Card game for 2-4+ players.
Players build teams of Mercenaries (Mercs) and send them on missions.

The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.
Players can keep their money hidden from each other.

Roll high on 1D6 to determine turn order.
Each player starts with $100,000.
Shuffle the deck.
Each player is dealt 7 cards.

Use spare change.
One penny = $1,000.

The game ends when a player goes to draw a card from the deck, and there are no cards left.

Players share a common deck.
There are three types of cards in the deck:
1. Mission Cards  
2. Mercenary Cards
3. Action Cards

Mission cards contain 3 pieces of information:
1. A brief description of the mission.
2. The skill that applies to the mission.
3. The Danger level of the mission: Low, Medium, or High.

These are professional “Character” Mercenaries.
Each Mercenary cards contain 3 pieces of information:
1. A brief description of the Mercenary: Name & Nationality
2. The Skills the Mercenary has.
3. The Fee the Mercenary charges to go on a mission.
Unless killed, a mercenary can be used from mission to mission.
When not on a mission the merc is kept face up in a ‘Base’ pile next 
to the player that controls him.

*Rescue- Hostage Situations
*Escort- Transport
*Guard- Protect Set Location
*Raid- Search & Destroy
*Clear- Take & Hold Territory 

Most of these affect combat in some way, others say when and how they are used.

Use tokens or whatever to represent basic mercs.
Basic mercs are relatively unskilled mercs hired on site in the third world countries where 
the missions take place.
Basic mercs cost $5,000 each to recruit one Basic Merc Combat unit.
Each unit may actually represent several soldiers.
Basic Mercs stick around for only one mission. 
After it is over they disband, and the units are discarded.
In combat each unit contributes one combat die and can sustain one casualty before being destroyed.

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 7 phases:
1. Contacts Phase
2. Negotiations Phase
3. Recruitment Phase
4. Insertion Phase
5. Execution Phase
6. Extraction Phase
7. Debriefing Phase

The current or active player may draw 1 card.
The active player may draw an extra card for $10,000.

The player may choose to conduct a mission.
The player plays a mission card from his hand onto the table face up.
The player rolls to determine the fee he negotiates:
Mission Danger Level Low = 2D6 X $10,000
Mission Danger Level Medium = 4D6 X $10,000
Mission Danger Level High= 6D6 X $10,000
If after the roll is made, the player does not like the roll, he may choose to not take the mission.
If a mission is not taken, another player may take the mission and put it into his hand.
If no one wants the mission it is discarded.
If more than one other player wants the mission, those players may make a money bid for it.
The bid is secret. Only the winner pays. The bid winner gets the card.
The active player may go on only one mission on his turn.
If the active player chooses not to take a mission, his turn ends.
Payment is made in Debriefing Phase, if the mission is completed successfully.

The active player assembles his team of mercenaries.
There must be at least one Merc minimum.
The team can have a maximum of 12 mercenaries: Basic (Standard) and Character (Special).
At least one merc on a team must be a character merc to act as a Leader.
Basic Mercs cost $5000 to recruit.
Character mercs have their fee written on their card.
The character merc may be from the players hand or ‘Base’ pile.

Roll to determine the number of enemy units present at the mission that must be defeated:
Mission Danger Level Low = 1D6 
Mission Danger Level Medium = 2D6 
Mission Danger Level High= 3D6 
Enemy units are similar to Basic merc units.
Use tokens or chits to represent Enemy units.
Each enemy unit can represent several soldiers, squads, defenses, weapon systems, or vehicles.
One random opponent is chosen to be in control of the enemy units.

Execution or Combat phase is broken down into turns.
During each turn the enemy units (the resistance) roll 2 combat dice (CD).
Use six siders (D6) for Combat Dice.
Cardplay allows the resistance to roll additional dice. 
During each turn every merc unit rolls one combat die each.
Some skills allow character mercs to gain extra combat dice rolls.
Combat Action cards may be played for a variety of effects.
Each side may play up to 2 action cards per combat turn.
Most cards allow a side to gain extra combat dice rolls.
For each DC roll made a result of 6 inflicts one casualty on the other side.
A roll of 1-5 has no effect.
Mercs inflict casualties before the resistance.
For each casualty inflicted on the enemy discard an enemy unit.
For each casualty inflicted on the mercs discard a basic merc unit or a character merc card.
Basic mercs become casualties before Character mercs. 
Combat ends when one side is completely killed off.
At the end of a combat turn the active player may choose to abort the mission.
If a mission is aborted the character mercs return to base, and the mission card is discarded.
At the end of execution phase all enemy and basic merc units are discarded.
At the end of execution phase all surviving Character mercs return to base.
For each level of skill the Merc team has the skill listed on the mission card the merc 
side gets +1 Combat Dice per combat turn.

For each Character merc that became a casualty in mission phase roll 1D6:
1-4 The merc was killed, maimed, or captured. (Discard)
5-6 The merc was wounded, escaped, retreated. (Goes to base pile)
Add +1 to the roll if the mercs have Medic skill.

If all enemy units were destroyed and there were surviving Character mercs, the 
mission is successfully completed, and the player may collect the Mission payment fee.
Between turns players may trade cards and money.

Skill:			Notes:
Pilot			+1 CD Rescue
Medic			+1 CD Rescue
Tactics			+1 CD Rescue
Survival		+1 CD Rescue
SWAT Training		+1 CD Rescue
Delta Force		+1 CD Rescue
Lucky			+1 CD Rescue
Commando		+1 CD Raid
Assassin		+1 CD Raid
Frogman			+1 CD Raid
Navy Seal		+1 CD Raid
Demolitions		+1 CD Raid
Recon			+1 CD Raid
Sniper			+1 CD Raid
Air Force Ranger	+1 CD Clear
Guerilla Warfare	+1 CD Clear
Leadership		+1 CD Clear
Green Beret		+1 CD Clear
Freedom Fighter		+1 CD Clear
Special Forces		+1 CD Clear
Search & Destroy	+1 CD Clear
SOB			+1 CD Clear
Bodyguard		+1 CD Escort
Mechanic		+1 CD Escort
Martial Artist		+1 CD Escort
Soldier of Fortune	+1 CD Escort
Fighting Machine	+1 CD Escort
Kung Fu			+1 CD Escort
Mercenary		+1 CD Escort
Loyal			+1 CD Guard
Ex-Marine		+1 CD Guard
Tough Guy		+1 CD Guard
Mafioso			+1 CD Guard
Law Enforcement		+1 CD Guard
Veteran			+1 CD Guard
Security Expert		+1 CD Guard

Mission Name:			Danger:	Skills:	
Rescue Survey Team		M	Rescue
Free Oil Workers		H	Rescue
Rescue TV Reporter		M	Rescue
Rescue Company Personnel	L	Rescue
Liberate Political Prisoners	L	Rescue
Rescue Kidnapped Diplomat	H	Rescue
Free Rebel Captives		L	Rescue 
Rescue Hostages			M	Rescue 
Escort Convoy			L	Escort
Evacuate Foreign Nationals 	L	Escort
Escort Foreign Dignitary	M	Escort
Arrange escape of VIP		M	Escort
Escort Arms Shipment		L	Escort
Get supplies to Rebels		L	Escort
Evacuate Presidential Staff	H	Escort
Help Cabinet Minister Escape	H	Escort
Deliver Industrial Equipment	M	Escort 
Protect Foreign Nationals	L	Guard 
Protect Oil Tanker in Port	H	Guard 
Security for Secret Meeting	M	Guard 
Protect Well-capping Team	H	Guard 
Protect Repair Crew		L	Guard 
Protect Pipeline Workers	M	Guard 
Guard Red Cross Team		L	Guard 
Secure Airfield			H	Guard 
Prevent Destruction of Mine	M	Guard 
Prevent Looting of Holy Site	L	Guard 
Protect Holiday Resort		L	Guard 
Destroy Terrorist Cell		H	Raid
Destroy Insurrectionist Group	M	Raid 
Hunt down Assassins		L	Raid 
Exterminate Revolutionary Group	H	Raid
Destroy Radar Post		M	Raid
Raid Safe House			M	Raid
Retrieve Mining Equipment	L	Raid
Sabotage Bridge			L	Raid 
Sabotage Rail Junction		L	Raid 
Retrieve Secret Documents	M	Raid
Intercept Arms Shipment		H	Raid
Open up Border Crossing		H	Clear
Clear Area of Rebels		H	Clear
Clear Roadblocks		M	Clear 
Establish Supply Route		M	Clear
Gain control of Mountain Passes	H	Clear
Clear out Village		M	Clear
Rescue Industrialists from Mobs	M	Clear
Foment Trouble 			L	Clear
Save Art Treasures from Mobs	L	Clear
Suppress Uprising		H	Clear
Secure Support of Separatists	L	Clear

Merc Name:		Fee:	Skills:	
Patsy the Prick		15,000	Pilot, SOB
The Reverend		15,000	Veteran, Leadership
Demolition Dan		15,000	Demolition, Tough Guy
Big Johnson		15,000	Fighting Machine, Green Beret 
Crazy Igor		10,000	Pilot
Doc			15,000	Medic, Leadership
Mohammed Abdul		15,000	Freedom Fighter, Loyal
Brass Balls Malone	15,000	Ex-Marine, Pilot
Old Blood & Guts	15,000	Veteran, Tough Guy
Snake Eyes		15,000	SWAT, Lucky
One Eyed Jake		15,000	Commando, Fighting Machine
Bullseye		15,000	Sniper, Mercenary
Captain Jack		15,000	Leadership, Pilot
Rosco			10,000	Recon
Mr. T.			10,000	Tough Guy
Bushbaby		15,000	Recon, Pilot
Boomer			15,000	Air Force Ranger, Search & Destroy
Fidel			20,000	Guerilla, Leadership, Mafioso
Chavez			20,000	Guerilla, Pilot, Mechanic
Victoria Cross		20,000	Sniper, Assassin, Medic
Sparky			15,000	Mechanic, Lucky
Helmut			10,000	Special Forces
Chang			10,000	Kung Fu
Vance			15,000	Security Expert, SOB
Luke			15,000	Mechanic, Soldier of Fortune
Frenchie		15,000	Frogman, Demolitions
Segal			15,000	Navy Seal, Martial Arts
Chuck			15,000	Martial Arts, Delta Force
McGuyver		20,000	Mechanic, Tactics, Loyal
Santos			15,000	Assassin, Pilot
Rambo			15,000	Commando, Fighting Machine
Clint			10,000	Ex-Marine, Tough Guy
Bruce			10,000	Law Enforcement, Tough Guy

User: Which side plays the card.
Side: Which side that is affected by playing the card.
R= Resistance: The card can be used by Enemy units only
M= Merc: The card can be used by Mercenary units only
B= Both: Either side may use the card.
S = Same side as user.
Bonus: The number of additional Combat dice that side gets for playing the card.
U= The side that plays the card gets the indicated number of additional units: 
Enemy units or Basic Mercs units as appropriate. Units remain until killed.
Duration: How many turns the CD bonus lasts for (or when the card is played):
F= First turn of Combat only
1= Any one turn of Combat
2= Any one turn of Combat except the first
T= Any two consecutive turns of Combat
O= Every other combat turn.
A= The entire rest of the combat
A1= The entire rest of the combat. The card must be played on the first turn
A2= The entire rest of the combat. The card must be played on the second turn or later.

Card Name:		User	Side	Bonus	Duration	
Guard Tower		R	R	+1	A1
Ambush			R	R	+6	F
Heavy Machine Gun	B	S	+1	A
Sniper			R	R	+1	A
Surprise Attack		M	M	+6	F
Grenades		B	S	+6	1
Rocket Attack		B	S	+6	1
Anti-Personnel Mines	R	R	+6	F
Booby Traps		R	R	+3	F
Reinforcements		R	R	+2U	-
Heavy Resistance	R	R	+2U	-
Light Resistance	M	R	-2U	- 	
Captured		R	R	+6	1
Enemy Surrenders	M	M	+6	1
Veteran Troops		R	R	+1	A1
Fanatic Troops		R	R	+1	A
Guerilla Troops		R	R	+1	A1
They’ve got a Tank!	R	R	+1	A
Conscript Troops	M	R	-1	A1
Night Vision Equipment	M	M	+1	A1
Helicopter Gunship	M	M	+4	T
Mortar			R	R	+4	O
Fortified Position	R	R	+1	A1
Enemy Routs		M	R	+6	1
Cut Communications	B	S	+1	A
Kill Leader		M	R	-1	A
Surrounded		B	S	+1	A
Position Compromised	B	S	+1	A
Smoke Screen		M	R	-3	1
Civilian Resistance	R	R	+1	A
Out of Ammo		R	M	-1	A2
Local Contacts		M	M	+1	A1
Crossfire		B	S	+1	A
Doublecross		R	R	+1	A1
Local Fanatics Ally	M	M	+2U	-
Local Warlord Allies	M	M	+2U	-
Local Rebels Ally	M	M	+2U	-
Disinformation		R	M	-4	F
Death Squad		R	R	+1	A1
Martyrs			R	R	+1	A
Know the Terrain	B	S	+1	A
Friendly Fire		B	S	+3	1
Target Moved		R	M	-1	A1
Everything goes to shit	R	R	+1	A
Radio Intercept		B	S	+1	A
Innocent Bystanders	R	M	-1	A

Careful Planning- Counts as having Rescue Skill this turn.
Freelancer- Take control of other players mercenary permanently in your recruit phase.
Native guide- - Counts as having Escort Skill this turn.
Bribe- Discard $10,000. Take control of other players mercenary permanently in your recruit phase.
Renegotiate- Reroll your Negotiations dice roll in Negotiations phase.
Political Pull- Add 2D6 to your negotiations roll.
Body Armor- Negate 1 casualty received during combat.
First Aid- Counts as having Medic skill this turn.
Unstable Situation- Cause opponent to discard a mission card in negotiations phase before roll is made.
Lower bid- Steal mission card from opponent in negotiations phase before roll is made.
Bloodbath- Both sides get +6 CD this combat turn.
Revenge Killing- Kill any 1 target character Merc during your Debriefing phase.

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