MP. 
You may put 1 Atrocity card into play. 
You cannot have more total points worth of Atrocities than MP.
Gain VP = the value of the Atrocity card.  
You may put 1 Wealth card into play. 
You cannot have more total points worth of Wealth than PP. 
Gain VP = the value of the Wealth card.  

For all players in Current Turn order: 
Gain 1 VP for each Political Power Card you have in play. 

Max hand size is 3 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

Some cards are designated as Early and some as Late. 
You may only have cards in play from one type. 

M = Military Power
P = Political Power
X = Can be used as either Military or Political Power
Z = Can be used as either Military Power or Atrocity
A = Atrocity
W = Wealth
C = Challenge
E = Early
L = Late

Name: 					Type	Value
Commander in Chief			M	3
On the Take				WL	1
CIA Payroll				WL	1
Pentagon Payroll       			WL	1
KGB Payroll				WL	1
Drug Connections       			WL	2
US Invasion				C	3
Revolution				C	2
Palace Complex				W	3
10,000 Pairs of Shoes			W	3
Propaganda				PE	2
Iconic Status				P	3
Weapons of Mass Destruction		P	3
Drug Czar				PL	2
Drug Trafficking       			WL	2
Racketeering				WL	1
Money Laundering       			WL	1
President				PL	3
The Butcher				A	2
Communism				PE	1
Nationalism				P	2
Concentration Camps			AE	3
Hard Liner				M	1
Genocide       				A	3
Ethnic Cleansing       			Z	2
Cronyism       				P	1
Militia Groups				M	1
Republican Guard       			M	3
Rigged Elections       			P	2
Military Coup				C	2
Student Protests       			C	1
Political Coup				C	1
International Pressure			C	1
Regional War				Z	3
Finance Terrorists			AL	2
Oppress Minorities			Z	2
Torture					A	2
Political Prisoners			Z	1
People Disappear       			A	1
Armed Uprising				C	2
Rebel Groups				C	2
Mass Graves				A	2
Rule With Iron Fist			M	3
Charisma       				P	3
Demagogue				P	2
Royal Palace				W	2
Uniform					M	1
National Hero				M	3
Cult of Personality			P	3
Modernization				W	2
Corruption				W	1
Re-elected				P	2
Assassination Attempt			C	1
Unlimited Power				P	3
Secret Police				X	1
State Monopoly				W	2
Oil Revenues				W	3
Ideological Leadership			PE	2
Party Split				C	2
Reign of Terror				Z	3
Power Struggle				C	2
Purges					Z	2
Mass Arrests				A	1
Exile Community				C	1
Five Year Plans				WE	2
Deportations				A	1
Executions				A	2
Gulags					A	2
Cold War				C	3
World War				C	3
Poison					C	1
Fascism					PE	2
Dissolve Political Parties		P	2
Strict Censorship			X	2
Psychotic				X	1
Paranoid       				X	1
Scapegoats				A	1
Ambition       				X	1
Manifesto				P	1
Suicide Attempt				C	1
Natural Causes				C	1
Brutal Suppression			Z	2
Swiss Bank Accounts			W	2
Generalissimo				M	2
Civil War				C	3
Isolation				C	1
Popular Support				P	1
Militant Atheism       			P	1
Military Junta				M	2
Media Control				P	1
Western Aid				WL	2
Foreign Investors			W	1
Amass Personal Fortune			W	3
Martial Law				M	1
Crush Opposition       			M	2
Commandeer Property			W	2
Insatiable Greed       			W	3
Rob Treasury				W	2
Extortion				W	1
Despot					P	2
Violent Mood Swings			X	1
Tribal Warfare				C	1
Death Squads				X	2
Ostentatious Coronation			W	2
Embezzlement				W	2
Massacres				A	2
Silence Dissenters			P	1
Cultural Control       			P	2
Totalitarian Regime			X	3
Street Protests				C	1
Gold Taps				W	1
Gross Displays of Wealth       		W	2


1)The SETUP states that you "Flip a coin to see who picks first in the
first Political Phase of the Game." But there is no such Phase listed.
Should mean "World Stage Phase"?
A> Yes, renamed as World Stage phase. 
2) The number of players doesn't affect that there are always 10 new
Draw cards each turn? Doesn't matter if some players will have to pick
one more or less?
A> 10 is it! By Dictatorial Decree. 
3) All of the players do each phase before moving on to the next? Or
does one player go through all phases before the next player goes
through any?
A> Added the Current Turn Order Nomenclature. 
4) In Corruption Phase, you discard your hand down to 3. But the cards
in play stay in play? If so, how can you get rid of those cards, if you
A> Your cards in play stay in play until your Dictator is Deposed.
Those in play are not those in your hand.  

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