Board & card game for 2 players.

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Destroy all enemy characters.

Use an 8x8 chessboard.

Use chits or miniatures to represent creatures.
Each player draws 8 unique characters from the Character Deck.

F = Fighter
M = Mage

Name				Type	Hits	Skill Card:
Halfling Clan Protector		F	1	Dodge: Defense
Halfling Guide			F	1	Scout: Look at Opponents Hand 
Halfling Druid Shaman		M	1	Magics: Draw 2 cards (Max 1/turn)
Freed Mul Gladiator		F	2	Killer Instinct: Attack Range =1
Escaped Mul Slave Thief		F	2	Run Away: Defense
Dwarf Weapon Master		F	2	Slay: Attack Range =1
Dwarf Defender			F	2	Block: Defense
Dwarf Geomancer			M	1	Stone Rain: Attack Range =4
Half Elf Outcast		F	1	Archer: Attack Range = 3
Half Elf Beast Master		F	2	Beast Attack: Attack Range = 3
Half Elf Illusionist		M	1	Illusions: Defense
Human Templar Inquisitor	M	2	Command: Negate Move
Human Water Priest		M	1	Heal: Restore 1 Hit Range = 1
Human Psionic Warlock		M	1	Psionic Attack Range = 3
Human Bard Assassin		F	2	Hidden Weapon: Attack Range =1
Human Cosmologist		M	1	Magics: Draw 2 cards (Max 1/turn)
Human Defiler Wizard		M	1	Death Magic: Attack Range =4
Human Gladiator			F	2	Death Blow: Attack Range =1
Human Preserver Wizard		M	1	Heal: Restore 1 Hit Range = 1
Elf Nomad Raider		F	2	Archer: Attack Range = 4
Elf Silt Stalker		F	1	Stalk: Move Range = 3
Elf Desert Trader		F	1	Items: Draw 2 cards (Max 1/turn)
Elf Windsinger			M	1	Fly: Move Range = 4
Half Giant Pit Fighter		F	3	Mighty Blow: Attack Range = 1
Half Giant Mercenary		F	3	Tough Hide: Defense
Mantis Warrior			F	2	Chitinous Armor: Defense
Thri-kreen Hunter		F	2	Speed: Attack Range = 1

Each player places one Character on each square of his back row.
Units may not stack. 

Players share a common deck. 
Each Character can use Skill cards for different effects.

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 3 phases:
Orders Phase
Move Phase
Battle Phase

Draw 2 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Max hand size = 5 cards.
Discard excess cards.

Play (discard) a Move card to move one of your Characters. 
Characters cannot move through other units.
(Exceptions: Teleport Spell)
The move card has a number. 
This is the number of spaces the Character moves.
The Unit tables list what type of Move cards each Character can use.
Moves are diagonal or orthogonal (like a Queen in Chess). 
Instead of moving just one Character in any direction, you have the 
option of moving one or more Characters forward the indicated number of 
spaces using a single move card.

Play (discard) an Attack card to have a Character attack.
The attack card has a number. 
This is the range of the attack.
Attacks are diagonal or orthogonal (like a Queen in chess). 
The enemy unit that is the target of the attack takes one point of damage. 
Characters reduced to zero Hits are killed and are removed from the map. 
Characters cannot attack through other creatures.

M = Movement
MM = Move by Mage only
A = Attack
S = Skill
AP = Psychic Attack
AF = Attack by Fighter only
AM = Attack by Mage only
D = Defense vs Non-Psychic Attack only
DP = Defense vs Psychic Attack only
DF = Defense vs Non-Psychic Attack only by Fighter only
DM = Defense vs Non-Psychic Attack only by Mage only
X = Special
XM = Special by Mage only
Type = Purpose of card
# = Number of that type of card in the deck

Card Name:		Type	Range	Notes
Advance			M	1	10 in deck
Run			M	2	10 in deck
Charge			M	3	10 in deck
Skill			S	-	6 in deck		
Telekinesis		A	3	
Tower of Iron Will	DP	- 	
Mental Barrier		DP	-	
Thought Shield		DP	-	
Intellect Fortress	DP	- 	
Empathy			X	- 	Look at Opponents Hand
Telepathy		X	- 	Look at Opponents Hand
Psionic Blast		AP	4
Psychic Crush		AP	3
Chameleon Power		D	-	
Danger Sense		D	-	
Precognition		X	-	Look at next 7 cards in Deck
Combat Mind		A	1	
Domination		X	2	Take control of Target
Inflict Pain		AP	2
Teleport		M	5	
Disintegrate		A	3	
Awe			N	-	
Ego Whip		AP	2
Mind Thrust		X	-	Opponent must discard 2 Random cards	
Psychic Drain		X	-	Steal 1 random card from opponent
Scale Mail 		DF	-	Chitin Plates
Splint Mail		DF	-	Bone Plates
Stiffened Leather	D	-	Molded & Hardened
Fighting Sticks		A	1	
Shield			DF	-	Stretched Leather
Padded Armor		DF	-	Woven Giants Hair
Piecemeal Armor		DF	-	Bronze Plates
Steel Sword		AF	-	
Horned Helmet		DF	-	
Braxat Hide Armor	DF	-	
Chatkcha		AF	2	Crystal Throwing Wedge
Gythka			AF	1	Polearm with Blades at each end
Impaler			AF	1	Shaft with blades forming a T
Quabone			AF	1	Flexible Bone Rod	
Wrist Razor		AF	1	3 Blades
War Club		AF	1	Studded with Flint Chips
Bronze Battle Axe	AF	1		
Crossbow		AF	4	Poisoned Darts 
Javelins		AF	3	
Stone Dagger		A	1			
Dust Devil		DM	-	
Animate Rock		AM	2	
Call Lightning		AM	4	
Wind Walk		MM	5	
Flame Strike		AM	3	
Pyrotechnics		DM	-		
Control Monster		XM	2	Take control of target Character
Resurrection		XM	1	Put killed Character back in Play
Detection		XM	-	Look at Opponents Hand
Invisibility 		DM	-	
Divination		XM		Look at next 7 cards in Deck
Illusions		DM	-	
Familiar		DM	-	

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