INTRODUCTION DtG is a simple Old School low level Fantasy RPG. It is designed to get players going as quick as possible. It is not a total D&D clone, but uses many of the same ideas. There are 2 Sections: Players Guide and DM’s Guide. These rules are very much meant to be incomplete. It is the DM’s job to flesh them out. Players Roll high for Attacks, Saves, and Skills. Leveling Charts for classes are replaced by accumulation of Special Abilities. **************PLAYERS GUIDE********************** CHARACTER GENERATION Roll 3D6 for the basic Attributes (Stats): Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma. Abbreviations: Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Cha Next pick Race, Alignment, and Class. There are 5 Alignments: Lawful, Chaotic, Good, Evil, Neutral. Players start with maximum Hit Points at First Level. All Characters start with a purse of 2D6 Gold. STAT BONUS TABLE Stat: 3 4-5 6-8 9-12 13-15 16-17 18 Bonus: -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 Strength gives a Bonus to Damage. Constitution gives a Bonus to Hit Points. Wisdom gives a Bonus to Priest Spells cast per Day. Intelligence gives a Bonus to Mage Spells cast per Day. Dexterity gives a Bonus to Movement and Initiative. RACE MODS Race: Str Int Wis Dex Con Cha Elf -1 +1 -1 +1 -1 +1 Dwarf +1 0 0 -1 +1 -1 Halfling -1 -1 -1 +1 +1 +1 Elves act like strange, easily distracted Children. Elves can be Fighters, Mages, or Thieves. Elves have Infravision. Dwarves act like stubborn, grumpy, badly behaved Children. Dwarves can be Fighters. Dwarves have Infravision. Halflings act like jolly, sweet, good natured Children. Halflings can be Thieves. MOVEMENT SPEEDS Humans and Elves move 6 Spaces per Turn Short Races like Dwarves and Halflings move at 4 Spaces per Turn. Humans and Elves can jump 2 Spaces. Short Races can jump 1 Space. Humans and Elves can swim 3 Spaces. Short Races can swim 2 Spaces. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CLASSES There are 4 Available Classes: Fighter, Mage, Rogue, and Priest. FIGHTERS Fighters can use any Armor or Weapon. They get 1D10 Hit Points per Level. (Much more than the other Classes) They start with Medium Armor and Shield and a Long Sword and Dagger. MAGES Mages get no Armor and can only use a Staff or Dagger. They get -4 Attack with everything else. Armor and Shields interfere with their Spellcasting. They get 1D4 Hit Points per Level. They start with a Spell Book, Robe, and a Staff and Dagger. Mages can use many Relics unavailable to other Classes. ROGUES Rogues can wear Leather Armor. Many of their Skills are penalized (-5) with a Shield or Heavier Armor. They can use Daggers, One Handed Swords, Clubs, Slings, Bows, Crossbows, Knuckledusters, Garrotes, Blackjacks, Bombs, Throwing Knives, and Improvised Weapons. They get -2 Attack with everything else. They get 1D6 Hit Points per Level. They start with Light Armor and a Short Bow, Short Sword, and Dagger. PRIESTS Priests can wear any Armor. They can use Blunt Weapons. Their first SA must be Religion Lore. They get 1D6 Hit Points per Level. They start with Medium Armor and Shield and a Mace and Holy Symbol. A Priest should pick 1 God from the List of Gods. This will give extra SA's. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SPECIAL ABILITIES Special Abilities (SA) are class based. They are Buffs, Skills, or Spells. At first level, each Character starts with 5 Special Abilities. Each level after that, they gain an additional 2 Special Abilities. 30+ Sample SA are given for each of the 4 Basic classes. The DM should feel free to create more. Some SA should only available at higher Levels. Players may also pick SA off the Common Special Ability List. Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings may pick off the Demi-Human SA List. If the GM wants he can create SA lists specific to rarer classes such as Rangers, Druids, Bards, Paladins, Monks, etc. SKILL NOTATION Skills are given in the Following Format: Attribute Skill = X. For example: Int Skill = 14 This would mean that the Character would have to roll 14 or higher to succeed. The Roll will be modified by the Intelligence Bonus (or Penalty). (LX) Notation: (LX) = Character must be at least Level X to have this SA. Example: (L5) = Character must be at least Level 5 to have this Special Ability. SAMPLE FIGHTER SPECIAL ABILITIES 1. Champion: Damage +1 and Attack +1. (L7) 2. Dual Wield: No penalty to hit while wielding 2 Weapons. 3. Shield Bash: Extra attack for 1D4 Damage if you have a Shield. 4. Hero: Attack +1 and Initiative +1. (L6) 5. Tough: Get an extra 4 Hit Points. 6. Charge: First Round of Combat get +2 Attack, +2 Damage, -2 Defense 7. Mighty Blow: +1D6 Damage if using a Two-Handed Weapon. 8. Muscularity: Strength +1 9. Slayer: +3 Damage. Pick One: Humanoid, Giant, Dragon, Beast, Monster, etc. 10. Shield Block: +1 Defense if using a Shield. 11. Hack & Slash: +1 Damage with Swords and Axes. 12. Parry: Defense +1 If weapon in hand. 13. First Strike: Initiative +1 14. Prone Fighting: +1 Attack and No Penalties for being Prone. 15. Blind Fighting: +1 Attack and No Combat penalties when Blinded. 16. Extra Attack: Get 1 Extra Attack. (L5) 17. Prowess: Defense +1 and Attack +1. (L3) 18. Tactics: Allies get +1 Attack when Attacking from Side, Back, or Surprise. 19. Disarm: Dex Skill = 16. Weapon lands 1D6 Spaces away. 20. Brawl: +2 Atk and Def when Unarmed or using Improvised Weapons 21. Great Warbow: Get Damage +2 with Bows. 22. Battle Master: Defense +1 and Attack +1. (L8) 23. Honor: Charisma +1. Must Act Accordingly. (Chivalry, Bushido, etc.) 24. Warrior: Attack +1 and Move +1. (L2) 25. Swashbuckling: +1 Attack and No Combat Penalties while swinging, sliding, etc. 26. Knockback: +1 Damage. Hit will send Foe 1D4 Spaces backwards. 27. Grapple: +1 Attack, Defense, and Damage to Wrestling. 28. Sweep: Your Melee Attacks hit all enemies adjacent to you. (Roll for each) 29. Veteran: Hit Points +2 and Attack +1. (L4) 30. Precision Strike: Critical Hits on Rolls of 19 or 20. 31. Feint: Skip Combat Action to get +4 Attack next Turn. SAMPLE ROGUE SPECIAL ABILITIES 1. Pick Pockets: Dex Skill = 15. Cutpurse. Palm Items. 2. Find Traps: Wis Skill = 13. 3. Climb Walls: Dex Skill = 12. 4. Backstab: Damage+4 if attacking target from Behind. 5. Disguise: Cha Skill = 14. 6. Poison Lore: Int Skill = 15. Identify and Brew Poisons. 7. Sneak: Stealth Bonus +4. Deduct from Foe's Lookout Rolls. Hide/Move Silently. 8. Lightning Reflexes: Initiative +2 9. Dodge: Defense +1 10. Agility: Dexterity +1 and Move +1 11. Skullduggery: Get +2 to Pick Pockets, Trickster, and Cutthroat Rolls. 12. Dirty Fighting: Damage +1 and Initiative +1 13. Knife Fighter: Attack +1 and Defense +1 when using a Dagger. 14. Trickster: Cha skill = 10 Distract and Confuse. 15. Evasion: Get +1 to all of your Saving Throws. 16. Pick Lock: Int Skill = 13. 17. Wicked Knife: Damage +2 with Daggers and Swords. 18. Natural Archer: Attack +2 with Bows 19. Gambit: Gain an extra Fate Token at the start of each session. 20. Cloak & Dagger: (L4) Attack +1 and Defense +1 21. Nimble: Attack +1 and Move +1 22. Escape Artist: Dex Skill = 14. Slip Bonds. 23. Subterfuge: Stealth Bonus +2. Get +2 to Guile, Disguise, Streetwise Rolls. 24. Balance: Get +1 to all Dex Skill Rolls. 25. Uncanny Dodge: Defense +2. (L7) 26. Trip: Dex Skill = 12. Foe with Legs goes Prone. 27. Swindler: Charisma +1 28. Master Mind: Intelligence +1 29. Cutthroat: Dex Skill = 13. Kill Surprised Foe with Dagger. Note: Many Rogue like SA are contained in the common SA List. SAMPLE MAGE SPECIAL ABILITIES 1. Intellect: Intelligence +1 2. Detect Magic: Entire Room. 3. Magic Missile Spell: 1D4 Missiles. 1D4 Damage Each. Pick Targets. 4. Shield Spell: Self. Defense +6 for one Combat. 5. Familiar: Pick Cat, Crow, Snake, Rat, Owl, Imp, Bat, Dog, Toad, etc. Ritual. 6. Sleep Spell: 1D6 Targets of lower level than you. 1D6 Hours. (L2) 7. Charm Person Spell: 1 Target. Control Human or Humanoid. (L5) 8. Feather Fall Spell: Protect 1D6 Targets from Fall Damage. 9. Identify Spell: One Relic or Potion or unknown Substance. Ritual. 10. Light Spell: Light up a Room or Blind 1D4 Targets. 11. Thunder Spell: Foes miss next turn and are -2 on all Rolls for 1 combat. 12. Comprehend Spell: Read or Speak any Language for 1 Hour 13. Counter Spell: Negate a Spell Just Cast on a roll of 6 or Higher on 1D20. 14. Illusion Spell: Create an Illusion to Distract or Mislead. 15. Curse Spell: Weakness, Madness, Ugly, Itching, Clumsy, Unlucky, etc. 16. Polymorph Spell: Transformation. (L6) 17. Haste Spell: Allies: Extra Attack and Move this Combat. (L3) 18. Fire Spell: Fireball Does 4D6 Damage to all in a 4x4 Area. (L4) 19. Water Breathing Spell: All Allies for 2 Hours. 20. Disintegration Spell: Target Evaporates. Destroy Doors. (L8) 21. Alchemy: Int skill = 14. Brew Potions, Acids. Takes a Week. Ritual. 22. Artificer: Int Skill = 15. Craft Relics, Magic Items. Takes a Month. Rituals. 23. Necromancy Spell: Create 1 Skeleton, Zombie, or Ghoul. Freshness Counts! Ritual. 24. Scry Spell: See and Hear what others are doing at a Distance. Ritual. 25. Cold Spell: Cone. 2D6 Targets. 1D6 Dam and -2 to rolls 1D6 Turns. (L3) 26. Arcane Power: Spells per Day +1 27. Scroll Scribe: Int Skill = 12. Takes 1 Day per Scroll. Ritual 28. Wards Spell: Used to create Magical Traps/Alarms/Magically Lock Doors. 29. Teleport Spell: Up to 1D6 Targets to a known Location. (L7) 30. Air Spell: Wind Gust. 1D6 Targets. 1D4 Damage and Knockback/down. Scatter Arrows. 31. Death Ray Spell: Kill one Living Man-size or smaller Target. (L5) 32. Strength Spell: Target gets +4 to Strength Bonus for 4+1D6 Minutes. 33. Animate Spell: Weapon, Armor, Statue, Broom, Shovel, Rope, etc. Up to 10 Min. 34. Diabolism Spell: Summon a Demon. HD increase with Caster Level. Ritual. 35. Summon Elemental Spell: (L6) Also Walls. Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Ice, etc. 36. Fly Spell: (L5) One Target for 1 Trip or Combat. 37. Invisibility Spell: (L5) One Target for 10 Minutes. Stealth Bonus +10. Def +5 38. Change Size Spell: (L5) Shrink/Grow Target. Mouse to Giant Size for 3D10 Minutes. 39. Earth Spell: (L6) Earthquake. All take 2D6 Damage. Collapse Ceiling, Wall SAMPLE PRIEST SPECIAL ABILITIES 1. Heal Spell: Target Healed of all Damage. 2. Bless Spell: 1D4 Characters get +2 Attack and +2 Defense for 1 Combat. 3. Neutralize Poison Spell: Negate one Poisoning. 4. Turn Undead Spell: 2D6 Undead will flee and cower for 1D4 Hours. 5. Detect Evil Spell: Entire Room. Sources of Evil Save at -2. 6. Paralyzation Spell: 1D3 Targets Immobilized for 3D6 Minutes. (L2) 7. Remove Fear Spell: 1D6 Targets Fear gone and immune to fear for 1 Hour. 8. Religion Lore: Int Skill = 9. Priests own Religion. 9. Resist Cold Spell: 1D6 get +5 to Save vs Cold Attacks for 1D4 Hours. 10. Prayer Spell: Deity will do something Helpful at the Whim of the DM. 11. Exorcism Spell: Banish target Spirit. (L3) 12. Curse Breaker Spell: Remove Curse from target Player. Ritual. 13. Hammer Time: +1 Attack and +1 Damage with Blunt Weapons. 14. Cure Disease Spell: Ritual. Not Vampirism or Lycanthropy. 15. Smite Spell: Target does +5 Damage this Combat. 16. Cure Madness Spell: One Target. Ritual. 17. Cure Blindness Spell: One Target. 18. Stone to Flesh Spell: Cure Petrification. One Target. 19. Circle of Protection Spell: Allies +4 Defense and Saves. (L4) 20. Holy Avenger: Attack +1 and Damage +1. Must be (L7) 21. Crusader: Attack +1 and Damage +1. (L4) 22. Divination Spell: See the Future. Cryptic, Unpredictable Results. Ritual. 23. Communion Spell: Speak to Spirits, the Dead, Angels, etc. Ritual. 24. Summon Swarm Spell: Usually Insects. Foes driven off. (L5) 25. Lightning Bolt Spell: 6D6 Damage one Target. Heaven Sent. (L6) 26. Holy Word Spell: Destroy 1 Target Undead Foe. (L7) 27. Mystic: Wisdom +1 28. Monastic: Intelligence +1 29. Preacher: Cha Skill = 17. Convert a Non-believer. 30. Shatter Spell: Destroy or Damage Relic, Construct, Animated Foe. 31. Wither Spell: Kill or Damage Plant or Fey. 32. Resurrection Spell: 25% Spell Fails and Dead Forever. Ritual. (L8) COMMON SPECIAL ABILITIES 1. Weapon Proficiency: +1 Attack and Damage with a specific Weapon type. 2. Swim: Get +2 to Save vs Drowning. No Penalties in Water. Movement +2 in Water. 3. Music: Sing and Play 1 Musical Instrument. Entertain a crowd. Solve Music Puzzles. 4. Haggling: Cha Skill = 11. Get a better Price. 5. Swift: Move +2 Spaces per Turn. Run Away! 6. Intimidation: Str Skill = 13. Target gets -1 to all rolls for 1 Combat 7. Leadership: Cha Skill = 12. Rally, Inspire Others 8. Language: Speak 1 additional Language. 9. Appraisal: Int Skill = 9: Know Gold value of Items. Spot Fakes. 10. Thrown Weapon: +1 Attack when throwing a Weapon you can normally use. 11. Seduction: Cha skill = 12. Target may save with Int and Wis Bonuses. 12. Gambling: Int Skill = 13. Win More. 13. Sailing: Int Skill = 7 for most Tasks. Pilot, Navigation. 14. Ride: Cha Skill = 7 for most Tasks. Horses and other Mounts. Trick Riding. 15. First Aid: Int Skill = 7. Heal 1D4 Hit Points 16. History Lore: Roll 13 or Higher. Add Intelligence Bonus. 17. Interrogation: Roll 13 or Higher. Add Intelligence Bonus. Torture, Threats. 18. Cooking: Wis Skill = 7 for most Tasks. 19. Blacksmith: Wis Skill = 7 for most Tasks. Armorer. Shield Smith. Sword Smith. 20. Etiquette: Cha Skill = 14. Fit in to High Society. 21. Carousing: Con skill = 13. Learn Rumors at the Tavern. Requires Drinking. 22. Riddle Master: Intelligence Skill = 14. Get extra Clue to solving a Riddle. 23. Herbalist: Int skill = 12. Identify useful or poisonous Herbs. 24. Mining: Int Skill = 7 for most Tasks. Digging and Lore. 25. Taunt: Cha Skill = 13. Target Opponent will attack you first. 26. Recruiter Cha Skill = 7. Hire Mercenaries, Henchmen, Troops, Retainers. 27. Befriend: Cha Skill = 12. NPC becomes friendly. 28. Track: Wis Skill = 15. For Hunting Down Man, Beast, or Monster 29. Survival: Int Skill = 12. Find Food, Water, Shelter. Make Fires. 30. Guile: Cha Skill = 12. Lie, Bluff, Con, Manipulate, Intrigue 31. Dance: Dex Skill = 10 for most Performances. 32. Lookout: Wis Skill = 14. Detect Hidden Enemies. 33. Spelunking: Dex Skill = 10. Climbing using Ropes and Pinions. 34. Tinker: Int Skill = 15. Make an Fix Machines, Apparatus, Devices. 35. Circus Acts: Dex Skill = 12. Wire Walking, Trapeze, etc. 36. Gymnastics: Jump +1 Space. Get +1 to Jump Rolls. Also Pole Vault 37. Acrobatics: Dexterity +1. Get +1 to Jump Rolls. Hand Springs, Back-Flips, Tumbles 38. Scouting: Int Skill = 12. Foe Numbers and Dispositions. 39. Streetwise: Cha Skill = 13. Gain Information. Make Contacts. 40. Jump: Dex Skill = 13. Long Jump, High Jump, etc. 41. Mighty Deeds: Str Skill = 17. Bend Bars, Lift Gates. DEMI-HUMAN SPECIAL ABILITIES 1. Cheer: (Halflings) Cha Skill = 12. Remove Anger, Anxiety, Frustration in Companions. 2. Small: (Halfling) Def +1 3. Sword and Bow: (Elf) +1 Attack with Sword or Bow. 4. Worldly Lore: (Elf) Int Skill = 13. Know random useful Trivia from far away or long ago. 5. Legendary Toughness: (Dwarf) Hits +2 and Constitution +1 6. Underground Lore: (Dwarf) Int Skill = 14. Inhabitants, Geology, Structural Minutiae. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SPELL CASTING A First level Mage may cast 5 Spells per Day. And 1 more for every level above. Mage Spells per day is Modified by the Intelligence Stat. If a Mage loses his Spell Book, his number of Spells per day is -4. It would take 20 Gold and a Month of Research and writing to recreate. A First level Priest may cast 3 Spells per Day. And 1 more for every level above. Priest Spells per day is Modified by the Wisdom Stat. Priests that anger their God get penalties to their Spells per Day. Rituals take 1D3 Hours to complete and require rare Spell Components. Spells of Level 5 and Above can be cast a max of once per day. SCROLLS A Magic Scroll allows 1 extra spell written on it to be cast for free, whether the Mage knows the Spell or not. The Scroll is then used up. Note: Mages can cast spells they don't know if they read them from a Book. See the Spell Failure Rules if they Attempt this. Spells the Mage does not know can be transcribed to his spell book from Scrolls, Tomes, for this purpose. MULTI-CLASSING The Multiclassing option costs 2 SA Slots. It may be taken at level 1. You get the Saving Throw Bonuses of Both Classes and You can now pick SA from the Lists of Either Class. Humans can have a Max of 2 Classes. Elves can have a max of 3 Classes. Multi-Class Characters gain 1D6 Hit Points per Level. Multi-Class Characters get only 2 Spells per Day and 1 more for every level above total, even if they are both Priest and Mage. A Priest/Mage gets to add both Intelligence and Wisdom bonuses to Spells per day. FATE TOKENS Each player starts with 1 Fate Token. Humans start with 1 extra Token. They can be spent to re-roll a target roll or change a roll by + or - 1. The DM can reward more for good Role-playing. As Compensation for not having Saving Throw Bonuses, Humans always start every gaming Session with at least 1 Token. **************DUNGEON MASTERS GUIDE********************** FUMBLES AND SPELL FAILURE There is no good way to incorporate these into Attack Rolls or Save Rolls. Every time a Character Attacks or Casts a spell the DM first rolls 1D20. On a roll of 1 the character Rolls on the Fumble or Spell Failure Table. The DM of course does this at his discretion. A Character Afflicted with a Clumsy Curse will Fumble on a roll of 1-4. A Mage casting a spell he doesn't know, by reading from a Book, will invite Failure on a roll of 1-3 plus his targets get +2 Save and he uses up an extra Spell per Day. SPELL FAILURE TABLE 1D6 Effect: 1 Misfire: Spell does something Strange and unexpected. 2 Friendly Fire: Pick another random Target in the Vicinity. 3 Fizzle: Caster cannot use that Spell again for the rest of the Day. 4 Spellburn: Caster takes 1D4 Damage 5 Exhausted: Caster Knocked out for 2D6 Minutes 6 Corruption: Caster Mutated (Or God Angered if Priest) FUMBLE TABLE 1D6 Effect: 1 Trip: Go Prone: -2 to all rolls until you get up. 2 Drop Weapon: Lands 1D6 Spaces away. 3 Weapon Stuck: Door, Tree, Ribcage. 4 Accidently Strike Nearest Friend. 5 Hurt Self: 1D4 Damage. Embarrassment. 6 Knock Self Unconscious: 2D6 Minutes. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ COMBAT SURPRISE If one side is completely unaware of the other, they can be Surprised. The side doing the Surprising is called the Ambushers. The Ambushers get one free turn of Attacks with no retaliation. The side being Ambushed has a chance to notice and negate the Surprise. They get to roll using the Lookout Skill. Subtract the Stealth Bonus of the enemy from the roll. If the opposing Monsters have the Ambush or Surprise Tag they have a Stealth Bonus of +4. INITIATIVE Roll for Initiative. Roll High on D20 to see who goes first. Add Dex Bonuses. If there are lots of combatants roll for Groups instead of Individuals. To speed play, just have 2 Groups, the PC's and the Monsters. On the players just have them go around the table clockwise. ATTACKING AND DEFENDING If the Attacker has a Higher Total Attack Bonus (AB) then the Defense Bonus (DB of the Defender then the Attacker has the Advantage. If the Defender's total is equal to or Higher than that of the Attacker, The Attacker is said to be at a Disadvantage. An Attacker with Advantage Rolls 1D20. An Attacker with Disadvantage Rolls 1D12. A roll of 10 or higher is a Hit. A roll of 20 is a critical hit and does Double Damage. Monsters get Attack and Defense Bonuses per their Description. Not negative (penalty) AB would be the same as a positive DB. SOME COMBAT MODIFIERS Modifier: AB: DB: Notes: Small Shield 0 +1 Buckler, Target Main Gauche 0 +1 Or Cloak, Torch Medium Shield 0 +2 Round Large Shield 0 +3 Kite, Wall, -1 Move Light Armor 0 +1 Leather, Padded, Ring, Hide Medium Armor 0 +2 Chain, Splint, Scale, Half Plate Heavy Armor 0 +3 Plate Mail. -1 Move, -2 Lookout Surprise (Ambush) +2 0 Hidden Attackers Flanking Attack +1 0 Attack from Side Attack from Behind +2 0 - Dual Weapons -2 0 Both Primary and Off-Hand Short Range +1 0 And Point Blank Medium Range 0 0 - Long Range -2 0 - Far Range -5 0 - Ranged Attack -2 0 Bad Weather, Dim Light, Fog, Mist, Smoke Ranged Attack -3 0 Cover (Soft or Hard) Higher Ground +1 0 And Horseback Attacker Blinded -6 0 - Defender Blinded +2 0 - Attacker Confused -2 0 Or Weakness, Prone Defender Confused +2 0 Or Weakness, Prone Attacker Swinging -2 0 Swashbuckling, Fancy Maneuver Giant Atking Small -4 0 Dwarves and Halflings DAMAGE TABLE Damage: Type: 1D2 Unarmed, Grapple, Punch, Kick, Whip 1D3 Mailed Fist, Shield, Pommel, Improvised Weapon, Torch 1D4 Dagger, Knife, Club, Staff, Sling Stone 1D6 One Handed Weapon, Arrow, Bolt 1D8 Two Handed Weapon, Longbow, Heavy Crossbow +2 From Horseback SUBDUAL Characters may attack to Subdue instead of to Kill. If so the target is incapacitated (Knocked-out, restrained) instead of being killed when its Hit Points are reduced to Zero. AUTO-KILL If a target is Incapacitated (restrained, unconscious, paralyzed, asleep) it can be killed automatically. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SAVING THROWS To Save Roll D20. Add Any Save Bonuses. Any modified roll of 15 or higher is a Save. SAVE MODIFIERS Dwarves get +4 vs Poison, Charm, Cold, Acid, Smells, Crushing Traps Elves get +4 vs Disease, Paralyzation, Sleep, Age, Fairy Magic Halflings get +4 vs Death, Madness, Missiles, Drain, Blade Traps Fighters get +4 vs Fear, Petrification, Breath, Gaze, Blindness, Swallow Priests get +4 vs Control, Curses, Confusion, Polymorph, Fire Rogues get +4 vs Falls, Blasts, Illusions, Capture Traps Mages get +4 vs Spells, Fire, Rods, Staves, Wands, Scrying Monsters get +1 to Save vs Anything per 2 Hit Dice up to a max of +10 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ USING SKILLS All Characters may attempt Skills and Lores (Disguise, Find Trap, etc.) Unless you actually own that Skill as a SA you get -5 to the Roll. The DM can add more penalties or bonuses based on the difficulty of the action. An incredibly difficult action may get a further -5 penalty. SKILLS VS SAVING THROWS Occasionally it may seam unclear whether a Skill or a Saving Throw is in order. In general, Skills involve premeditated actions, while Saving Throws are purely reactionary. For example: Jumping across an uncovered pit would be a Skill (Jump Skill) whereas falling down a covered pit would be a Saving Throw (Save vs Fall). Some Traps may require Multiple Saves, for Example: A Poison Dart Trap would first be a Save vs Blades. If that failed the Character would then need to Save vs Poison. More Examples: Climbing out of the Pit may require a Climbing Skill Check. Pulling oneself up after catching the edge of a pit might require either a Mighty Deeds or Climbing Skill Check. Instead of killing a Character off, the DM can put them in a difficult situation requiring additional Skill Checks. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DM PREPARATION Don’t Overprep. Just go for a simple Dungeon Crawl. All you need is a Tavern/Inn, Smithy, Church, Trader, and a Dungeon. The Dungeon should have 10 Levels. Each Level has 20 +1D20 Rooms. At the start of your campaign just flesh out the first level. The Big Bad. Decide who the Boss is residing on the Tenth Level. Is it a Sorcerer, Evil High Priest, Dragon, Demon. Just pick one. The Tavern is a source or Rumors, Fresh Heroes, Retainers, and Side Quests. All manner of goods can be bought or sold at the Shops. At the Church Characters can be healed, cured, and Resurrected for a Price. There is a 25% any resurrection will end in failure and the Character can never be brought back again (His Soul has been claimed by a higher Power). PLAYER PREPARATION As seen in the Player Guide Above, it should only take a few minutes To make up a Character. For the game to have real impact and Drama, Characters will die. Traps and Monsters are Deadly. They can kill without Warning in Seconds. Stupidity is rarely forgiven. Check for Traps, Scout Ahead, Be Prepared, Use Sound Tactics, Have Retainers, Don’t Charge Ahead, Retreat if need be, Have a wide selection of Spells, Listen for Rumors, Maps, and Clues, Avoid unnecessary Combats. Don’t run out of Torches, Bring Rope, String, and 10 Foot Poles. Stock up on Holy Water, Potions, and Scrolls. Use Caltrops to deter Pursuit. Listen at Doors. Prepare Ambushes. Set Watches. Play like your Life depends upon it because it does. Losing a Character means starting over with a lower level one. You are Not out of the game but you may hurt the long term Progress of the Quest. Of course a truly Heroic Death is one that you can be rightfully be Proud of. EXPERIENCE AND LEVELING UP Realistically, How many game sessions do you think you will get out of your Group? Two? Five? Twenty? As DM you should aim for players to reach Ninth or Tenth Level by that time so they can fight the Final Foe. Ideally You might aim for and get one Dungeon Level finished per session and have The players increase by one level at the end of each session. If you think the Players are only good for 2 Sessions you might want to make it just a 4 Level Dungeon. If they are good for 20+, then you might want to do 2 Campaigns. CHARACTER DEATH The Player will need a replacement Character right away. Have the player take over a NPC Traveling with the party. This could be a Hired Mercenary or a Freed Captive. Or have the player roll up a new Character real quick and make him one level lower than the rest of the Party (or the same level if he died a Heroic Death). He is found wandering the Dungeon alone, having lost the rest of his companions, or has just escaped Captivity by a Dungeon Denizen. In case of a Total Party Kill start over in the Tavern with New Characters. Many Strive for greatness but only a Lucky few Succeed. Separation: Sometimes a Character is not killed but rather is Separated from the Party. Do not Short-Change that player his Play time. Reunite them quickly or add enough Characters so that the players are Running 2 complete parties in Shifts. INSPIRATION Get in touch with your inner 14 year old. When designing things and just before play the DM should spend some time Looking at RPG art from the 1970’s. Look at your old D&D books and Modules. Print Some. Make Mini-Posters for your Gaming Area. Spend a few minutes reading random passages from Books off your shelf of Fantasy Novels: Tolkien, Conan, Elric, Amber, Xanth, Grendel, Redwall, etc. Music: Have some Tavern music and some Dungeon type Music for actual play. While Designing use the Soundtrack from the Conan the Barbarian Movie. You are a fan of the genre. Once you get in the Mood your enthusiasm will Be on high and that will in turn increase the Enthusiasm of your Players. COMBAT ADVICE The Player who says “I just want to kill some stuff”. Is Combat getting you down? Too many Steps? Is it Overlong? Is there too much Bookkeeping? Too many Calculations? Remember, there is a lot more to D&D than just Combat. There is Loot and Magic Items and Exploring and Mapping. There are NPC’s to talk to, befriend, recruit, help, and steal from. There are Rumors to be discerned and Quests to be Received. There are Damsels in Distress and Captives to be Rescued. There are Portals to be Closed and Evil Rituals to be Stopped. There is Logistics: Rations, Torches, Arrows, Spells, Wounds, Gold, and Equipment to be carried and kept track of. There are Tricks and Traps, and Riddles and Puzzles to be solved. The easiest way to handle the Combat problem is to think about Combat as if it were a Puzzle or a Riddle. Often these have an easy Solution. If the Solution presents itself the Combat is ended immediately. Go ahead, put the Giant to Sleep. Charm that Black Knight. Turn that Dragon Into a Bunny Rabbit. Holy Word that Vampire. Immolate that Mummy. Petrify that Hydra. Just because it’s big and bad doesn’t mean you have To fight it for 20 Turns. The resourceful Heroes can kill, incapacitate, or Control a Foe on turn one. And the Dungeon will return the favor. A Poison Trap will kill your point man and a Water trap will kill the whole Party, unless you have a Poison Antidote Potion and a Water Breathing Spell. That Medusa will turn you all to stone turn after turn unless you have a Stone to Flesh Spell. Take that Ice Elemental out with your Flaming Sword. Burn the Troll to Cinders. Shoot the Cyclops in the eye with an arrow. Combat is all about having the Right Tools. If you have the right Spell or Weapon or Tactic or Relic you win and you win quickly. Now you may worry That the Players are killing Monsters too quickly. The Solution… Add more Monsters, Bigger ones, Larger, Mixed Groups. What could be more Heroic Than that? Combat is just a mini-game within a larger Meta Game of Resource Management involving: Survival, Leveling Up, Gaining Powers and Allies, and Defeating The Final Foe (by learning his one Weakness… The Demon Sword). DRAMA AND DESCRIPTION Describe the Foes. Make the players realize how really Horrible, or Fiendish, or Disgusting, or Frightening they truly are. What are they doing? Lying in Wait, Gambling, Snacking on Bones, Sleeping, Sharpening their Claws, Scratching an Itch. Describe the Setting. The Grim Décor, The Tattered Drapery, The Broken Statuary. The Ornately carved Dias, The Throne of Bones, The Skeletons chained to the Walls, The Iron wrought Gate, the Flickering Candles, The Smoking Braziers. Describe the Relics. The shimmering Blue liquid in the Triangular shaped Bottle, The Jewel Encrusted Battle Axe, The Black Dragon Hide Bound Book. Describe enemy Deaths in all their Spectacular Gory Glory. The Impalements, Eviscerations, Beheadings, Melting Faces, Brain Splattering, and Streams of Blood. However, Don’t do Voices unless you are extremely confidant and 200% committed. SPELL SELECTION Some Characters may complain about the limited spell selection. Simply put, these are the spells that are readily available to them in their day and age. Others exist, but they are rare. they can be found in far away places or in the Spell Books found entombed in ancient Ruins. New Spells can also be invented, which can take years. Finding a new Spell can bring great Fame to the Mage who does so. Many Spell like effects are only available in the form of Potions, Relics, and Creature Abilities or through lengthy Rituals. MAKE EVERY MOVE COUNT Sure they made the saving throw, but How? Did they shake it off? Was it a Narrow escape? Did they find Cover? Duck or Dodge? Slide or Sidestep? Jump or Swing? Was it Force of Will? Or Superhuman Endurance? Sure the Attack didn’t Hit, but maybe you drove them Back or Distracted them while the Mage readied a Spell. You Failed Skill Check: What are the Repercussions? Even if A Character does something minor the DM can describe the results at a Level of Detail the Players will find interesting. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DUNGEON ENTRANCE 1D6 Entrance: 1 Under the Castle 2 Under the Temple 3 Under the Ruins 4 In the Mine 5 In the Caves 6 Through the Portal CREATING A TO GO DUNGEON MAP One Level of a Dungeon. On a piece of paper make 20+ circles. These are Rooms. Next Draw Lines connecting them. These are Hallways. Some lines can connect to other Lines. Hallways can also be referred to as Tunnels or Corridors. For each room roll on both the Room Contents Table and the Room Type Table. ROOM CONTENTS TABLE 1D6 Contents: Notes: 1-2 Enemy Roll on the Enemy Type Table 3 Trap Roll on Trap Table 4-6 Nothing - ROOM TYPE TABLE 1D20 Type: Notes: 1 Library Books, Study, Mosaics, Wall Carvings, Ruins 2 Laboratory Potions, Poisons, Magic Pools, Sulfuric Pits 3 Tomb Grave, Catacombs, Coffins, Mounds, Ossuary 4 Bathroom Robing Room, Trash, Waste, Magma Pits, Quick Stone 5 Storeroom Tools, Supplies, Mushroom Caves, Barrier, Flowstone 6 Throne Room Meeting Room, War Room, Large Cavern, Central Chamber 7 Sleeping Quarters Bedrooms, Barracks, Harem, Lair, Burrows, Nest 8 Prison Oubliette, Cage, Torture Chamber, Crevasse, Dark Stone 9 Labyrinth Maze, Dead End, Lava Tubes, Canyon, Dry Cave 10 Treasure Room Relic Room, Treasury, Reliquary, Crystal Caverns 11 Guard Chamber Observation Post, Trap Room, Ambush Point, Border 12 Kitchen Cooking Chambers, Butcher, Hearth, Hunting Grounds 13 Mines Quarry, Shafts, Elevators, Ore, Rubble, Rich Veins 14 Shrine Altar, Chapel, Ceremonial, Temple, Monoliths, Sacred Ground 15 Cistern Water, Underground Lake, River, Sea, Hot Springs 16 Entranceway Antechamber, Stairways, Portal, Gateway, Glow Stone 17 Armory Training Room, Rift, Gorge, Abyss, Battlefield 18 Workshop Pottery, Smithy, Artificer, Apparatus, Geodes 19 Trophy Room Enemy Heads, Skulls, Armor, Vault, Ice Cave, Clear Stone 20 Dining Room Mess Hall, Gallery, Columns, Wet Cave, Pumice DOORWAYS Every Hallway connecting to a Room or another Hallway has a Doorway. Roll on the Doorway Table. Note: Some Doors can only be opened (or revealed in the case of secret Doors) by special means: Pressing a Wall Stone or removing a Book from a Shelf or Interacting with a Magic Statue or Answering a Riddle. DOORWAY TABLE 1D10 Type Notes: 1 Regular Door - 2 Archway No Door 3 Trapped Door - 4 Trapped Arch - 5 Barred Door - 6 Locked Door - 7 Stuck Door - 8 Metal Gate Can be Lifted or Bars Bent 9 Secret Passage Hidden from one side 10 Trapped Secret Passage - Note: In Natural Cave Systems Doors will be mostly absent. DOOR TYPE TABLE 1D6 Type: 1-3 Wooden 4-5 Stone 6 Iron ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ENEMY TYPE TABLE 1D20 Type: Sample: 1 Men Bandits, Chaos Warriors, Cultists, Thieves, Other Adventurers 2 Humanoid Kobolds, Goblins, Orcs, Bugbears, Gnolls, Grimlocks, Kuo-toa 3 Giant Ogres, Ettins, Cyclops, Trolls, Stone Giants, Minotaur 4 Dragon Wyvern, Wyrm, Drake, Black Dragon, Serpent, Dragon Turtle 5 Monster Hydra, Medusa, Basilisk, Abomination, Chimera, Manticore 6 Beast Warg, Giant Lizard, Cave Bear, Lion, Crocodile, Purple Worm 7 Plant Fungi, Treant, Strangle Weed, Mushroom Men, Creeping Kudzu 8 Slime Green Slime, Grey Ooze, Gelatinous Cube, Black Pudding 9 Animated Gargoyle, Golem, Dancing Sword, Construct, Hollow Armor 10 Shifter Werewolf, Doppelganger, Shape-Changers, Lycanthropes 11 Swarm Insects, Rats, Bats, Snakes, Spiders, Stirges, Piranhas 12 Demon Devil, Succubus, Imp, Pit Fiend, Hell Hounds, Warpspawn 13 Undead Skeleton, Zombie, Vampire, Ghoul, Mummy, Lich, Coffer Corpse 14 Spirit Ghost, Spirit, Shade, Wight, Wraith, Specter, Revenant 15 Fey Pixie, Sprite, Dryad, Redcap, Fairy, Unicorn, Sylphs 16 Elemental Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ice, Metal, Magma, Snow, Plasma 17 Water Shark, Barracuda, Giant Clam, Gar, Octopus, Bunyip 18 Cold Frost Giant, Ice Toad, Yeti, Winter Wolf, Ice Devil 19 Fire Salamander, Fire Giant, Fire Newt, Efreeti, Phoenix, Azer 20 Rare Djinn, Aliens, Xorn, Umber Hulks, Lurker, Beholder, Mind Flayer Note: An Enemy might easily fall under 2 or more categories. For instance: A Red Dragon would be under both Fire and Dragon. Or a Clockwork Beast Would be under Animated and Beast. MONSTER STATS Monster Stats will have to be altered to match the Character power levels of this system. Most Important Stats are Attack, Defense, Initiative, Damage, Movement, and Hit Dice (Each HD is 1D6 Hit Points). +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TRAP LIST 1D20 Type: Notes: 1 Fall Pit, Crevasse, Bottomless Pit 2 Crush Collapsing Ceiling, Wall, Boulder 3 Wits Puzzles, Riddles, Lore, Music 4 Removal Rust, Shatter, Disenchant 5 Energy Lightning, Disintegration 6 Fire Lava, Fire Pit, Immolation 7 Blast Bomb, Explosive Runes 8 Cold Freezing Trap 9 Acid Corrosive Mist, Acid Spray 10 Water Submerging Room 11 Separation Chute, Slide, Lowering Wall, Teleport 12 Delay Barrier, Blocked Tunnel 13 Air Howling Wind, Suffocation 14 Blade Spear, Scythe, Spikes 15 Poison Toxic Fumes, Poison Darts, Poison Gas 16 Mental Fear, Madness, Confusion 17 Disease Spores, Nausea, Sickness, Weakness 18 Curse Doom, Polymorph, Petrification 19 Illusion Endless Stairwell, Fantastical Delights 20 Capture Nets, Cage, Snare, Alarm +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TREASURE Fighting Monsters with no Treasure is often a waste of time. Dragons have their Hoards. Men and Humanoids are greedy and will carry as much as possible. Monsters, Slimes and Beasts will have random Things scattered in their lair among the bones of their victims. Birds Like Shiny Things. Animated Monsters may be composed of precious Stones and metals. The pelts of Beasts can be sold. The Blood, Bones, and Organs of many Monsters can be sold to Magic Shops for their value as Spell Components. Dragon Meat is a Delicacy in many places. The Undead often still carry their Relics or may have their old possessions nearby . Tombs haunted by spirits may be filled with Treasure. Demons and Devils frequently adorn themselves with Jewelry and arm themselves with Magic Weapons. Defeated Djinn can be used to wish for Wealth. Friendly NPC’s may give players gold or Relics to help them on their Quest. Players want Loot. Give it to them if they earn it. They especially want Magic Items. The party should be able to acquire 1D4 or more relics per Session. If you need some ideas for a Relic, roll on the Relic Table. RELICS TABLE 1D12 Magic Item: 1 Sword 2 Other Weapon, Arrows, Quiver, Bow, Hammer 3 Armor, Shield, Helmet, Bracers, Gauntlets, Armbands 4 Potion, Elixir, Oil, Candle, Dust, Glue, Solvent, Antidote 5 Scroll, Book, Map, Manual, Tome, Deck, Glasses, Goggles 6 Ring, Jewelry, Amulet, Necklace, Talisman, Brooch, Bead 7 Wand, Staff, Rod, Circlet, Headband, Medallion, Scarab, Torc 8 Hat, Boots, Cloak, Robe, Belt, Gloves, Clothes, Wings, Rope 9 Orb, Sphere, Gem, Globe, Eye, Rune, Stone, Pearl, Cube, Ball 10 Carving, Fetish, Doll, Key, Pole, Pot, Cup, Jug, Bottle, Figurine 11 Horn, Lute, Flute, Drum, Chime, Pipes, Harp, Apparatus, Box 12 Lantern, Shovel, Mirror, Broom, Fan, Brazier, Bag, Carpet, Tool RANDOM FIRST LEVEL RELICS TABLE 1D20 Relic: 1 Potion of Healing 2 Scroll: 1 Mage Spell 3 Long Sword +1 4 Dagger +1 5 Medium Shield +1 6 Leather Armor +1 7 Ring of Protection +1 8 Mace +2 vs Undead, Demons, Spirits 9 2D6 Arrows +1 10 Vial of Holy Water (1 Use) 3D6 Dam vs Undead, Demons 11 Wand of Light (As Light Spell. Use 3 times Day) 12 Elven Boots (Move +1) 13 Short Sword +1 14 Staff +1 15 Dwarven Axe +2 Damage 16 Halfling Pipeweed (1 Use) Negate Combat 17 Rogue's Cloak (once per Day) As Invisibility Spell 18 Skeleton Key (1 Use) Open 1 Locked Door 19 Book: 1 Mage Spell 20 Amulet: Get 1 extra Spell per Day ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ GODS AND DEITIES Need an Ounce of Worldbuilding? Need a Generic Pantheon? Here it is. 20 Gods to Go. Let the Characters pick which God or Gods They Worship. LIST OF GODS Title: Name: Notes: Creator God: Abraxis Father God, Conjuration, Law, Matter Priest SA: Animate Spell, Summon Elemental Spell Sky God: Airius Freedom, Air, Winds, Birds, Good Priest SA: Feather Fall Spell, Fly Spell, Swift, Can use Bows, Slings Sea God: Nepton Water, Sea Life, The Abyss, Fishing Priest SA: Water Breathing Spell, Can use Dagger, Trident Moon Goddess: Lunora Women, Tides, Lycanthropes, Change Priest SA: Polymorph Spell, Can use Dagger, Sickle Fire God: Surtaz Devils, Evil, Destruction, Energy Priest SA: Fire Spell, Diabolism Spell Can use any Weapon Storm God: Shibboth Thunder, Lightning, Storms, Chaos Priest SA: Air Spell, Thunder Spell, Can use Lightning Spell at Level 3 Mountain God: Durin Earth, Dwarves, Gold, Mining, Law, Blacksmiths Priest SA: Shield Spell, Earth Spell, Artificer, Tough War God: Crom Battle, Fighters, Victory, Humanoids Priest SA: Strength Spell, Can use any Arms or Armor Sun God: Solaris Light, Good, Elves, Dreams, Fey Priest SA: Light Spell, Can use Spear, Swords, Bows Life Goddess: Gaiyame Nature, Life, Beasts, Plants, Healing, Hunting Priest SA: Familiar, Change Size Spell, Can use Spear, Bows Death God: Hadross Undead, Disease, Spirits, Evil, Underworld Priest SA: Necromancy Spell, Death Ray Spell, Can use Dagger, Scythe Dragon God: Tiamat Dragons, Stars, Greed, Pride, Anger Priest SA: Arcane Power, Disintegration Spell, Can use any Melee Weapon Fate Goddess: Fortuna Destiny, Prophesy, Law, Time, Fate Priest SA: Scry Spell, Blind Fighting, Gambit Trickster God: Ulik Rogues, Illusions, Chaos, Tricks, Luck Priest SA: Illusion Spell, Haste Spell, Can use Rogue Weapons Love God: Erodite Romance, Courtship, Sex, Seduction Priest SA: Charm Person Spell, Get +2 to Seduction, Can use Dagger Mother Goddess: Freyla Birth, Seasons, Harvest, Rain, Good, Fertility Priest SA: Counter Spell, Sleep Spell, Can use Dagger, Scythe Magic God: Xoth Mages, Spells, Knowledge, Lore, Law Priest SA: Identify Spell, Detect Magic Spell, Can use Dagger Mad God: Slaug Monsters, Chaos, Fear, Demons, Corruption, Mutation Priest SA: Diabolism Spell, Curse Spell, Can use Dagger Order God: Doros Law, Men, Civilization, Music, Math Priest SA: Wards Spell, Comprehend Spell, Can use Sword Dark God: Frigor Darkness, Shadow, Cold, Evil, Space Priest SA: Cold Spell, Teleport Spell, Invisibility Spell, Can use Dagger ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SAMPLE NPC'S Gandomon the Wizard. Level 10 Good Human Mage/Fighter. Hit Points = 40 Str = 15 Int = 18 Wis = 14 Dex = 10 Con = 11 Cha = 17 SA = Dual Wield, Light Spell, Sword Proficiency, Identify, Comprehend, Music, History, Scry, Ride, Carousing, Tough, etc. Relics: Magic Sword, Staff, Hat, Robes, Rings, Wands, Bag of Tricks. Notes: Hangs out in the Tavern a lot. Will befriend the PC's. Source of Rumors, Advice, Encouragement. Knows about the Big Bad at the bottom of the Dungeon. Maxwell the Smith. Level 4 Good Human Fighter. Hit Points = 30 Str = 17 Int = 14 Wis = 13 Dex = 12 Con = 13 Cha = 9 SA = Muscularity, Blacksmith, Toughness, etc. Relics: Magic Hammer, Scale Mail Notes: Proprietor of the local Smithy. Can Forge Weapons and Armor to Order. Buys and Sells. Knows the occasional Rumor. Trader Tom. Level 3 Neutral Human Rogue. Hit Points = 13 Str = 10 Int = 15 Wis = 14 Dex = 13 Con = 9 Cha = 13 SA = Haggling, Appraisal, Guile, Etc. Relics: Various and all for sale. Behind the Counter. Notes: Owns the local Provisioners Shop. Will buy and Sell Anything including Information. High Priestess Shalame. Level 8 Lawful Human Female Priest Hit Points = 27 Str = 10 Int = 15 Wis = 18 Dex = 10 Con = 12 Cha = 16 SA = Heal, Cure Disease, Cure Blindness, Cure Madness, Preacher, etc. Relics: Magic Bracers, Amulet, Staff, Mace, Girdle, sandals, Rings Notes: Leader of the local Church of our Lady Fortuna. Will cast spells at a steep Price. Not very friendly and will not discuss Rumors. Gustov the Innkeeper. Level 2 Lawful Human Rogue. Hit Points = 10 Str = 9 Int = 13 Wis = 8 Dex = 13 Con = 12 Cha = 15 SA = Streetwise, Swindler, Cooking, Carousing, Appraisal, etc. Relics: Magic Ring. Notes: Owner of the Tavern/Inn. Jolly, Portly Fellow. Comic Relief. Most Rumors he knows are wildly untrue. Bargos the Brave Level 1 Neutral Dwarf Fighter Hit Points = 12 Str = 16 Int = 11 Wis = 7 Dex = 8 Con = 17 Cha = 9 SA = Legendary Toughness, Underground Lore, Shield Bash, Brawl, Sweep Relics = Nothing Magic. Hammer instead of Sword. Notes: Mercenary. Available as Henchman. 10 Gold per Day. Boisterous, Braggart. Prone to Changing his Mind. Vash the Blade Level 3 Chaotic Human Fighter Hit Points = 25 Str = 16 Int = 9 Wis = 7 Dex = 12 Con = 13 Cha = 10 SA = Toughness, Leadership, Warrior, Prowess, Intimidation, Taunt, etc. Relics: Magic Sword and Shield Notes: Leader of a Rival Adventuring Band. They make Forays into the Dungeon to find Treasure. In the Tavern they are Friendly. In the Dungeon less so. They will demand right of way, and claim any loot lying around. If the PC's are weak, they may threaten or even attack. Liandra Level 7 Good Human Female Priest Hit Points = 23 Str = 9 Int = 12 Wis = 16 Dex = 10 Con = 11 Cha = 17 SA = Music, Turn Undead, Heal, Detect Evil, Divination, Holy word, etc. Relics: Magic Staff, Light Armor, Necklace, Rings, Cloak Notes: Disciple of Erodite. Spends much of her time in the lower levels of the Dungeon, Wandering about the Catacombs, the Labyrinths, and the Shores of the Underground Sea. She sings woeful dirges to her Lost Love, a high Level Fighter named Merrick, who is now either a captive or a Minion of the Final Foe. Arat the Assassin Level 6 Evil Human Rogue. Hit Points = 20 Str = 13 Int = 12 Wis = 10 Dex = 15 Con = 11 Cha = 7 SA = Cutthroat, Sneak, Disguise, Poison Lore, Climb, etc. Relics: Magic Dagger, Cloak, Boots, Belt Notes: Servants of the Final Foe lurk above ground as well as below. Arat will kill a PC in his sleep if possible and leave a note warning them to stop entering the Dungeon or meet the same Fate. Nine Fingered Nick Level 2 Chaotic Human Rogue. Hit Points = 9 Str = 10 Int = 9 Wis = 6 Dex = 14 Con = 12 Cha = 9 SA = Pick Pockets, Sneak, Climb, Swift, Carousing, etc. Relics: None. He sold them. Notes: Adventurers are magnets for thieves and con-men hoping to make a Quick Score. Nick is one such example. Most likely he will attempt to grab and run. Haymish the Vampire Slayer Level 8 Lawful Human Mage/Priest. Hit Points = 33 Str = 13 Int = 16 Wis = 17 Dex = 9 Con = 10 Cha = 13 SA = Heal, Light, Turn Undead, Teleport, Disintegrate, CoP, Smite, Holy Word, Resurrection, Holy Avenger, Fireball, etc. Relics: Magic Heavy Armor, Rod, Shield, Cube, Potions Notes: Wanders the Dungeon, thinning out the Hordes of Undead and helping Adventurers in need. If the PC's are in big trouble, he may show up to help for 1 combat or 1 situation. He will help them back to the surface. He does not ask for pay, only that those he aids pray with him to his god Doros. King Erick Level 10 Lawful Human Fighter. Hit Points = 60 Str = 17 Int = 16 Wis = 15 Dex = 10 Con = 12 Cha = 17 SA = Leadership, Etiquette, Honor, Guile, History, Champion, etc. Relics: Magic Sword, Arms and Armor, Rings Notes: Lord of the Castle. Regent of West March. Concerned about the Dungeon near/under his Castle. At higher levels will give Players Quests with good Rewards. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WANDERING MONSTER TABLES If the players are lingering too long or wasting to much time, these guys show up. Higher and Lower level creatures may also appear. Stationary type monsters and Boss type Monsters are not included because they don't usually wander. Note: This is how the Dungeon gets restocked with Monsters and Treasure. New Inhabitants are constantly moving in. Wandering Monsters will have reduced amounts of Treasure compared to their brethren in proper Lairs. HD = Hit Dice, AB = Attack Bonus, DB = Defense Bonus. Dam = Damage Note: DB includes Armor and Shields factored in. Immune to Normal Weapons: Requires Magic Weapons to Hit. Spirits, Elementals, and Lycanthropes all have Immunity to Normal Weapons. Multiple Attacks: Dragons for instance will have Breath Attacks, Claws, Bite, Wing Flaps and Tail Slaps. A Hydra will have 2D6 Fire-breathing Heads. Slimes, Animated Foes, Undead, and Spirits are Immune to Sleep and Charm Spells FIRST LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D20 Creature: 1 Plague Rats. Swarm (Disease) HD = 1 DB = 4 Dam = 1D3 2 Large Spider (Webs, Poison) HD = 1 AB = 1 DB = 1 Dam = 1D3 3 Skeletons. Undead (Immune to Piercing Weapons) HD = 1 DB = 2 Dam = 1D6 4 Kobolds (Ambushers) A few Coins. Nets and Spears. HD = 1 DB = 2 Dam = 1D4 5 Green Slime (Acid) No Treasure. 1D4 turns to scrape off. HD = 1 Dam = 1 6 Imps. Demons (Taunting, Rock Throwing, Flying) HD = 1 AB = 1 Dam = 1D2 7 Goblins (Shaman has Spells) Potions, Swords & Bows. HD = 1 DB = 2 Dam = 1D6 8 Carrion Crawler (Paralyzation) Treasure in Gut. HD = 2 AB = 1 Dam = 1D3 9 Will-o-Wisp. Spirit (Mislead, Lure) HD = 1 DB = 5 Move = 8 Dam = 0 10 Thief. Adventurer (Steal, Backstab) Coins, Magic Dagger HD = 1 DB = 1 Dam = 1D4 11 Cultists. Men (Priests/Mages) Relics HD = 1 AB = 1 DB = 1 Dam = 1D6 12 Giant Toad (Sticky Tongue, Swallow) Treasure in Gut. HD = 2 AB = 1 Dam = 1D2 13 Bombardier Beetles. Swarm (Flying) HD = 1 AB = 2 DB = 2 Dam = 1D4 14 Beastmen (Charge, Shaman has Spells) HD = 1 AB = 2 DB = 1 Dam = 1D6 15 Red Caps. Fey (Ambush) Daggers. HD = 1 AB = 2 Dam = 1D4 16 Brownie. Fey (Polymorph Spell) HD = 1 DB = 2 Dam = 1D2 17 Rat-Men (Ambushers) Assorted Weapons. HD = 1 AB = 1 DB = 2 Dam = 1D4 SECOND LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D20 Creature: 1 Orcs (Shaman has Spells) Crossbows. HD = 2 AB = 1 DB = 3 Dam = 1D6 2 Manes. Demons (Fire) HD = 2 AB = 3 Dam = 1D6 3 Zombies. Undead (Regeneration) HD = 2 Dam = 1D6 4 Giant Skunk (Smell) HD = 2 Dam = 1D6 5 Mole-Men (Ambush, Darkness) Ankle Biters. HD = 2 AB = 1 Dam = 1D4 6 Rot Grubs (Disease) 1D6 Damage to Remove. They do 1 Damage per Hour. 7 Shadow. Spirit (Darkness, Weakness) HD = 2 AB = 2 DB = 2 Dam = 1D6 8 Troglodytes (Ambush) Nets, Stone Axes, Spears. HD = 2 AB = 2 DB = 2 Dam = 1D6 9 Hobgoblins (Tactics) Arms & Armor, Coins. HD = 2 AB = 2 DB = 3 Dam = 1D6 10 Fire Sprites. Fey (Fire) HD = 1 AB = 3 DB = 4 Dam = 1D4 11 Pixies. Fey. Swarm (Confusion, Flying) Fairy Dust. HD = 1 AB = 2 DB = 4 Dam = 1D2 12 Giant Snail (Fast, Swallow) Treasure in Gut. HD = 3 AB = 2 DB = 2 Dam = 1D4 13 Intellect Devourer (Confusion) HD = 2 AB = 2 DB = 3 Dam = 1D3 14 Crab-Men (Armored) HD = 2 AB = 1 DB = 4 Dam = 1D6 15 Ant Men (Dual Wielders) Swords and Bucklers. HD = 2 AB = 2 DB = 2 Dam = 1D6 16 Huge Scorpion (Poison) HD = 1 AB = 4 DB = 2 Dam = 1D3 17 Bandits. Men (Ambushers) Crossbows. HD = 2 AB = 2 DB = 2 Dam = 1D6 18 Phantom. Spirit (Curse Spell) HD = 2 AB = 2 DB = 2 Dam = 1D6 19 Dancing Sword (Small Hard Target) HD = 1 AB = 3 DB = 5 DM = 1D6 THIRD LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D20 Creature: 1 Gnolls (Cold Resistance) Long Bows, Axes. HD = 3 AB = 3 DB = 3 Dam = 1D8 2 Ghouls. Undead (Paralyzation). HD = 3 AB = 3 DB = 1 Dam = 1D8 3 Ogre (Tough) Maul, Coins, Trophies. HD = 4 AB = 3 DB = 3 Dam = 2D6 4 Gelatinous Cube (Swallow) Treasure suspended inside. HD = 3 Move = 4 Dam = 1D6 5 Lizard Men (Shaman has Spells) Spears, Shields. HD = 3 AB = 2 DB = 3 Dam = 1D6 6 Piercer (Surprise, Impale) HD = 2 AB = 4 Dam = 1D8 7 Stirges. Swarm (Flying Blood Suckers) HD = 2 AB = 3 DB = 4 Dam = 1D6 8 Gas Spores (Floating, Poison Gas) HD = 1 9 Ghost. Spirit (Age, Fear) Rattling Chains. HD = 3 AB = 3 DB = 3 Dam = 1D8 10 Bug Bears (Ambush) Coins, Weapons. HD = 3 AB = 4 DB = 3 Dam = 1D10 11 Sprites. Fey (Charm, Sleep, Fly) Poison Arrows. HD = 1 AB = 2 DB = 3 Dam = 1D2 12 Duergar. Evil Dwarves (Tactics) Arms, Armor. HD = 2 AB = 3 DB = 3 Dam = 1D6 13 Cave Bear (Beast) HD = 4 AB = 3 DB = 3 Dam = 2D6 14 Blink Dogs (Teleport) HD = 1 AB = 4 DB = 5 Dam = 1D2 15 Giant Crab (Armor) HD = 3 AB = 3 DB = 6 Dam = 1D10 16 Lemures. Demon (Regeneration) HD = 2 AB = 1 DB = 1 Dam = 1D3 17 Harpy (Charm, Lure) Jewelry HD = 3 AB = 4 DB = 3 Dam = 1D8 18 Jub Jub Bird (Charge) HD = 4 AB = 1 DB = 2 Dam = 1D10 19 Chaos Warriors (Mutations) Heavy Arms and Armor HD = 3 AB = 3 DB = 5 Dam = 1D8 FOURTH LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D20 Creature: 1 Rust Monster (Destroy Metal Items) HD = 3 AB = 4 DB = 3 Dam = 1D4 2 Lurker Above (Surprise) HD = 4 AB = 5 DB = 3 Dam = 1D10 3 Hell Hounds. Demons (Fire Breath) HD = 4 AB = 4 DB = 4 Move = 10 Dam = 1D8 4 Grey Ooze (Acid) HD = 4 AB = 4 DB = 4 Dam = 1D10 5 Hill Giant (Big) Coins, Trinkets. HD = 5 AB = 4 DB = 4 Dam = 2D8 6 Gargoyle. Animated (Flying, Rock) HD = 4 AB = 4 DB = 7 Dam = 1D10 7 Ogre Magi (Mage) Pole-Arm, Coins, Scrolls. HD = 4 AB = 3 DB = 3 Dam = 2D6 8 Specter. Spirit (Cold) HD = 4 AB = 3 DB = 4 Dam = 1D10 9 Owlbear (Big) On the Hunt. HD = 5 AB = 4 DB = 4 Dam = 2D8 10 Giant Snake (Constriction, Poison) HD = 4 AB = 4 DB = 4 Dam = 1D10 11 Bandersnatch (Fast) HD = 4 AB = 5 DB = 4 Dam = 1D10 12 Derro. Insane Dwarves (Mages) Relics. HD = 2 AB = 3 DB = 3 Dam = 1D6 13 Banshee. Spirit (Fear) HD = 4 AB = 4 DB = 4 Dam = 1D4 14 Air Elemental (Air, Knockback) HD = 4 AB = 5 DB = 6 Dam = 1D10 15 Barbed Devils (Fire) Weapons, Jewelry HD = 4 AB = 5 DB = 4 Dam = 1D10 16 Ghasts. Undead (Paralyzation) HD = 4 AB = 4 DB = 4 Dam = 1D10 17 Wererats (Immune to Weapons) HD = 3 AB = 4 DB = 4 Dam = 1D6 18 Living Statues (Ambushers) HD = 4 AB = 3 DB = 6 Dam = 1D10 FIFTH LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D20 Creature: 1 Doppelganger (Disguise, Surprise) HD = 4 AB = 6 DB = 4 Dam = 1D8 2 Minotaur (High Initiative) Jewelry, Big Axe HD = 5 AB = 5 DB = 5 Dam = 2D6 3 Slithering Tracker (Surprise) HD = 4 AB = 6 DB = 5 Dam = 1D10 4 Wyvern. Dragon (Poison Stinger. Flying) HD = 5 AB = 5 DB = 5 Dam = 1D10 5 Displacer Beast (High Defense) HD = 4 AB = 4 DB = 7 Dam = 1D10 6 Stone Giants (Throw Boulders) Coins, Trinkets HD = 6 AB = 4 DB = 6 Dam = 3D6 7 Horned Devil (Fire, Flying) Jewelry, Weapons HD = 5 AB = 5 DB = 5 Dam = 2D6 8 Trolls (Regenerate). Possibly Some Treasure HD = 5 AB = 4 DB = 5 Dam = 2D6 9 Wight. Spirit (Paralyzation) HD = 3 AB = 5 DB = 5 Dam = 2D6 10 Cockatrice (Gaze, Petrification) HD = 1 DB = 3 Dam = 1D2 11 Land Shark (Heavily Armored) HD = 6 AB = 5 DB = 9 Dam = 2D6 12 Drow (Mages, Priests) Arms, Armor, Relics. HD = 2 AB = 2 DB = 2 Dam = 1D6 13 Fire Elemental (Fire) HD = 4 AB = 7 DB = 4 Dam = 2D6 14 Water Elemental (Water) HD = 5 AB = 5 DB = 6 Dam = 2D6 15 Anhkeg (Acid, Burrowing) HD = 5 AB = DB = 5 Dam = 2D6 16 Warp Spawn. Demon (Mutations) HD = 5 AB = 5 DB = 5 Dam = 1D10 17 Giant Subterranean Lizard (Walk on Walls) HD = 6 AB = 5 DB = 5 Dam = 2D6 18 Griffon (Flying) HD = 5 AB = 6 DB = 4 Dam = 2D6 19 Phoenix (Flying, Fire, Regeneration) HD = 4 AB = 5 DB = 4 Dam = 2D6 SIXTH LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D12 Creature: 1 Basilisk (Gaze, Petrification) HD = 3 AB = 2 DB = 3 Dam = 1D6 2 Cyclops (Big) Coins, Trinkets HD = 7 AB = 3 DB = 6 Dam = 3D6 3 Wraith. Spirit (Death) HD = 6 AB = 5 DB = 6 Dam = 2D8 4 Mummy. Undead (Paralyzation, Priest) Jewelry HD = 5 AB = 6 DB = 6 Dam = 2D8 5 Werewolf (Immune to Weapons) HD = 6 AB = 6 DB = 7 Dam = 2D8 6 Bone Devil (Poison) HD = 6 AB = 7 DB = 6 Dam = 2D8 7 Xorn (Phasing) Filled with Gems HD = 5 AB = 5 DB = 7 Dam = 2D8 8 Chimera (Fire, Poison Bite, Flying) HD = 6 AB = 6 DB = 5 Multiple Attacks 9 White Dragon (Cold, Flying) HD = 6 AB = 6 DB = 6 Multiple Attacks 10 Black Pudding (Acid) HD = 6 AB = 4 DB = 6 Dam = 2D8 11 Hook Horror (Surprise) HD = 6 AB = 8 DB = 6 Dam = 2D8 12 Earth Elemental (Rock) HD = 7 AB = 8 DB = 8 Dam = 2D8 SEVENTH LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D20 Creature: 1 Umber Hulk (Burrowing, Confusion) HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 7 Dam = 3D6 2 Ice Devil (Cold) HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 7 Dam = 3D6 3 Medusa (Gaze, Petrification, Archer) Jewelry HD = 5 AB = 7 DB = 7 Dam = 1D8 4 Fire Giant (Fire, Archer) Coins, Weapons HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 7 Dam = 2D10 5 Invisible Stalker (Invisible) HD = 5 AB = 9 DB = 9 Dam = 3D6 6 Green Dragon (Poison Breath, Flying) HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 7 Multiple Attacks 7 Vampire. Undead (Charm, Gaseous Form) HD = 7 AB = 6 DB = 7 Dam = 3D6 8 Naga (Mage, Poison) Jewelry, Weapons HD = 5 AB = 5 DB = 7 Dam = 2D6 9 Manticore (Flying, Poison Tail Spikes) HD = 8 AB = 7 DB = 6 Dam = 3D6 10 Clay Golem (Regenerating) HD = 6 AB = 7 DB = 6 Dam = 2D8 11 Lamia (Drain, Mage) HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 6 Dam = 2D6 12 Nightmare. Spirit (Fear, Fast) HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 7 Dam = 3D6 13 Salamander (Fire) HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 7 Dam = 3D6 14 Jabberwocky (Claws that Catch, Flying) HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 7 Dam = 3D6 15 Revenant. Undead (Tracker, Regenerating) HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 7 Dam = 3D6 16 Thunderbird (Flying, Thunder Spell) HD = 7 AB = 7 DB = 7 Dam = 3D6 EIGHTH LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D10 Creature: 1 Frost Giant (Cold) Coins, Trinkets, HD = 9 AB = 8 DB = 8 Dam = 3D8 2 Stone Golem. Animated (High Defense, Tough) HD = 8 AB = 7 DB = 10 Dam = 2D10 3 Mind Flayer (Mage, Paralyze) Relics, Jewelry HD = 7 AB = 8 DB = 7 Dam = 1D10 4 Black Dragon (Acid Breath, Flying) HD = 8 AB = 8 DB = 8 Multiple Attacks 5 Purple Worm (Swallow, Burrow) Treasure in Gut HD = 9 AB = 8 DB = 8 Dam = 2D10 6 Night Hag (Mage) Magic Items HD = 7 AB = 8 DB = 8 Dam = 1D10 7 Djinn (Mage, Air, Flying) Jewelry, Relics HD = 7 AB = 8 DB = 9 Dam = 2D8 8 Efreeti (Mage, Fire, Flying) Jewelry, Relics HD = 8 AB = 8 DB = 8 Dam = 2D10 9 Vrock. Demon (Magic Resistance, Flying) Weapons HD = 8 AB = 8 DB = 8 Dam = 2D10 10 Gorgon (Gaze, Petrification, Armored) HD = 8 AB = 8 DB = 8 Dam = 2D8 NINTH LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D10 Creature: 1 Beholder (Eye Beams) HD = 8 AB = 10 DB = 9 Dam = 1D6 2 Cloud Giant (Mage, Fog) HD = 10 AB = 9 DB = 9 Dam = 3D8 3 Blue Dragon (Lightning Breath, Flying) HD = 9 AB = 9 DB = 9 Multiple Attacks 4 Iron Golem. Animated (Armored, Tough) HD = 9 AB = 9 DB = 11 Dam = 3D8 5 Abomination. Demon (Mutations) HD = 9 AB = 9 DB = 10 Multiple Attacks 6 Horror. Spirit (Fear) HD = 8 AB = 10 DB = 9 Dam = 3D8 7 Lich. Undead (Mage) Magic Items HD = 9 AB = 9 DB = 9 Dam = 1D10 8 Remorhaz. Beast (Swallow) HD = 9 AB = 9 DB = 9 Dam = 3D8 9 Sphinx (Riddle) HD = 9 AB = 9 DB = 9 Dam = 3D8 10 Earth Giant. Elemental (Rock, Throw Boulders) HD = 9 AB = 7 DB = 11 Dam = 3D8 TENTH LEVEL WANDERING MONSTER TABLE 1D8 Creature: 1 Colossus (Armored, Tough) HD = 15 AB = 10 DB = 12 Dam = 4D10 2 Hydra (Regenerating) HD = 10 AB = 11 DB = 10 Multiple Attacks 3 Pit Fiend (Fire, Flying) HD = 13 AB = 10 DB = 10 Dam = 3D10 4 Titan (Mage) Large Jewelry HD = 14 AB = 9 DB = 10 Dam = 4D10 5 Storm Giant (Lightning) HD = 12 AB = 10 DB = 9 Dam = 3D10 6 Red Dragon (Fire, Flying) HD = 10 AB = 10 DB = 10 Multiple Attacks 7 Draco-Lich (Mage, Flying) HD = 11 AB = 10 DB = 10 Multiple Attacks 8 Behemoth (Swallow) HD = 14 AB = 9 DB = 11 Dam = 3D10 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SUB-QUESTS Players should have a Max of 1 Sub-Quest going at a time. SAMPLE SUB-QUESTS 1 = Find Poisonous Stinger of a giant Insect. Alchemist will pay 200 Gold. 2 = Find Giant’s Skull and 2 other monster Skulls. Tavern-Keeper will pay 400 Gold. 3 = Recover Stolen Jewelry and Gems. Noblewoman will Exchange for Magic Arms & Armor. 4 = Find Magical Books. Wizard will pay up to 500 Gold per Book. 5 = Bounty on Humanoids. The King will reward 20 Gold per Head. 6 = Bounty on Werewolf. The Townsfolk will reward Three Relics and 500 Gold. 7 = Bounty on Vampire. The Nobles will Reward 2000 Gold for remains a Mage can Verify. 8 = Find Lost Princess. Royal Reward of 3000 Gold. 9 = Lost Magic Broom. Local Witch will owe a Favor. 10 = Find Magic Mirror. Queen will pay 5000 Gold. LINKS

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