Board and card game for 2+ players. (High solo potential)
Based on the AD&D Dark Sun Campaign Setting.

The Map is a Track 40 spaces long with start & end spaces.

Another Stunning Addition by Peter Cobcroft:
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With these additions, you should be able to play a game right away.

Each player has a Pawn of a unique color to represent his Adventuring Party
20 & 6 sided dice are needed.

There are 2 common decks:
The Character Deck and the Event Deck

You control a party of adventurers (initially six).
Adventurers are also referred to as Characters.
Characters differ in Race and Class.
There are 4 Class types:
Mage, Ranger, Thief, and Fighter.

Players share a common Event Deck.
The deck has 3 types of cards: Aid cards, Event cards, & Foe cards
There are 2 types of Foes: Monsters & Humanoids.
Aid cards include: Weapons, Armor, Items, Psionic Powers, & Spells.
Only Fighters can use Armor.
Any class except Mages can use Weapons.
Only Mages can use Spells. 
Any Character can use a Power card.

Return your party to the Start space with the Rod of Divining. 

Roll on the Terrain table for each space on the board.
Each player gets to draw 6 Character cards.
Each player is dealt a hand of 7 Event cards.
Players roll high on 1D20 to see who goes first.
Player’s pawns start in the start space.
A Token representing the Rod of Divining is placed in the End Space.
The Start space is a City. The End space is a Ruins.

Phase I
Players take turns moving their Parties towards the End space.
Phase II
The party that reaches the End space first gains possession of the Rod of Divining.
To win, that party must turn around & move back to the Start space.
This party becomes known as the Rod party.
Opposing Parties can now move in either direction.
If an opposing party defeats the Rod party in battle, they gain possession of the 
Rod of Divining and become the new Rod party.

Each space of the track will be one of several types:
1D20	Type:			Water	Notes:
1	City State		Y	Civilized
2	Village			Y	Civilized
3	Ruins			16	Foes get +2
4	Scrub Plains		14
5	Forest Ridge		Y
6	Canyon			12
7	Oasis			Y
8	Sandy Wastes		18
9	Stony Barrens		16
10	Rocky Badlands		16
11	Salt Flats		18
12	Mountains		14
13	Silt Basin		18	Peril Level = 8
14	Boulder Fields		16
15	Smoking Lands		18	Peril Level = 10
16	Tree of Life		10
17	Sand Dunes		18
18	Open Bled 		18
19	Desert			18
20	Hinterlands		16

Name:				Class	Notes:
Halfling Clan Protector		F	Survival +1
Halfling Guide			R	Survival +1
Halfling Druid Shaman		M	Survival +1
Freed Mul Gladiator		F	Force +2 vs Humanoids
Escaped Mul Slave Thief		T	Force +1
Dwarf Weapon Master		F	May use 2 Weapons in Battle
Dwarf Defender			F	Armor Card gets +4 Force
Dwarf Geomancer			M	Spell Card gets +2 Force
Half Elf Outcast		T	Survival +1
Half Elf Beast Master		R	Force +2 vs Monsters
Half Elf Illusionist		M	Discard a card for +2 Stealth 
Human Templar Inquisitor	M	Force +1
Human Water Priest		M	Discard a card for +2 Survival
Human Psionic Warlock		T	Psionic Power Card gets +2 Force
Human Bard Assassin		T	Stealth +1
Human Cosmologist		M	May use 2 Spells in Battle
Human Defiler Wizard		M	Discard a card for +2 Force
Human Gladiator			F	Weapon Card gets +2 Force
Human Preserver Wizard		M	Discard a card for +1 to any Roll 
Elf Nomad Raider		F	Stealth +1
Elf Silt Stalker		R	Stealth +1
Elf Desert Trader		T	In Trade Phase Discard 1 card to draw 1 card
Elf Windsinger			M	Stealth +1
Half Giant Pit Fighter		F	Force +2 & Stealth –1  
Half Giant Mercenary		F	Force +1
Mantis Warrior			F	Force +2 & Cannot use Armor
Thri-kreen Hunter		R	Force +1

Class:		Abbreviation	Notes:
Fighter		F		Force +1
Ranger		R		Survival +1
Thief		T		Stealth +1
Mage		M		Can use Spells
These Bonuses are in addition to those listed in the Character Deck Card List.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 8 Phases:
Event Phase
Trade Phase
Survival Phase
Recruit Phase
Move Phase
Encounter Phase
Stealth Phase
Battle Phase

Draw 2 cards from the Event Deck
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.
Max hand size = 7 cards. Discard excess cards.

If you are in a City or Village, draw an Event extra 
card for every Thief you have in your party.
You may play a Trade card to draw 2 cards or 
discard your hand and draw 5 new cards.

Each Terrain type has a Water Level (See the Terrain Table). 
Roll 1D20. This is the Survival Roll.
If the Modified survival roll is less than the Water level, your party 
Finds no water this turn and gets 1 Dehydration Token.
If the Modified survival roll is equal to or greater than the Water 
level, your party finds water: Remove all accumulated Dehydration tokens.
Every time you accumulate a Dehydration token after the 
second, one Random Party member dies from thirst.
Parties in Terrain with a Water level of Y will always find water.

If you have less then 6 Characters roll 1D20.
This is the Recruit Roll.
On a roll of 18+ gain 1 new party member.
Add 3 to the roll if you are in a City or Village Space.

Move your party 1D6 spaces.
This is known as the Move Roll.
Add 1 for every Ranger in your party.
(Forward in Phase I or either way in Phase II.)
You may play 1 Transport card to move an additional 1D6 spaces.

If you are in a space not occupied by an opposing party, any 
Opponent may play one Foe, Peril, or Delay card on you. 
Foes are handled in Battle Phase.
Delay cards cause you to miss your next turn.
If a Peril card is played roll 1D20.
Treat this like a survival roll in Survival Phase.
Peril cards have a Peril Level.
If the Modified survival roll is less than the Peril 
level, you lose one random party member.  
Civilized Perils use Stealth instead of Survival Modifiers.

If in Move phase you landed on an opposing party, or an opponent played a 
Foe on you in Encounter Phase roll 1D20. This is the Stealth Roll:
On a modified roll of 20+ if you wish, you avoid the Encounter: No Battle Occurs.
On a modified roll of 15+ you surprise the Foe and get Force +4 in Battle Phase.

If in Move phase you landed on an opposing party, or an opponent played a 
Foe on you in Encounter Phase, you must fight.
Determine the Force Total of your Party…
Force Total = 1D20 + # of Party Members + All Force Bonuses
You may play one Spell per Mage in your Party.
You may play one Psionic Power or Item per Party Member.
You may play one Weapon per Non-Mage Party Member.
You may play one Armor per Fighter in your Party.
You may play one Ally per Battle.
Note: the 1D20 is referred to as the Battle Roll. 
Determine the Force Total of the opposing party the same way.
Reroll ties. The side with the higher total wins.
The loser must discard one random Character.
The winning party gets the Attachments of the discarded character.
The Force Total of a Foe = 1D20 + Foe Level.
If you Defeat a Foe draw 3 cards. 
If you lose vs a Foe, discard a random character.
At the end of the phase, discard any Foe card and 
Discard all played Spells, Items, Weapons, Armor, Allies, and Power cards.

Card Type:		
W = Weapon			
A = Armor			
I = Item				
S = Spells		
P = Psionic Power	
H = Humanoid Foe
M = Monster Foe
B = Beast Foe
T = Trade Card
D = Delay Card
N = Natural Peril Card
C = Civilized Peril
L = Ally
R = Transport Card
X = Special

Card Name:		Type	Force	Notes:
Sand Storm		D	-
Dust Storm		D	-
Ash Storm		DN	-	Peril Level = 10
Lost			D	-	
Heat Wave 		N	-	Peril Level = 14
Heat Exhaustion		N	-	Peril Level = 13
Desert Twister		DN	-	Peril Level = 14
Quicksand		N	-	Peril Level = 12
Dangerous Fall		N	-	Peril Level = 11
Assassin		C	-	Peril Level = 13
Templar Accusation	C	-	Peril Level = 15
Telekinesis		P	+3
Tower of Iron Will	P	+1 	+3 vs Humanoids
Mental Barrier		P	+1 	+3 vs Humanoids
Thought Shield		P	+1	+3 vs Humanoids
Intellect Fortress	P	+1 	+3 vs Humanoids
Empathy			P	+2 	Look at Opponents Hand
Telepathy		P	+2 	Look at Opponents Hand
Psionic Blast		P	+3
Psychic Crush		P	+3
Chameleon Power		P	+1	Or use for Stealth +4
Danger Sense		P	+1	Or use for Stealth +4
Precognition		P	+2	Or Discard to look at next 7 cards in Deck
Combat Mind		P	+2
Domination		P	+3
Inflict Pain		P	+3
Teleport		P	+3	Or use as Transport Card
Disintegrate		P	+3	
Awe			P	+3
Invincible Foes		P	+3
Ego Whip		P	+2
Mind Thrust		P	+2
Psychic Drain		P	+3
Botanical Enchantment	S	+3	Potions
Kank Lancers		H	7	Or use as +3 Force Ally
Cistern Fiend		M	15	Surprise Roll –4 
Dragon of Tyr		M	20	Ancient Defiler Dragon
Tarek Savages		H	6	Or use as +3 Force Ally
Nikaal Nomads		H	4	Or use as Trade card
Pyreen			L	+4	Psionic Druid
Elf Night Runners	L	-	Stealth +3
So-Ut Rampager		M	9	Great Beast
Braxat			H	10	Huge Horned Armored Hunter
Water Hunters		L	-	Survival +3
Veiled Alliance		L	+2	Counts as a Mage
Psychic Vampire		H	8	Free-Willed Undead
Ride Kanks		R	-	Large Grasshopper Mounts
Gith Ambushers		H	5	Reptilian Elves
Desert Warriors		H	5	Or use as +2 Force Ally	
War Chariot		R	-	Or use as +2 force Ally
Howdah			R	-	Or use as Trade card (Cart)
Wagon			R	-	Or use as Trade card
Arakocra Flock		L	+2	Avian Humanoid Eagle Head
Kenku Kidnappers	H	5	Avian Humanoid Hawk Head
Scale Mail 		A	+2	Chitin Plates
Splint Mail		A	+2	Bone Plates
Stiffened Leather	A	+2	Molded & Hardened
Fighting Sticks		W	+2	
Shield			A	+2	Stretched Leather
Padded Armor		A	+2	Woven Giants Hair
Piecemeal Armor		A	+2	Bronze Plates
Steel Sword		W	+3	Magical
Horned Helmet		A	+3	Magical
Braxat Hide Armor	A	+2	
Ride Inix		R	-	16 Foot Lizard
Ride Kanks		R	-	Giant Katydids
Ride Mekillot		R	-	6 Ton Lizard
Erdlu Eggs		I	-	Survival +3; Large Flightless Birds
Kank Honey		I	-	Survival +3
Chatkcha		W	+2	Crystal Throwing Wedge
Gythka			W	+3	Polearm with Blades at each end
Impaler			W	+2	Shaft with blades forming a T
Quabone			W	+1	Flexible Bone Rod	
Wrist Razor		W	+2	3 Blades
War Club		W	+2	Studded with Flint Chips
Bronze Battle Axe	W	+3	
Crossbow		W	+3	Poisoned Darts 
Javelins		W	+2	
Stone Dagger		W	+1	
Conjure Elemental	S	+3	
Dust Devil		S	+2	
Animate Rock		S	+2	
Call Lightning		S	+3	
Control Weather		S	+1	Or use for Survival +3
Wind Walk		S	+2	Or use as Transport Card
Flame Strike		S	+3	
Endure Heat		S	+1	Or use for Survival +3
Pyrotechnics		S	+1	Or use for Stealth +3
Create Water		S	-	Use for Survival +5
Animate Dead		S	+2	Extra +2 vs Humanoid Foe
Control Monster		S	-	+5 Force vs Monster Foe
Resurrection		S	-	Recruit Roll +10
Detection		S	+2	Look at Opponents Hand
Invisibility 		S	-	Use for Stealth +4
Neutralize Poison	S	-	Defeat Poisonous Foe
Divination		S	+2	Look at next 7 cards in Deck
Illusions		S	-	Use for Stealth +4
Familiar		S	-	Use for +1 to any roll
Arena Combats		H	13	In City or Village only
Giant Strength Potion	I	+3	
Landmark		R	-	Or use as Trade card
Well			R	-	Or use for Survival +5
Giant Ant Lion		M	10	Sand Trap
Basilisk		M	11	Petrifying Gaze
Yaun-Ti			H	9	Psionic Snake Men
Scorpion		B	3	Poisonous
Slicer Beetles		M	6	Pincers
Caravan			T	-	Or use as Survival +3
Trading Outpost		T	-	Or use as Survival +3
Wyvern			M	7	Poisonous Dragon
Sand Elemental		M	8	Stealth Roll -3
Dao			H	13	Evil Earth Djinn
Bulette			M	8	Armored Land Shark
Dragonne		M	12	Lion Dragon
Obsidian Golems		M	10	Immune to Psionics
Razorwings		M	5	Flying Predators
Asp			B	3	Poisonous Snake
Belgoi			H	2	Humanoid Cannibals
Dune Freaks		H	5	Burrowing Humanoids
Gaj			M	11	Psionic Insect Horror
Athasian Giants		H	10	Immune to Psionics
Tembo			M	8	Monstrous Baby Eaters
Silt Skimmer		R	-	Or use as Trade card

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