Fantasy Card Game for 2 players.
Based on the Computer Game of the same name.
Each player controls their own Dungeon, which they try to 
build up, in spite of a continuing onslaught of Heroes. 

Dungeon Keeper is a copyrighted property.
This is merely a fan site.

To win you need: 
15+ Rooms
15+ Creatures
15+ Heroes Killed
30+ Gold
30+ Mana
You automatically lose if your Dungeon Keeper is killed, or 
Your Dungeon Heart Room is captured. 

Players share 2 common decks:
The Room Deck (Containing Rooms, Doors, & Traps) and 
The Spell Deck

Players share 2 types of Unit Counters:
Place these in a Hero Cup & a Creature Cup

Players share 2 types of Tokens:
Place these in a Gold Cup & a Mana Cup

Six siders and ten siders are used.

A room may have any number of Trap cards attached.
Trap cards are discarded after the trap is sprung.

A single room may only have one Door card attached.
A Door is discarded if the room is attacked by Heroes.
The function of Doors is to slow down the advance of Heroes, 
Allowing you to re-deploy more creatures to the room being attacked

Round = When each player has had 1 turn.
Hand = You keep two hands of cards: Room & Spell.
1D6 = one roll of a six sided die.
2D10 = two rolls of a ten sided die
F = Force = Combat Ability of a Unit.
Gold = Basic Currency of the game.
Mana = Magical energy used to cast spells.
Counters = (also called chits or markers) used to represent Units.
Tokens = (also called coins) used to represent Gold or Mana.
Cup = Where Counters & Tokens are kept when no one owns them.
Pile = A players personal cache of Tokens & Counters he owns.
Units = Creatures & Heroes.
Dungeon Keeper = A powerful Creature that also represents you the player.
Creatures = Your Monstrous Minions that live in your underground dungeon.
Heroes = The forces of good (Mostly Humans/Demi-humans) that live on the surface.
Build = Putting a Room into play.
Construct = Putting a Door or Trap into play.
Summon = Putting a Unit into play.
Deploy = Moving a Creature to a different room in Deploy Phase.
Re-Deploy = Moving a Creature to a different room not during Deploy Segment.
Room = (also Site or Location)  Part of your Dungeon.

Each player starts with:
One Dungeon Heart Room Card
One Dungeon Keeper Token
Roll high on 1D10 to see who goes first.

Dungeons are constructed with Room cards.
Rooms are laid out in levels.
The first level contains one room, your Dungeon Heart.
The second level has 2 rooms.
The third level has 3 rooms.
The fourth level has 4 rooms & so on.
The second level must be built before the third level, and so on.
As you play, you will add rooms to your Dungeon.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 13 Phases:
Mining Phase
Magic Phase
Spell Phase
Fate Phase
Build Phase
Construction Phase
Summon Phase
Deploy Phase
Hero Phase
Trap Phase
Door Phase
Battle Phase
War Phase

Gain a base 1D6 Gold Tokens.
Gain 2 Additional Gold per Troll you control.

Gain a base 1D6 Mana Tokens.
Gain 2 Additional Mana per Warlock you control.

Draw 1 Spell Card.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.
Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards.
You may draw an additional Spell card for 10 Mana.

Draw 1 Room Card.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.
Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards.
You may draw an extra card for 10 gold.

Play 1 Room card from your hand to your Dungeon. 
You may build an additional Room for 10 Gold.

Play 1 Trap or 1 Door card to any one of your rooms.
A room can have multiple traps, but only 1 door.
Traps & Doors have various Gold or Mana costs to put into play.
You may construct an additional Trap or Door for an extra 5 Gold.

Draw 1 Creature counter from the Creature Cup.
Place it in Your Creature Pile.
You may draw an additional counter for 5 Gold or Mana.

You may pay in Gold or Mana equal to the Force of a Creature to
Put it into play from your creature pile.
Place it on any room.
You may summon an additional creature for 5 Gold or Mana.

You may move your creatures to any rooms in your dungeon.

Roll on the Invasion Table to see if the Heroes attack you this turn.
1D10	Result:		Notes:
1-7	Nothing		No Heroes Attack
8-9	Minor Invasion	1D6 Heroes Attack
10+	Major Invasion	2D6 Heroes Attack
Add 1 to the roll if you have 5 or more levels in your dungeon.
Randomly Draw the Indicated number of Hero Counters from the Hero Cup.
The Heroes will attack a random room in the outermost Level of your Dungeon.

Attacking Heroes spring all the Traps at the Room they attack.
Discard 1 random trap per Thief attacking. 
There are 5 types of Traps:
Traps: Automatically kill one random attacking Unit.
Alarms: Re-Deploy 1 Creature to this room.
Weakness: All Heroes have Force –2 while at this room.
Damage: Roll 1D6 for each Hero. On a roll of 1-2 the Hero is destroyed.
Death: Roll 1D6: on a roll of 1-2 all the Heroes are killed!
Discard all sprung Traps at the room.

The Heroes have to spend some time breaking through the door.
Each door has a Door value = X.
You may re-deploy X Creatures to this room.

The Band of Heroes will fight with the Creatures present at the Room.
These are the Combatants.
Pick 1 random Face-up combatant Hero & 1 random Face-up combatant Creature.
This is known as a Duel Pair. Both Units are Duelers.  
Calculate a Battle Total (BT) for each Dueler.
BT = The Duelers Force + 1D10 (The Battle Roll). 
The Dueler with the higher BT wins the Duel. 
The loser is killed (discarded back to appropriate Cup).
If there is a tie, both are killed.
The Winning Dueler Counter is placed face down.
When all the units of a side are face down, flip them all face up.
Continue Dueling until one side is eliminated.
Your opponent gets to control the Hero units on your turn.

If the Creatures won Battle phase, the turn ends.
If the Heroes won in Battle phase, the Room is Captured, and 
The Heroes attack another random room on the same level. 
(or the next lower level if this level was completely captured)
Each time the Heroes move to another room, you will have to 
Repeat Trap, Door, Battle & War Phases.
Discard Captured rooms. 

In a Battle, the side with more units gets +1 to all Battle rolls.
If a side has twice or more the number of units, it gets +2 to all Battle rolls.

Discard Spell cards after they are played.

Teleport: This unit may always re-deploy for free as needed
Horde: Roll twice for Battle Roll & Keep the higher roll.
Shoot: At the beginning of every Duel, this unit rolls 1D6: 
On a roll of 6 one random enemy unit is killed.
Regenerate: If this unit loses a Duel roll 1D6:
On a roll of 4-6 this unit is not killed & is just put face down.
Fear: All Heroes in room get a Force penalty of –1. 
Slayer: This unit is not flipped over after winning a duel but 
Goes on to fight the next enemy unit.
Master: All Creatures in room get a Force Bonus +1. 
Martyr: If defeated in a Duel roll 1D6:
On a Roll of 4-6 the Winner of the duel is also killed.
Holy: All Creatures in room get a Force penalty of –1.
Leader: All Heroes in room get a Force Bonus +1. 
Spring Traps: Negate 1 Random Trap in Trap Phase.

Name:			#	Force	Notes:
Infernal Imps		10	1	Teleport
Mountain Goblins	8	2	Horde
Dark Elves		8	3	Shoot
Cave Trolls		6	4	Regenerate
Bile Demons		6	5	Fear
Flame Salamanders	6	6	Shoot
Eldritch Warlock	6	7	Shoot
Black Knight		4	8	Slayer
Mistress		2	9	Master
# = Number of Counters in the Set

Name:			#	Force	Notes:
Dungeon Keeper		*	9	Master
Undead			**	2	Regenerate
* = Each player starts the game with one Dungeon Keeper in play
** = Undead are summoned only as the result of certain Spells & Rooms.

Name:				#	Force	Notes:
Peasant Rabble			10	1	Horde
Dwarf Weaklings			8	2	Martyr
Puny Elves			8	3	Shoot
Petty Thief			4	4	Spring Traps
Holier than Thou Clerics	6	5	Holy
Marauding Knights		6	6	Slayer
Fool Wizard			4	7	Shoot
Goody Goody Paladin		2	8	Slayer
Lord of the Realm		1	9	Leader	
Name:		#	Type	Cost	Notes:
Dungeon Heart	X	R	-	Each player starts with one of this room
Lair		2	R	-	Draw 1 extra Creature Counter in Creature Phase
Hatchery	2	R	-	Creatures cost 1 less to Summon
Training Room	2	R	-	All your Creatures are Force +1
Treasury	2	R	-	Draw 1 extra Room card in Fate Phase
Workshop	2	R	-	Construct 1 extra Trap or Door in Trap Phase
Library		2	R	-	Draw 1 extra Spell card in Spell Phase
Portal		2	R	-	Summon 1 extra Creature in Summon Phase
Prison		2*	R	-	Get Gold = Level of each Hero you defeat
Temple		2*	R	-	Sacrifice Creature to get 2D6 Mana once per round
Graveyard	2*	R	-	Get 1 Undead for each Hero you defeat
Torture Chamber	2	R	-	Counts as 3 rooms for Victory 
Stone Bridge	2	R	-	Build 1 extra Room in Build Phase
Casino		2*	R	-	Gain 1D6 Gold per 5 Creatures you control
Tunnels		2	R	-	Re-deploy 1 extra creature in Door Phase
Gold Vein	2	R	-	Get 1D6 extra gold in Mining Phase
Mana Source	2	R	-	Get 1D6 extra Mana in Mana Phase
Guard Room	2	R	-	Place Door & Trap here for free if there are none
Wood Door	6	D	2G	Door Value = 1
Braced Door	5	D	4G	Door Value = 2
Iron Gate	4	D	6G	Door Value = 3
Magic Door	3	D	8M	Door Value = 4
Secret Door	2	D	5G	**
Scythe		1	T	4G	Kill
Disintegration	1	T	4M	Kill
Arrow		1	T	4G	Kill
Spike		1	T	4G	Kill
Electric Shock	1	T	4E	Kill
Gas		1	T	3E	Weakness
Freeze		1	T	3M	Weakness
Blinding	1	T	3E	Weakness
Fear		1	T	3M	Weakness
Stink Bomb	1	T	3E	Weakness
Explosion	1	T	5E	Damage
Poison Gas	1	T	5E	Damage
Spiked Pit	1	T	5G	Damage
Falling Blocks	1	T	5G	Damage
Boiling Oil	1	T	5G	Damage
Trip Wire	1	T	2G	Alarm
Bells+Whistles	1	T	2G	Alarm
Magic Mouth	1	T	2M	Alarm
Giant Gong	1	T	2G	Alarm
Wizard Eye	1	T	2M	Alarm
Water		1	T	6E	Death
Sliding Walls	1	T	6E	Death
Bottomless Pit	1	T	6E	Death
Fire		1	T	6E	Death
Asphyxiation	1	T	6E	Death
* = You may only have 1 Room of this type in your Dungeon.
** = All units in this room may Re-deploy in Door Phase.
R = Room
D = Door
T = Trap
G = Gold
M = Mana
E = Either gold or Mana

Name:			#	Mana	Notes:
Lightning Bolt		2	5	Kill Target Hero
Fear			2	3	All Heroes are Force –2 at this room
Fire Burst		2	5	Roll 1D6 for each Hero: On a 1-2 The Hero is destroyed 
Earthquake		2	6	Roll 1D6: on a roll of 1-2 all the Heroes are killed
Detect Gems		2	3	Gain 2D6 Gold in Mining Phase
Army of the Dead	2	10	Summon 3 Undead Counters in Summon Phase
Call Monsters		2	5	Draw 3 Creature Counters in Creature Phase
Gate			2	4	Re-deploy up to 3 Creatures
Evil Omen		2	3	All Creatures are Force +2 at this room
Possession		2	10	Target Hero becomes a Creature you control
Raise Dead		2	7	Put your Creature just killed back into play
Slap 			4	2	Cause target Dieroll to be rerolled



Dragon: Force = 10: Shoot (Fire Breath)
Spider: Force = 2: Martyr (Poison Bite)
Vampire: Force = 5: Convert (Hero Killed by Vampire becomes a Vampire you control)

Include one "Artificer" card in the Spell Deck.
It costs 20 Mana to cast. Draw 1 Counter from the Artifact Pile:
(Note: All Artifacts are placed in your Dungeon Heart Room)

Book of Vile Darkness: Draw 1 extra Spell card in Spell Phase
Golden Goose: Get 1D6 extra gold in Mining Phase
Heart of Evil: Gain 1 Undead in Summon Phase
Staff of Summoning: Summon 1 extra Creature in Summon Phase
Dead God's Banner: All your Creatures get Force +1
Soul Collector: Get 1D6 Mana every time you defeat a Hero

This Optional Phase occurs after War Phase.
If you did not get attacked this turn, you may send your 
creatures to the surface to raid a civilized settlement.
Choose which of your Creatures will attack.
Choose what type of settlement to attack:
Village, Town, or Castle.
A Village has 1D6 Hero Defenders.
A Town has 2D6 Hero Defenders.
A Castle has 3D6 Hero Defenders.
The Raid is played out just like a Battle Phase.
If you win gain Gold = the combined levels of the Defending Heroes.
If you conducted a raid this turn add 3 to your roll on the
Invasion Table on your next turn.

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