INTRODUCTION Takes place 300+ years after the great cataclysm in the world of Krynn. Guide the Companions of the Lance in their exploration of the ruins of Xak Tsaroth to retrieve the Disks of Mishakal needed to defeat Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness. Card game for 2+ players. DISCLAIMER Dragon Lance is a copyrighted, licensed, trademarked property. This is merely a fan site. THE DECK Players share a common deck. GAME END The game ends when there are no cards left in the deck and everyone passes their turn without capturing a Foe card. VICTORY The player with the highest Force total in his Victory pile wins the game. SETUP Everyone gathers at the Inn of the Last Home. Shuffle the deck. Player who has read the most Dragon Lance books goes first. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn has 2 phases: Adventure Phase Quest Phase ADVENTURE PHASE Draw 4 cards. Max hand size is 9 cards. Discard excess cards. QUEST PHASE You may capture a Foe card. Place the Foe card from your hand onto the table face up. To capture a Foe card, discard Hero and Aid cards with a total Force equal to or greater than the Force of the Foe card. Place the captured Foe card into your victory pile. HEROES When capturing a Foe, you cannot play more than one copy of a single Hero. Certain Aid cards only work if played with the appropriate Hero. CARD LIST NOTATION # = Number of that card in the deck. H = Hero A = Aid F = Foe CARD LIST Card Name # Type Force Notes Tanis Half-Elven 3 H 7 Qualinesti Ranger Caramon Majere 3 H 5 Fighter Raistlin Majere 3 H 3 Wizard Sturm Brightblade 3 H 7 Knight of Solamnia Goldmoon 3 H 4 Tribal Cleric Riverwind 3 H 6 Tribal Ranger Tasselhoff Burrfoot 3 H 3 Kender Thief Flint Fireforge 3 H 6 Hill Dwarf Fighter Stealth 1 A 3 Potion of Strength 1 A 5 Potion of Healing 1 A 3 Potion Invulnerability 1 A 7 Blue Crystal Staff 1 A - Cleric gets +7; +5 vs Dragons Staff of the Magius 1 A - Wizard gets +5 Hoopak 1 A - Kender gets +3 (Staff Sling) Battle Axe 1 A - Dwarf gets +3 Sword Master 1 A - Fighter or Knight gets +2 Archer 1 A - Ranger gets +2 Magic Scroll 1 A - Wizard gets +5 Magic Wand 1 A - Wizard gets +7 Raise Dead Spell 1 A - Cleric gets +7 Turn Undead 1 A - Cleric Defeats Ghost or Spirit Detection Spell 1 A - Cleric or Wizard gets +3 Immobilization Spell 1 A - Cleric or Wizard gets +3 Human Mercenaries 1 F 24 Employed by the Dragon Highlords Baaz Draconians 1 F 28 Spies of Takhisis Baaz Draconians 1 F 26 Ground Troops Giant Spider 1 F 30 Webs Trolls 1 F 34 Regenerate Spectral Minion 1 F 22 Ghost Bozak Draconians 1 F 36 Magic Users; Explode when killed Gully Dwarves 1 F 20 Nuisances; Enslaved by the Draconians Black Dragons 1 F 32 Hatchlings; Acid Breath Wraith 1 F 38 Evil Spirit; Life Drain Khisanth 1 F 40 Ancient Huge Black Dragon LINKS DragonLance DragonLance DragonLance DragonLance

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