Board & card game for 2 players.
Highly abstracted skirmish level combat.
Simulation of a counter-terrorist team operation.
One side is the commandos: Delta/SAS/GSG-9/GIGN/etc.
The other side is Terrorists holding hostages in a building.

To win the Delta team must kill all the terrorists before taking 4 casualties.
The Terrorists win if they kill 4 Delta team members, which allows them time to
Kill the hostages.

Use an 8X8 chessboard.

Use counters or miniatures to represent troopers & terrorists.

The team has 8 members:
2 Snipers
2 Demolitions experts
3 Shooters
1 Team Leader (Shooter)

There are 8 terrorists:
1 Leader

If a Leader is killed the player must discard his hand.

The Terrorist player first places his men in any spaces except edge spaces.
The Delta player next places his men in any spaces on the edge of the board.
Units may not stack.
Each player draws a hand of 3 cards.

Players share a common deck. 
The deck contains 1 copy of each card in the Card list.

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 3 phases:
Initiative Phase
Move Phase
Fire Phase

Draw 3 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Max hand size = 5 cards.

Play (discard) a Move card to move one of your men.
The move card has a number. 
This is the number of spaces the man moves.
Moves can be diagonal or orthogonal. 
You cannot move men into or through enemy units.
Your opponent may play a Negation card to negate your move card.

Play (discard) an Attack card to have a Man attack.
The attack card has a number. 
This is the range of the attack.
Attacks can be diagonal or orthogonal. 
The enemy unit that is the target of the attack is automatically 
Killed and removed from the map. 
Your opponent may play a Defense card to negate your Attack card.
At the end of Fire phase Discard cards in your hand in excess of 5.

A = Attack
M = Move
D = Defense
N = Negation
K = as a Knight would move in Chess
S = Special Forces only: only the Delta player can use this card
T = Terrorist only: only the Terrorist player can use this card
E = Either player may use this card.
Z = Your opponent must discard 2 cards
B = Discard to draw 2 cards
L = Look at opponents Hand & then Draw 1 card from the deck
DE = Demolitions Expert

Card Name:			User	Type	Range	Notes
Camouflage			E	D	-	
Concealment			E	D	-	
Behind Cover			E	D	-	
Assault Rifle			E	A	4	
9mm Beretta Pistol		S	A	2	
Survival Knife			E	A	1	
Hand-to-Hand Combat		E	A	1	
Unarmed Combat			E	A	1	
Concussion Grenade		S	Z	-	
Covering Fire			E	D	-	
Pinned				E	N	-	
Smoke Grenade			S	Z	-	
Flash/Bang Grenade		S	Z	-	
Tear Gas Grenade		S	Z	-	
Submachine Gun			E	A	3	
Kevlar Vest			S	D	-	
Rappelling			S	M	1	
Climbing			S	M	1	
Explosive Breaching		S	M	1	DE only
Frag Grenade			E	2	-	
Sheltering Wall			E	D	-	
Need to Reload			E	D	-	
Radio Communications		S	B	-	
Extra Ammo			E	B	-	
First Aid			S	D	-	
Navigation			S	M	3	
Hostages			T	Z	-	
Human Shield			T	D	-	
Move Quickly			E	M	3	
Double Tap			S	A	2	
Head Shot			E	A	3	
Kick in Door			S	M	1	
Room Entry Techniques		S	M	1	
Lockpicking			S	M	1	
Target Identification		S	B	-	
Field of Fire			E	A	3	
Close Combat			E	A	1	
Mouseholes			S	M	1	DE only
Helicopter Insertion		S	M	4	
Small Arms Fire			E	A	2	
Recon				S	L	-	
Split Second Timing		S	B	-	
Surprise			S	D	-	
Shock				S	D	-	
Coordinated Movement		S	M	2	
Surgical Strike			S	B	-	
Forced Entry			S	M	1	
Hollow Tip Ammo			E	A	2	
Glaser Rounds			S	A	2	
Automatic Shotgun		S	A	2	Not Sniper
M21 Sniping Rifle		S	A	4	Sniper only
9mm HK SMG			S	A	3	
Colt .45 Pistol			S	A	2	
Stun Grenade			S	Z	-	
Room Clearing			S	B	-	
Veteran Soldier			S	D	-	
Unpredictable			T	D	-	
Barrier				T	N	-	
Disorientation			E	Z	-	
Teamwork			S	B	-	
Complicated Maneuver		S	M	K	
Takedown			S	B	-	
Surveillance			S	L	-	
Close Quarters Battle		E	A	1	
Tactical Battle Dress		S	D	-	
Laser Pointers			S	A	2	
Booby Trap			T	A	K	
Initiative			S	B	-	
Fanatic				T	M	1	
Window Entry			S	M	1	
Blow Open Wall			S	M	1	DE only
Infiltration			S	M	2	
Earpieces & Microphones		S	B	-	
Night Vision Goggles		S	L	-	
Clockwork Precision		S	B	-	
Fast Rope			S	M	1	
Choreographed Assault		S	B	-	
Rehearsed Pattern		S	M	3	
Secure Position			S	D	-	
Calculated Steps		S	M	2	
Spotter				S	A	4	Sniper only
Vantage Point			E	A	K	
Assault Team			S	M	2	Not sniper
Illumination			S	L	-
Target Acquired			S	A	3	
Ballistic Helmet		S	D	-
Fan Out				E	M	2
Three Round Burst		E	A	3
M40A1 Sniping Rifle		S	A	4	Sniper only
Flex Cuffs			S	A	1
Ballet of Death			S	M	2
Sweeper Team			S	M	3	Not Sniper
Drop to Crouch			E	D	-	
Disguise			E	B	-	
Point Blank Pistol Fire		E	A	1	
Stairwell			E	M	K
Tactics				S	D	-
Reach Out & Touch Someone	S	A	5	Sniper only
One Shot One Kill		S	A	4	Sniper only

The Special Forces have many more cards at their disposal, which 
Reflects their high degree of training & experience.

Delta Force
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