INTRODUCTION Players assume the roles of certain lesser Demigods. Each demigod begins with a small band of worshipers. Gain power by building temples and helping your population grow. Crush your enemies populations with acts of god and the armies of the faithful. The last remaining immortal is the one true Deity. OBJECTIVE Destroy all of your opponent armies, populations, and temples. WORLD BUILDING PREGAME SETUP PHASE Use a 10 x 10 or 12 x 12 blank hex map. Each player takes a turn drawing and then placing a Terain counter on the map. Counters are drawn at random from the terrain pile. The first player places his counter anywhere on the map. Counters must be placed adjacent to a counter already placed. A player may discard his counter and draw a new one twice during setup. Spaces without terrain counters are considered to be oceans or inland seas. SETUP Each player rolls 4D6 to determine their starting population. If the Gods favor you, your rolls will be high. These may be placed in any one plains hex, not within 6 spaces of opposing units. Players start with no cards, armies, or temples. Players roll high to see who goes first. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 7 phases: 1 Draw Phase 2 Build Temple Phase 3 Raise Armies Phase 4 Population Growth Phase 5 Miracle Phase 6 Battle Phase 7 Movement Phase DRAW PHASE Each player draws one card plus a number of cards equal to the number of temples he controls. A player may have a maximum of 7 cards in his hand. Excess cards are discarded. BUILD TEMPLE PHASE Replace six Population counters in a single hex with a Temple counter. A space may only contain a single Temple. Temples cannot be built adjacent to other Temples. You may build multiple Temples in this phase. RAISE ARMIES PHASE Replace up to half of the Population counters in a hex with Army counters. You may raise armies in multiple spaces in this phase. Armies already existing may be converted back to Population counters. POPULATION GROWTH PHASE Place a Population counter on each space you control not occupied by an Army or a Temple. The number of markers in a hex cannot exceed the Terrain limit. Discard excess counters. MIRACLE PHASE A player may use none, some, or all of his cards. Most cards (miracles) are played during this phase. Some cards are used during other phases. A card is used to ‘perform a miracle'. BATTLE PHASE Armies may attack units in adjacent hexes. Population counters may not attack. The attacker rolls 2 dice for every attacking army. The defender rolls 2 dice for every defending army. The defender also rolls 1 die for every 2 population counters rounding up. Every roll of 1 on D6 indicates one enemy counter is destroyed. Armies are destroyed before populations & populations before Temples. This procedure is repeated until: All attacking armies are destroyed. The attacker decides to retreat. all defending counters are destroyed. MOVEMENT PHASE Population counters & armies may move one space. Temples cannot move. CARD LIST NOTES Earthquake Target hex: Destroy 1D6 counters Crumble Destroy target Temple Tidal Wave Coastal space: Destroy 1D6 counters Volcanic Eruption Mountain space: Destroy 1D6 counters Flood Target coastal hex and all adjacent hexes lose 1 population counter each Alter Land Draw a terrain counter. Replace target terrain on map with it Create Land Draw a terrain counter. Put counter on target water hex Destroy Land Discard target empty coastal hex Sacrifice Discard 3 population counters to draw 2 cards Prophet Target hex and all adjacent hexes produce 1 additional population counter Holy War Armies get to attack twice this turn if they survive their first attack Chasm Destroy all armies in target space Fire Forest space: Destroy 1D6 counters Famine Target hex and all adjacent hexes gain no population this turn Plague Target hex: Destroy all but 1D6 counters Fertility Double the number of population counters in target space Monsters Place 1D3 monster counters on any empty space. Treat them like armies except they cannot move & they cannot be turned into population counters. You control them Blight Put blight counter on empty hex. No counters may enter this space. Each turn roll 1D6 at the beginning of Miracle phase. On a roll of 1 the Blight disappears Sanctuary Counters may not attack target space this turn Draught Target Desert hex and all adjacent hexes lose 1 population counter each Godspeed Move some or all of the nontemple counters in target space to another space up to Three hexes away Pestilence Target Swamp hex and all adjacent hexes lose 1 population counter each Ressurrection Play at end of battle phase. Bring back to life all counters destroyed this turn in target hex Abjuration Negate the effects of a card played by another player Hurricane Target ocean hex: All adjacent hexes lose 1 population counter each Repopulate Target hex you control gains 1D6 Population counters NOTES The deck should contain two of each card. TERRAIN COUNTERS LIST # TYPE NOTES 10 Mountains Defense: One less counter destroyed by attacking armies per roll; Maximum 10 counters 10 Forests Maximum 15 counters 20 Plains Maximum 20 counters 5 Swamps Temples cannot be built in swamps; Maximum 10 counters 10 Deserts Maximum 10 counters 5 River Valleys In setup one facing must be kept exposed to the water; Maximum 25 counters NOTES In setup put out all terrains except five to be kept in reserve. The maximum counter figures are the terrain limits. OTHER COUNTERS LIST Each side gets an unlimited number of population, army, and temple counters.

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