Card game for 2 players. 
Dragon Ball Z Theme. 

Dragon Ball Z is a copyrighted, licensed property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

You win if, at the beginning of your turn, you control Six Fighters or 
Your Opponent has zero Fighters.  

Six sided deice are needed. 

Players share a common Deck. 
There are 6 Types of Cards: 
F = Fighter 
B = Buff 
T = Transport
M = Manipulation
R = Recovery
X = Extra

Shuffle the deck. 
Each player is dealt cards face up until he has 4 Fighters. 
These will be that players starting Fighters.
Discard all non-Fighter cards. 
After starting Fighters are assembled, each player 
Is dealt a regular hand of 4 cards
The player with the weaker set of starting Fighters goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Recruit Phase
3. Match Up Phase
4. Fight Phase
5. End Phase

Draw 3 Cards and add them to your hand. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 
You may play (discard) a Recovery Card to search for a Fighter in the 
Discard and put it in your hand. 
You may play (discard) an Extra card to draw 2 additional cards

Put 1 Fighter card from your hand into play. 
Your Fighter’s in play are placed in a line, face-up, in front of you, on the table. 
You may have a maximum of 6 fighters in play. 
If you already have 6 fighters in play, you may replace 1 with 
A fighter in your hand. Put the replaced fighter card back into your hand. 

One of your random Fighters will fight one random Opponent’s Fighter. 
Use the 6 sided dice to randomly determine which Fighters. 
You may play (discard) a Transport card to pick your Fighter instead of 
Rolling randomly. 
You may play (discard) a Manipulation card to pick your Opponent's Fighter 
instead of them Rolling randomly. 

The 2 randomly selected Fighters Fight. 
The Fighter with the higher Battle Total Wins. 
The Battle Total is equal to the sum of 3 Parts: 
1. The Fighters Level
2. The Total of all Buff cards the Fighter’s owner plays from his hand
3. The Roll of one six sided die (Battle Roll)
Before the dice are rolled, each player simultaneously may reveal any
Number of Buff cards from their hand to add their bonuses to the Battle Total. 
If the Battle Totals are a Tie, each player rolls another Die as a tie-breaker. 
The losing Fighter is Discarded. 

Max hand size is 4 cards. Discard excess cards. 

Training: Can only be used on Saiyans, Namekians, and Humans. 
Stun: Opponent must make Battleroll Twice and pick lower roll. 
Speed: Make Battleroll twice and pick higher roll. 
Evade: Opponent must discard 1 random Buff card he played.
Strategy: Draw 1 Card. If it is a Buff, you may play it. 
Save: If this Fighter is defeated put him back in your hand.

Card Name:		Type	Level	Notes:
Goku			F	3	Saiyan 
Gohan			F	4	Saiyan Human Hybrid
Vegeta			F	3	Saiyan
Goten			F	2	Saiyan Human Hybrid
Trunks			F	2	Saiyan Human Hybrid
Gotenks 		F	4	Saiyan Human Hybrid
Krillin			F	2	Human
Master Roshi		B	+2	Training; Turtle School
Majin Buu		F	9	Stun; Villain; Demon with many Forms
Babidi			B	+2	Training; Alien Wizard
Elder Kai		B	+2	Training; Retired Fighter
Piccolo			F	5	Strategy; Namekian
Hercule			F	0	Human Braggart
Snake Way		T	-	-
King Kai		B	+2	Training; God of North Galaxy
Dabura			F	6	Stun; Demon King
Yamu & Spopovich	F	3	Buffed Humans
Pui Pui			F	3	Minor Demon
Transport Capsule	T	-	-
Senzu Beans		B	+2	Save; Instant Healing
Fusion Dance		B	+4	You must have at least 2 Fighters
Saibamen		F	2	Lesser Warriors
Android 16		F	4	-
Android 17		F	5	-
Android 18		F	5	-
Android 19		F	3	-
Android 20		F	3	-
Supreme Kai		X	-	-
Videl			F	1	Human; Gohan gets +2 
Chi Chi			F	1	Human; Goku gets +2
Mighty Mask		F	3	Saiyan
Saiyaman		F	4	Saiyan Human Hybrid
King Yemma		R	-	God of Death
Yellow Kami		B	+2	Training
Yakon			F	6	Monster
Tien Shinhan		F	2	Stun; Human Monk
Chiaotzu		F	2	Stun; Psychic Human Monk
Cell			F	8	Bio-Android Villain
Wish			R	-	-
Dragon Balls		R	-	-
Kami Sama		B	+2	Training; Namekian Earth Guardian
Porunga 		R	-	Namekian Dragon
Shenron 		R	-	Earth Dragon
Dende   		B	+2	Training; Namekian 
Super Saiyan		B	+4	Saiyans Only
Goz and Moz		F	6	Competitive Demons
Red Ribbon Army		F	3	Cannot be Buffed
Bulma			X	-	-	
Yamcha  		F	2	Human
Tournament		X	-	-
Distress Call		M	-	-
Switcheroo		M	-	-
Future Trunks		F	3	Saiyan
Pan			F	4	Human Saiyan Hybrid
Oolong			X	-	Shapeshifting Pig
Frieza			F	7	Villain; Mutant Emperor of Universe 7
Raditz			F	3	Evil Saiyan
Nappa			F	3	Evil Saiyan General
Battle Armor		B	+1	Save
Instant Transmission	T	-	-
Captain Ginyu		F	3	Ginyu Force Mutant
Reacoom  		F	2	Ginyu Force Mutant
Butta			F	2	Ginyu Force Mutant
Jheese			F	2	Ginyu Force Mutant
Gurd			F	1	Ginyu Force Mutant
Yajirobe		F	1	Human Ronin
Back Up 		T	-	-
Korin			B	+2	Training; Cat Hermit
Mercenary Tao		F	2	Human Android Assassin
Ki Energy Blast		B	+1	Stun
Powerful Technique	B	+2	Stun
Kamehameha		B	+3	Saiyan Only
Teamwork		B	+2	Strategy
Spirit Bomb		B	+4	Saiyan Only
Ultimate Attack		B	+4	-
Flying			B	+2	Evade
Superior Tactics	B	+2	Strategy
Dodge			B	+1	Evade
Distraction		B	+2	Evade
Power Boost		B	+2	-
Weapon			B	+1	-
Combo Attack		B	+2	Speed
Regeneration		B	+1	Save
Confidence		B	+1	-
Cunning 		B	+2	Strategy
Immobilize		B	+1	Stun
Deflection		B	+1	Evade
Fast Strikes		B	+1	Speed
Flurry of Blows		B	+2	Speed
Super Strength		B	+2	-
Super Speed		B	+1	Speed
Absorb Power		B	+4	Villain Only
Transformation		B	+2	Villain Only


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