Board Game/ Strategic War Game for 2-6+ players. 
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period of Chinese History circa 907-960 CE. 

The first player to have 100+ Victory Tokens wins. 

The map has 23 Provinces. 

To own (control, Possess) a Province, you must have at least 1 Army Token in it. 
A province can contain a maximum of 10 Army or Rebel Tokens. 

The following Provinces are considered to be Barbarian Provinces. 
Annam, Da Chang He, Tufan, Uighurs, or Khitans
Barbarian Provinces can never build Cities (Treat as a gain 1 Army Result on the 
Province Table) 

Each player has a set of Army Tokens of a unique color. 
Tokens must fit within the Province spaces on the map. 

Players share a common set of Rebel tokens. 
These represent Armies not controlled by any of the players. 

Players share a common set of City tokens. 
A Province can have a maximum of 1 City Token in it. 

Players share a common set of Victory Tokens (VT). 

The game uses six sided dice. 

Players share a common deck. 
Use a standard 52 card deck. 

Players roll high on 1D6 to determine turn order. 
Each player starts with 4 Army Tokens and 1 City Token. 
Each player, in turn, picks 1 Province to be their Homeland. 
Players cannot pick Barbarian Provinces to be Homelands. 
Players cannot have Homelands in adjacent Provinces. 
Players place their Armies and City in their starting Homeland Province. 
Each Barbarian Province starts the game with 3 Rebel Armies. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases: 
1. City Phase
2. Province Phase
3. Expansion Phase
4. Scoring Phase

For each of your Cities roll once on the City Table. 
Armies gained start in the same province as the city. 

1D6	Result:
1	Gain 1 VT
2	Gain 2 VT
3	Gain 3 VT
4	Gain 1 Army 
5	Gain 2 Armies
6	Gain 3 Armies

For each of your Provinces roll once on the Province Table. 
Roll two differently colored six sided dice. 
Have one color always be the first number and the other the second. 
Armies and Rebels gained start in that province. 
A Death result means all armies in that province are destroyed
A Blocked result means no armies may move into or out of 
that province until the start of your next turn. 
A Build result means that Province gets a City. If it already has a 
city, roll once on the City Table. 
A Destruction result means that Province loses a city if it has one. 
If the result is Rebels, they must be fought immediately as in Expansion 
Phase. If the Rebels win, the Rebel Tokens remain in the Province. 

2D6	Result:			Notes:	
1-1	Barbarian Hordes       	Gain 3 Rebels
1-2	Petty Warlord		Gain 2 Rebels
1-3	Horse Tribes		Gain 2 Rebels
1-4	Rebel Monks		Gain 1 Rebel
1-5	Banditry       		Gain 1 Rebel
1-6	Piracy			Gain 1 Rebel
2-1	Peasant Uprising       	Gain 1 Rebel
2-2	Plague			Death
2-3	Disease			Death
2-4	Famine			Death
2-5	Flood			Blocked
2-6	Storms			Blocked
3-1	Anarchy			Nothing
3-2	Blight			Nothing
3-3	Locusts			Nothing
3-4	Pestilence		Nothing
3-5	Drought			Nothing
3-6	Taxation       		Gain 1 Army
4-1	Good Crops		Gain 1 Army
4-2	Stability		Gain 2 Armies
4-3	Peace			Gain 1 VT
4-4	Prosperity		Build
4-5	Loyalty			Gain 3 Armies
4-6	Artisans       		Gain 2 VT
5-1	Calligraphy Master	Gain 3 VT
5-2	Enlightenment		Gain 4 VT
5-3	Great General		Gain 4 Armies
5-4	Earthquake		Destruction
5-5	Invention		Gain 2 VT
5-6	Trade			Build
6-1	Industry       		Build
6-2	Allies			Gain 1 Army
6-3	Raids			Nothing
6-4	Taoism			Gain 1 VT
6-5	Buddhism       		Gain 2 VT
6-6	Confucianism		Gain 3 VT

You may move each of your armies one space into an adjacent Province. 
You may not move the last remaining army in a province out. 
If a Province is empty, you immediately gain control of 
it by moving an Army into it. 
If the province contains enemy Armies or Rebels, there will be a battle. 
If they are rebels, pick any opposing player to control them for the battle. 
The battle is resolved by playing a single hand of Poker with a 
regular deck of cards. 
Each player is dealt 1+X cards. 
X = the number of Armies (or Rebels) the player has.
The first card is face up, the others are kept hidden in that players hand.  
A player can draw a maximum of 7 cards. 
Players may then discard none, some, or all of their hand cards and draw replacements. 
The player with the winning hand wins the Battle. 
The winner keeps all of his Armies. 
The loser discards all of his Armies. 
If the loser was the defender, and the Province contained a city, the 
city is destroyed on a roll of 1-3 on 1D6. 

Gain 1 Victory Token for each Province you control. 
If any province contains 10 or more armies discard the excess. 

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period     Wikipedia

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