Card game for 2-4 players. 
Theme: Dark Crystal Movie. 

Dark Crystal is a copyrighted, trademarked property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

The first player to get the Crystal Combo is the winner. 
At the end of his turn, a player must declare he has the 
Combo and reveal it from his hand. 
The combo must contain 4 cards: one of each of the following 4 types: 
I. The Gelfling or Jan or Kira card
II. The Crystal Shard or Dark Crystal card
III. The Castle of the Crystal or Sacred Chamber card
IV. The Grand Conjunction or Alignment of the Suns or Heal the Crystal card
Note that the Prophecy card can be used as a wild card for any 
of the 4 types of cards needed in a combo. 

Players share a common deck. 

Shuffle the deck. 
Each player is dealt 3 cards. 
Spread out 12 cards facedown evenly over the table (like you would Dominoes). 
Determine turn order: Youngest player goes first, then proceed clockwise. 

Table cards: cards face down on the Table available to be drawn (picked). 
Hand cards: cards in players hands. 
Discard cards: cards in the Discard pile. 
Spread out: the act of mixing up the face down cards on the table by 
physically pushing them around and then separating them. 

Each turn has 4 Phases:
1. Fate Phase 
2. Prophecy Phase
3. Quest Phase
4. Crystal Phase

Take the top 2 cards of the Deck and place them face down on the Table. 
If there are ever 12 or less Table cards available, draw and place extra 
cards face down until there are at least 12 Table cards. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may Play 1 card to use its special ability. 
When you play a card either discard it or return it face down to the table. 

Draw 3 Table cards and put 2 of them in your hand. 
Return 1 of these cards to the Table. 

Reveal the Crystal Combo if you have it to win and end the game. 
If not, max hand size is 5 cards. Return excess cards to the Table. 

Discard to play. If any opponent has the Crystal shard card in their hand they 
must give it to you.  If no one has it, look at 5 table cards: If any of them are the 
Shard keep it. 

2X = there are 2 copies of this card in the deck 
Z = Reaction card: Play immediately in response to a card play by another player
M = Mystics
S = Skeksis
SCRY = Look at one Opponents Hand
TIME = Until this card is played again
MAGIC = You may play an extra card in this Prophecy Phase

Card Name:		Notes	Special Ability: 
Gelfling       		-	Combo card I
Jen			-	Combo card I
Kira 			-	Combo card I
Crystal Shard		-	Combo card II
Dark Crystal 		-	Combo card II
Castle of the Crystal	-	Combo card III
Sacred Chamber 		-	Combo card III
Grand Conjunction	-	Combo card IV
Alignment of the Suns 	-	Combo card IV
Heal the Crystal       	-	Combo card IV
Prophecy       		-	Wild Combo card
UrSu the Master		M	All players draw 2 cards from the deck
UrZah Ritual Guardian 	M	Look at 1 table card on your Fate Phase TIME 
UrLum the Healer       	M	Return X cards to Table. Draw X cards from Deck
UrSol the Chanter	M	Draw 4 Deck cards. Look at them & Return them to Table
UrTih the Alchemist	M	Return X cards to Table. Draw X cards from Table
UrAmaj the Cook		M	Draw 3 Deck cards. Keep one. Return others to Table
UrNol the Herbalist	M	Look at 3 Table cards keep one
UrAc the Scribe		M	Look at 2 Table cards and 2 cards of 1 opponent's hand
UrYod Numerologist	M	Look at next 7 cards in Deck
UrUtt the Weaver       	M	Draw 1 card from deck & draw 1 Table card
SkekSo the Emperor	S	All players discard 2 cards MAGIC 
SkekZok High Priest	S	SCRY Discard 1 Target card of his
SkekUng the General	S	Look at 5 Table cards: keep Garthim Cards
SkekSil Chamberlain	S	Switch Hands with Target Player
SkekTek the Scientist	S	Discard X cards. Steal X cards from target Opponent
SkekAyuk Gourmand	S	Draw 3 cards from deck. Keep one. Discard the others
SkekNa Slave Master	S	Steal 1 random card from each opposing player
SkekOk Scroll Keeper	S	You may keep an extra card in your hand TIME 
SkekShod Treasurer	S	Draw 1 Table card. Opponent must return 1 card
SkekEkt Ornamentalist	S	Draw 1 Table card and discard 1 card MAGIC 
Sympathetic Bond       	-	Discard 1 card. Target opponent discards 2 random cards
Crystal Bats		2X	Look at one random opponents Hand
Garthim Guards		2X	Opponent must discard 1 random card from hand
Garthim Patrol		2X	Opponent must return 1 random card from hand
Flute Music 		-	See Rules
Swamp			-	Look at 1 Table card MAGIC 
Pod People		2XZ	Negate a Garthim card
Podling Slaves		2X	Look at 1 random card in opponents hand MAGIC 
Fizzgig			-	Opponent returns 1 Random card MAGIC 
Quest			-	Get an extra turn after this one MAGIC 
Valley of the Stones	-	Look at 5 Table cards: keep Mystic Cards
Mystic Chant		-	Opponent returns 2 cards
Podling Village		-	Discard 2 cards. Then Draw 3 cards from Deck
Gelfling Ruins		-	Search Discard and take 1 card
Speak to Animals       	-	Look at 4 Table cards
Dreamfasting		-	Look at one Opponents hand MAGIC 
Butterfly Wings		-	Look at 3 Table cards	
Forests of Thra		-	Look at 2 Table cards
Desert Wastes		-	Discard all the Table cards
Aughra			-	Return hand. Draw 5 cards from Deck
Watcher of the Heavens	-	Draw 3 Deck cards. Keep Combo cards
Keeper of Secrets	-	Spread out (mix up) the Table cards
Observatory		-	Look at 7 Table cards
Nebrie			-	Draw 1 Table or 1 Deck card
Laboratory		-	Steal 1 random card from random Opponent
Drain Essence		-	Steal 1 random card from target Opponent
Astronomical Orrery	-	Add the top 5 cards of the Deck to the Table
Captured       		-	SCRY Steal a Gelfling, Jen, or Kira card
Garthim Nets & Cages	-	Look at 2 random cards in opponents hand: Steal 1
Landstriders		Z	Negate a card just played by opponent
Garthim Raiding Party	-	Look at 3 random cards in opponents hand: Discard 1
Shaft of Fire		-	You and opponent discard 1 random card
Trial by Stone		-	Steal 2 random cards from target Opponent


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