Solitaire card game with Desert Storm Theme.

There are 2 decks:
The Coalition Forces Deck and 
The Iraqi Deck

Iraqi Phase
Draw Phase
Recon Phase
Attack Phase
Casualty Phase
Scoring Phase

Draw 5 cards (units) from the Iraqi deck.
Place them face up in front of you.

Draw 5 cards (units) from the Coalition deck.
Keep them in your hand.
If the Coalition deck runs out shuffle the discard and draw from it.

If you have a recon card you may discard it to draw 2 cards.
Discard one of these cards and keep the other in your hand.

Play a (attacking) card from your hand to knock out (destroy: discard) an Iraqi card.
The ‘Target’ of card you play must match the ‘Type’ of the target Iraqi card.
Repeat this process until there are no more matches you can make.
Note that all cards that can target Vehicles can also target Positions.
Air units cannot target SAM units.
Played cards are placed face up on to the table in front of you.

Lay your remaining unplayed coalition cards from your hand on to the table.
If there are any Iraqi cards left, they attack back, matching target to type.
Each of coalition card knocked out is counted as a casualty.
Discard all remaining cards to their appropriate discard piles.

Score points for the current round.
Get 1 point for every Iraqi card you knock out.
Bases are worth 2 points each.
If you knock out all 5 Iraqi cards get an extra 1 point.
Lose 1 point for every casualty you suffer.

The game ends when there are no cards left in the Iraqi deck.
Note your final cumulative score.

A = Air
V = Vehicle
I = Infantry
P = Position

A = Air
V = Vehicle
I = Infantry
P = Position
R = Reconnaissance

Card Name:		Type	Target	Notes:
M-1A1			V	V/I	Abrams Main Battle Tank
M-60			V	V/I	Main Battle Tank
British Challenger	V	V/I	Main Battle Tank
Chieftain 		V	V/I	Main Battle Tank
French AMX-30		V	V/I	Main Battle Tank
AH-64 Apache		A	V/I	Attack Helicopter
Hellfire Missile	A	V	Can Knock out SAM units
AH-1 Cobra		A	V/I	Attack Helicopter
OH-58D Kiowa		A	R	Scout Helicopter
A-10 Thunderbolt	A	V/I	Ground Support Attack Plane
OV-10 Bronco		A	R	Prop Plane
M-119 105mm 		V	V/I	Towed Howitzer
155mm Howitzer		V	V/I	Self Propelled
MLRS			V	V/I	Multiple Launch Rocket System
Hawk			P	A	Medium Range Missiles
Chaparral		V	A/V/I	Self Propelled Short Range Missiles
Stinger			I	A	Shoulder-fired
M-2 Bradley		V	I	Infantry Fighting Vehicle
M-3 Bradley		V	V/I	Cavalry Fighting Vehicle
M-113A3			V	I	APC
LAV-25			V	R	Light Armored Vehicle
LVTP			V	I	Large APC
Dragon			I	V	Portable Anti-Tank Missile
TOW 2			I	V	Portable Anti-Tank Missile
Patriot 		P	A	Missile: Can knock out SCUDS
F-117A			A	P	Stealth Fighter: Last to be knocked out
F-4G Wild Weasel	A	A	Can Knock out SAM Positions
AIM-7 Sparrow		A	A	Missile
AIM-9 Sidewinder 	A	A	Missile
F-15 Eagle		A	A/V/I	Fighter-Bomber
Smart Bombs		A	V	Laser or TV Guided
F-16 Fighting Falcon	A	A	Fighter
F-111			A	V/I	Tactical Strike Aircraft
B52 Stratofortress	A	P	Strategic Bomber: Immune to SAMs
A-7 Corsair II		A	V/I	Attack Plane
E-3 Sentry		A	R	Air Force AWACS
Tomahawk 		S	P	Cruise Missile
F/A-18 Hornet		A	A/V/I	Navy Strike Fighter
F-14 Tomcat		A	A	Navy Fighter
AGM-54A Phoenix		A	A	Missile
A-6 Intruder		A	V/I	Navy All Weather Attack Plane
AGM-65A			A	V/I	Maverick Missile
Rockeye Cluster Bombs	A	V/I	Can Knock out SAM units
AV-8B Harrier II	A	V/I	Navy VTOL Attack Jet
E-2C Hawkeye		A	R	Navy AWACS
Mirage 2000		A	A	French Superiority Fighter
Battleships		S	V/I	Naval Bombardment
Remote Control Vehicle	A	R	Unmanned
Aircraft Carriers	S	V/I
U.S. Army		I	V/I
U.S Marines		I	V/I
U.S. Special Forces	I	R	
Coalition Infantry	I	V/I
Spy Satellites		-	R

Card Name		Type	Target	Notes
MiG-29 Fulcrum		A	A	Fighter
MiG-25 Foxbat		A	A	Fighter
MiG-23 			A	A	Fighter
MiG-21 			A	A	Fighter
AA-6 Acrid		A	A	Missile
AA-7 Apex		A	A	Missile
AA-8 Aphid		A	A	Missile
AA-2 Atoll		A	A	Missile
Sukhoi Su-7		A	A/V/I	Ground Support
Su-20 Fitter		A	A/V/I	Ground Support
Su-24 Fencer		A	A/V/I	Ground Support
Mirage F-1 Jet		A	A/V/I
TU-22 Blinder		A	V/I	Bomber
TU-16 Badger		A	V/I	Strategic Bomber
T-72 Main Battle Tank	V	V/I	
T-62 Main Battle Tank	V	V/I	
Vintage Tanks		V	V/I
Mi-24 Hind		A	V/I	
Exocet Missiles		A	S
Silkworm Missiles	A	S		
Bo-105 Helicopter 	A	V/I	
SA-316 Helicopter 	A	V/I	
SA-321 Helicopter 	A	V/I	
SA-342 Helicopter 	A	V/I	
ZSU-23-4 		V	A	Self Propelled 23mm AA
ZSU-57-2 		V	A	Self Propelled 55mm AA
Towed AA Guns		P	A	
SA-2			P	A	SAM
SA-3			P	A	SAM
SA-6			P	A	SAM
SA-7			I	A	Shoulder Launched SAM
SA-8			V	A	Self Propelled SAM
SA-14			P	A	SAM
Rolland			V	A	Self Propelled SAM
Frog-7			V	V/I	SSM
SCUD			P	-	SSM: -3 VP if not Knocked out
122mm BM-21		V	V/I	Multiple Missile Launch 
D-30 122mm Howitzer	P	V/I	
155mm Howitzer		P	V/I	American made
M-113 A1		V	I	APC
M-113 A2		V	I	APC
AT-3 Sagger		I	V	Portable Anti-Tank Missile
AT-4 Spigot		I	V	Portable Anti-Tank Missile
Iraqi Popular Army	I	V/I	
Republican Guard	V	V/I
Peoples Army		I	I	Irregulars
Troop Concentrations	I	V/I	
Million Man Army	I	V/I
Baghdad			P	-	Base
Oil Refinery		P	-	Base
Ballistic Missile Site	P	-	Base
Air Base		P	-	Base
Nuclear Site		P	-	Base
Bio-Chemical Site	P	-	Base
Headquarters		P	-	Base
Bunkers			P	-	Base
Fortifications		P	-	Base

Both players are coalition members.
Players take turns and compete to get the best score at end game.

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