Board & card game for 2 players.
Based on the battle at the end of Harry Potter & the Order of the Pheonix.
Battle between Dumbledore & his Followers vs Voldemort & his Death Eaters. 
Abstract skirmish level combat.
Each figure represents a single wizard. 

Harry Potter is a licensed, trademarked, copyrighted property.
This is merely a fan site.

The Dumbledore player wins if Voldemort is ‘defeated’.
The Voldemort player wins if Dumbledore or Harry is ‘defeated’. 

Use an 8x8 chessboard.

Players share a common deck.

Use chits, counters, or miniatures to represent wizards.

Name 		Hits	Notes
Dumbledore 	5	
Harry Potter	3	Student
Hermione	1	Student
Ron		1	Student
Neville		2	Student
Ginny		1	Student
Luna		1	Student
Sirius		3	Auror
Lupus		2	Auror
Moody		2	Auror
Tonks		2	Auror
Kingsley	3	Auror
Hits = Number of Hits that type of unit has.

Name 		Hits	Notes
Voldemort	4
Malfoy		3
Bellatrix	3
Dolohov		3
Macnair		2
Avery		1
Rookwood	2
Mulciber	2
Gugson		2
Rodolphus	2
Crabbe		1
Rabastan	2
Nott		1

Players place wizards on the squares of their back two rows.
Units may not stack. 
The Dumbledore player starts with only the Students in play.
The Voldemort player starts with all Wizards but Voldemort in play.
The Aurors enter play on the fourth turn.
Dumbledore enters play on the seventh turn.
Voldemort enters play on the eighth turn.
Wizards entering play are placed on any square of their back two rows.

Players share a common deck. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 3 phases:
Fate Phase
Move Phase
Fight Phase

Draw 3 cards. 
Max hand size = 5 cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Discard excess cards.

Play (discard) a Move card to move one of your wizards.
The move card has a number. 
This is the number of spaces the wizard moves.
Moves can be diagonal or orthogonal. 
Instead of moving just one wizard in any direction, you have the 
option of moving up to 3 wizards forward the indicated number of 
spaces using a single move card.

Play (discard) an Attack card to have a wizard attack.
The attack card has a number. 
This is the range of the attack.
Attacks can be diagonal or orthogonal. 
Attacks do one Hit of damage to the target.
Use Chits or coins to record damage.
A wizard reduced to zero Hits is ‘defeated’ and removed from the board.
Your opponent may play Defense cards to negate your attack.

* = Spell
# = Copies of that card in the deck
Type = Purpose of card
M = Movement
A = Attack
D = Defense
R = Bounces Spell back at caster 
X = Special Card
B = Target Wizard cannot use Spells for next 2 turns
Z = Defense & Move
P = Defense for target up to 2 spaces away
Y = Attack or Defense
K = as a Knight would move in Chess
C = Target can do nothing for 2 turns
N = Target can no longer move
W = Draw 2 cards
U = Wizard automatically defeated if not blocked

Card Name:		#	Range	Type	Notes 
Crawl			4	1	M	
Walk			4	2	M	
Run			4	3	M	
Sprint			4	4	M	
Apparate 		4*	5	M	Students cannot use
Wand Jab		1	1	A	Students only
Grab			1	1	A	
Shove			1	1	A	
Stunning Spell		1*	2	A	
Dodge 			1	1	Z	
Duck			1	-	D	
Hide			1	-	D	Students only
Accio			1*	-	D	(Retrieve Object)
Jinx			1*	3	C	
Hex			1*	3	A	
Stupefy			1*	2	A	Stun
Petrificus Totalus	1*	2	C	Paralysis
Break Wand		1	1	B
Protego			1*	-	R	vs Spells only
Curse			1*	3	A	
Reducto			1	-	X	Opponent must discard 2 cards
Distraction		1*	-	D	Students only
Escape			1	2	Z	Students only
Falling Shelves		1	-	D	Students only
Find Cover		1	-	D	Students only
Colloportus		1*	-	D	Students only (Seal Door)
Alohomora		1*	K	M	(Open Door)
Avada Kedavra		1*	2	A	Death Eaters only
Expelliramus		1*	2	B	(Knocks wand out of hand)
Disarm			1*	2	B	
Time Turner		1	1	U	(Time Bell Jar)
Ancient Archway		1	1	U	(The Death Chamber)
Impedimenta		1*	3	A	(Knocks Foe Back)
Silencio		1*	-	D	Students only
Counterspell		1*	-	D	vs Spells only
Kick			1	1	A
Delirium		1*	2	C	(Laughing Madness)
Diffindo		1*	-	P	(Unbinds)
Thought Tentacles	1	1	N	(The Brain Room)
Body Bind		1*	2	A	
Crucio			1*	2	A	(Pain Charm)
Strangle		1	1	A	Death Eater only
Tarantallegra		1*	2	N	(Dancing Charm)
Shield Charm		1*	-	R	
Speed			1	-	D	
Recall			1*	4	A	Dumbledore only
Finite			1*	-	P	(End spell)
Deflection		1*	-	R	
Wingardium Leviosa	1*	-	Y	(Telekinetics)
Unforgiveable Curse	1*	2	A	Death Eater only
Animate Statue		2*	-	Y/P	Dumbledore only
Vanish 			2*	K	Z	Dumbledore & Voldemort only
Killing Curse		1*	2	A	Voldemort only
Silver Shield		1*	-	D	Dumbledore only
Great Stun		1*	3	A	Dumbledore only
Flame Whip		1*	4	A	Dumbledore only
Summon Serpent		1*	3	A	Voldemort only
Fawkes the Phoenix	1*	-	D	Dumbledore only
Dispell			1*	-	D	Dumbledore only
Water Cage		1*	2	A	Dumbledore only
Invisible Chains	1*	3	U	Dumbledore only
Order of the Phoenix 	1	-	W	Dumbledore player
Death Eaters		1	-	W	Voldemort player
The Dark Arts		1*	2	A	Death Eaters only
Defense Against the DA	1*	-	D	Good Wizards only

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