Dungeon Crawl Card game. 
One Player is the Dungeon Master (DM)
The other player is the Party Player (PP)

Click here for a most awesome Cardset by Jiminy Bollocks (cathto@kooee.com.au)
More Cards here by Ron
Each player has his own unique deck.
The PP must create an adventuring party.
A party starts with 6 members (Heroes).
Pick 10 cards from the Character Deck.
Discard 4 and keep 6.

Type			Attributes
Barbarian		Sword x2, Axe x2
Fighter			Sword x2, Armor x2
Knight			Sword, Armor, Shield x2
Paladin			Sword x2, Armor, Bless
Warrior			Sword, Axe, Dagger, Shield
Amazon			Sword x2, Bow, Dagger
Ranger			Sword, Bow, Axe, Stealth
Archer			Bow x3, Dagger
Duelist			Sword x3, Dagger
Dwarf			Axe, Armor x2, Shield
Elf			Sword, Bow, Stealth, Spell
Halfling 		Dagger, Stealth x3
Rogue			Sword, Dagger, Stealth x2
Bard			Spell x2, Bless x2
Thief			Dagger, Bow, Stealth x2
Druid			Spell, Axe, Bless, Heal
Wizard			Spell x4
Magician		Spell x3, Dagger
Enchantress		Spell x2, Heal x2
Priest			Bless x2, Heal x2
Cleric			Bless, Armor, Shield, Heal
Monk			Bless, Stealth, Dagger x2

Each turn is divided into 5 phases:
Draw Phase
Search Phase
Encounter Phase
Resolution Phase
Treasure Phase

Each player fills their hand to 8 cards from their own deck.
If the deck runs out shuffle the discard and draw from it.

Each player may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacements.

First the PP may play one or more Treasure Cards
Second, the DM plays one of the following:
1. Nothing
2. A meld of 1 or more Creature Cards.
3. One Trap Card.
The DM may also play one Room card.
The PP may play a "Secret passage" card to discard a card played by the GM.

The PP plays nothing if the DM played nothing.
The PP may play a Stealth card to eliminate a Trap card if the DM played a Trap card.
If the DM played a trap card and the PP did not play a 
Stealth card, one random hero is killed.
If the DM played a meld of Creature cards add up the “Fight” value of all the creatures.
All creatures in the Meld must be of the same type, for instance they must all be 
Undead, or they must all be Goblinkin. 
“X” type creatures may not meld.
Some Room cards add to the Fight total.
The PP may play attribute cards to fight the Meld. 
The PP may play one Attribute cards on each of his heroes.
The Attribute card must match one of the heroes’ attributes.
Gain “Fight” points equal to the heroes level in that attribute.
For Example: If you play Sword on the Barbarian you get 2 Fight points.
Some cards give an additional bonus vs certain types of creatures.
Add up the Fight point total of the entire party (Minimum = 1).
If the Creature total is equal to or less than the party total, no heroes are killed.
If the Creature total is greater than the party total, one random hero is killed.
If the Creature total is twice the party total, two random heroes are killed.
If the Creature total is three times the party total, three random 
heroes are killed, and so on.
If any heroes are killed discard all the Treasure cards played.
If all the heroes are killed the DM wins the Game.

The PP may claim Treasure cards still in play.
Treasures are placed in the PP's Treasure pile. 
If the Party ever gains 50+ Treasure points the PP automatically wins.
Play a Prisoner card to gain a new Hero.
If you have a hero with the Heal attribute Play a Heal 
Card to gain back any Hero killed this turn.
If you have a hero with the Shield attribute Play a Shield 
Card to gain back any Hero killed this turn.
If you have a hero with the Armor attribute Play a Armor 
Card to gain back any Hero killed this turn.
Play Experience cards or claim Magic Item cards in play: 
One random Hero gets +1 Level in one Random Attribute:
1D10	Attribute:
1	Sword
2	Axe 
3	Dagger
4	Bow
5	Stealth
6	Spell
7	Bless
8	Heal
9	Armor
10	Shield
Treasure cards are the only ones you keep

Card Name		#	Type	Notes (See Rules)
Silver			6	T	Treasure = 5		
Gold			4	T	Treasure = 10		
Gems			2	T	Treasure = 20	
Magic Items		2	T	Benefits one Hero
Experience		2	X	Benefits one Hero
Secret Passage		2	X	Discard 1 DM card
Prisoner		1	X	Gain 1 Character
Sword			3	A	+2 Fight vs Goblinkin
Axe			3	A	+1 Fight vs Undead & Goblinkin 
Dagger			3	A	+1 Fight vs Goblinkin & “X” types
Spell			3	A	+4 Fight vs Swarms
Bless			3	A	+3 Fight vs Undead
Stealth			6	A	Negate Traps
Armor			3	A	Gain back killed Heroes
Bow			3	A	+3 Fight vs “X” type Creatures
Shield			3	A	Gain back killed Heroes
Heal			3	A	Gain back killed Heroes
# = Number of that card in the Deck
T = Treasure Card
A = Attribute Card
X = Special Card

Card Name		#	Type	Fight
Skeletons		2	U	1	
Zombies			2	U	2
Ghouls			2	U	3
Wraiths			1	U	4
Mummies			1	U	5
Vampires		1	U	6
Kobolds			2	G	1
Goblins			2	G	2
Orcs			2	G	3
Ogres			1	G	4
Trolls			1	G	5
Giants			1	G	6
Rats			2	S	1	
Bats			2	S	2
Spiders			2	S	3
Scorpions		1	S	4
Wasps			1	S	5
Green Slime		1	S	6
Nymphs			1	X	5
Minotaur		1	X	5
Chaos Warlord		1	X	6
Doppleganger		1	X	6
Hydra			1	X	7	
Sorcerer		1	X	7
Djinn			1	X	8
Demon			1	X	9
Dragon			1	X	10
Poison Arrow		1	T	-
Scythe			1	T	-
Pendulum Blade		1	T	-
Spiked Pit		1	T	-
Falling Blocks		1	T	-
Poison Gas		1	T	-
Throne Room		1	R	+3
Treasure Room		1	R	+2
Monster Lair		1	R	+2
Altar Room		1	R	+1
Torture Chamber		1	R	+1
Great Cavern		1	R	+2
Armory			1	R	+1
# = Number of that card in the deck.
T = Traps
S = Swarm
G = Goblinkin
U = Undead
X = Creatures that may not meld
R = Room


1) Armor x2 attribute: how do you use it? This means that you can save up 
to 2 heroes killed if you play an Armor card on this character?

No. If you play an armor card you can either add 2 Fight points (If the character 
had only Armor x1 then just add 1) or save one character. Add the points if it'll 
make the difference, otherwise use the card to avoid a casualty. The extra level 
of armor adds to the fight total, but does not affect the special ability.

2) Stealth x2 attribute: since the DM can only play 1 trap how do you use the x2?  

As above. If you play a stealth card you can either add 2 Fight 
points (If the character had only Stealth x1 then just add 1) or negate 1 Trap.


Additional Material by Zak
add a new DM card type, Obstacles.

Obstacles have a Fight Value like creatures and can be played by the DM as 
a 4th option (instead of playing traps, creatures or nothing).
The resolution phase against Obstacles is the same as the vs Creatures 
case: the only difference is that if the DM win the PP only loose his 
treasure (no kills). In alternative the PP can play a stealth card to 
eliminate an obstacle

Add  the following cards to the DM deck
#       Name:                   Fight
1       Portcullis              5
1       Collapsed Floor         4
2       Reinforced door         3

Add to the PP deck 1 stealth card.

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