Common deck card game for two players.
Players are a pair of dueling Japanese fighters.

Each Player must pick one of the following personas:  
Samurai warrior with Katana & Wakizashi (Long & Short Swords)
-Can use Speed cards as Armor cards
Bushi with Nodachi (Large Sword)
-Can use Speed cards as Chop cards
Ronnin with Tachi & Tanto (Long & Short Swords)
-Can use Armor cards as Speed cards
Kensai (sword master) with Daisho (Long & Short Swords)
-Can use Armor cards as Combo cards (Two-Sword Style)
Japanese Woman with Naginata (Curved Spear)
-Can use Armor cards as Slash cards
Domin (Farmer) with Tonfa
-Can use Armor cards as Parry cards
Otokodate (Secret Society Fighter) with Gunsen (Iron Fan)
-Can use Chop cards as Block cards
Ashigaru (Foot Soldier) with Yari (Straight Spear)
-Can use Chop cards as Thrust cards
Traveling Monk with Jojutsu (Staff)
-Can use Dodge cards as Parry cards
Ninja with kusari-gama (Chained Sickle)
-Can use Block cards as Speed Cards 
Doshin (Policeman) with Jitte (Pair of Forked Dirks)
-Can use Chop cards as Parry cards
Kyokaku (City Rebel) with Nunchaku
-Can use Parry cards as Chop cards
Yamabushi (Warrior Monk) with ono (Pole-Axe)
-Can use Speed cards as Slash cards
Brigand with tetsu-bo (Iron Club)
-Can use Combo cards as Chop cards 
Wako (Pirate) with aikuchi (Dagger)
-Can use Armor cards as Dodge cards
Yojimbo (Bodyguard) with katana
-Can use Kai cards as Speed cards
Merchant with Kiseru (Metal smoking pipe)
-Can use Armor cards as Block cards

Slay your enemy by reducing him to zero hit points.

Each Swordsman starts with 10 hit points.

Players share a common deck.
The deck contains 70 cards.

Name			#	Type	Notes
Chop (Vertical Cut)	10	A	1 Point of Damage
Slash (Horizontal Cut)	10	A	1 Point of Damage
Thrust 			10	A	1 Point of Damage
Kai			5	M	1 Point of Damage
Armor			5	D	Negates 1 Point of Damage
Dodge			5	D	Negates Thrust
Parry			5	D	Negates Slash
Block			5	D	Negates Chop
Combo			5	M	Allows 2 Attacks
Speed (Iaijutsu)	10	M	Speed Contest
# = Number of that card type in the Deck.
A = Attack card
D = Defense card	
M = Modifier card

Players start with a hand of 10 cards each.

Each turn has 7 phases:
1. First Step Phase
2. Second Step Phase
3. Speed Phase
4. Strike Phase
5. Defend Phase
6. Cut Phase
7. Recover Phase

Both players fill their hands to 10 cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard, and draw from it.

Both players simultaneously discard up to 5 cards face up.
Both players fill their hands to 10 cards.

Both players simultaneously reveal their Speed cards if they have any. 
The player with more Speed cards must choose one advantage:
1. Opponent can play no defense cards except Armor this turn, or
2. Opponent may not attack this turn
No one gains an advantage if the Speeds are tied.
Note that revealed Speed cards are not discarded in this phase.

Both players attack by revealing 1 or more attack cards of the same type.
Players may also play Kai cards, if they played at least 1 attack card.
For example: Player A plays 3 Chop cards and 2 Kai cards.
Because Player A played a Chop attack, he cannot Thrust or Slash.
Players may also play 1 combo card each.
A combo card allows you to play 2 different types of Attack cards.
For example: Player B plays a Combo, 2 Chop cards and 2 Slash cards.
In a combo declare to which attack card a Kai card is being attached.

A Player may play one Dodge card to negate all Thrust cards played against him.
A Player may play one Block card to negate all Chop cards played against him.
A Player may play one Parry card to negate all Slash cards played against him.
Defense cards, negated attack cards, and attached Kai cards are discarded.

For every Attack card and Kai card that was not negated the target swordsman loses 
One Hit point.
Players may play Armor cards to negate one point of damage.
All played cards are discarded.

Players may discard up to 5 cards each.

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