Players lead rival bands of Crusaders in their efforts to conquer Palestine 1096-1271.

Players units never attack each others units or settlements.  
They can only attack Turkish troops and Turkish controlled settlements.
The Turks are not controlled by any player.
Crusader nationalities include: German, French, English, Byzantine.

Be the player with the most Victory Points (VP) at the end of Turn 15. 
VP’s are obtained by controlling settlements.

Use a hex map or a map with irregular spaces.
When making a map incorporate the 4 terrain types.
Include 30+ settlements.
Along the western and northern borders of the Holy Land several desert spaces 
should be denoted as Invasion Points.
The western invasion points border the Mediterranean Sea.  
Invasions by this route required costly passage on the ships of the 
Italian Maritime Republics.

There are 4 types of terrain
Type:		Notes:
1. Sea		Impassable
2. Desert	---
3. Mountains	Impassable
4. Settlements	3 types

There are 3 types of Settlements:
Type:		VP	Defense	Troops	Loot	Supply	Garrison
1. Village	1	0	1D6	1D6x25	3	1
2. Town		2	1	2D6	2D6x25	6	2
3. City		3	2	3D6	3D6x25	9	3
VP = Victory Points the player gets for controlling the settlement.
Troops = Number of Arab troops initially defending the settlement.
Supply = If controlled, the number of baggage the settlement provides per round.
Loot = Amount of Baggage received the first time the settlement is captured.
Defense = Modifies siege rolls.

Military units are represented by counters.
Each player gets a set of counters of a unique color.
European Unit types include:
Leaders (Kings & Nobles), Knights, Bowmen (Includes Bows & Crossbows), 
Heavy Infantry, Siege Engines.
Also required is a common set of Turkish counters:
Horse Archers (Includes Nomads & Camels), Cataphracts (Heavy Cavalry), 
Spearmen, Archers.
Counters are also needed include:
Starvation Counters, Sapping Counters

Type:		MP	Attack	Notes	
Leaders		4	(+1)	
Knights		4	+3	+3 In open Battle Phase
Bowmen 		3	+1	+1 In Bombardment Phase
Heavy Infantry	2	+2	
Siege Engines	1	--	+3 In Bombardment Phase
Horse Archers 	5	--	
Cataphracts 	4	+3	+3 In open Battle Phase
Archers		3	--	
Spearmen	        2	+2	+1 In open Battle Phase
MP = Move Points
Attack = Attack Roll Modifier

Six sided dice are required.

Players record their baggage with pen and paper.

Players share a common deck.

Each player starts with: 
2D6 Leaders
3D6 Knights
4D6 Bowmen
6D6 Heavy Infantry
2D6 Siege Engines
2D6 x 50 Baggage
Players determine turn order by rolling high on 1D6. Reroll ties.
Shuffle the deck.
All settlements start out as Hostile and Unexplored.
(Hostile = Turkish-occupied Settlement)  
(Unexplored = Have yet to be the subject of a scouting expedition)
In order each player places his army on one of the invasion points.

Any number of units may occupy a single space.

Each turn has 13 Phases:
1. Fate Phase
2. Supply Phase
3. Upkeep Phase
4. Movement Phase
5. Open Battle Phase
6. Bombardment Phase
7. Sapping Phase
8. Assault Phase
9. Breach Phase
10. Pillage Phase
11. Starvation Phase
12. Revolt Phase
13. End Phase

Each player draws 1 card from the deck.
Place the card in your hand.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.

Players gain Baggage from settlements they control equal to the 
settlements supply value.

All of units consume 1 Baggage each.
Leaders and Knights receive their baggage before other unit types.
Units in settlements they control receive their baggage before other units.
For each unit that does not recieve baggage roll 1D6 (Desertion Roll):
1-5 = no effect. 6 = a unit disbands.
Remove units in the desert first.

Players take turns moving their units.
Each player gets one turn to move some, all, or none of his units.
Determine turn order by rolling high on 1D6.
Your units may move a number of spaces up to their MP (Movement Point) rating.
Units must be stacked with a Leader to move.
Units may not enter Sea or Mountain spaces.
Units may not enter spaces occupied by opponents units.
If a stack enters a hostile settlement space, the settlement is considered 
to be under siege.

When a stack enters a space that is next to an Unexplored 
settlement, roll to determine how many Turkish troops 
are garrisoned in the settlement. (The Garrison Roll)
The number of troops is indicated on the Settlement Table.
Half of the troops will be Archers. The rest are spearmen.
Place the indicated Turkish counters onto the settlement.

Some cards cause a group of Turkish units to attack an opponent’s stack out in the open.
If there are fewer Crusaders than Turks at a siege, (Including 
any that just arrived through card play) the Turks will 
emerge from the settlement and attack on a roll of 1-4 on 1D6.
If the Turks are all killed, the Crusaders capture the settlement.
Battles proceed in Rounds.
Each Round has 3 Segments:
1. Missile Unit Attack Segment
2. Shock Unit Attack Segment
3. Morale Check Segment
***Missile Unit Attack Segment***
Missile Units (Horse Archers, Archers, Bowmen, and Siege 
Engines) attack first simultaneously.
Units hit on a base roll of 10+ on 2D6. 
If they hit, an opposing unit is killed (Defenders choice).
Your opponent chooses which Turkish units are lost. 
Rolls are modified by a unit's attack stats.
Leaders do not get attack rolls but each may add a +1 to the roll of 
any one unit in the same stack once per round.
A unit may receive only one Leader bonus per attack.
***Shock Unit Attack Segment***
All other non-missile unit types attack next simultaneously. 
Otherwise, this segment proceedes exactly like Missile Phase.
***Morale Check Segment***
Skip this segment if neither side suffered any casualties during this battle round.
The side that suffered more casualties during this battle round must make a Morale Check.  
If both sides lost the same number of units, the Turks must make the Check.
Roll 2D6:
4 or less     The checking side breaks.
5 or more     The checking side stands their ground. Proceed with the next battle round.
Roll Modifiers (applicable to both sides):
+2        If the checking side has a larger force
-1        If the checking side has a smaller force
Roll Modifiers (applicable to Crusaders only):
+1        If the Crusader force has a Great Leader
-1        If the Crusader force has no Leader
Roll Modifiers (applicable to Turks only):
-1        If the Crusader force has a Great Leader
+1        If both sides lost the same number of units during this battle round
-x        If Turkish force has fewer than 5 units, x = (5 – total units)*
*  This modifier only applies if the Turks are able to retreat into a Settlement.
***Battle Conclusion***
Repeat the Round cycle until one side is destroyed or breaks.
If the crusaders win they regain 1D6 casualties (Men who fled the field).
If a Turkish Force breaks all its units retreat to the settlement or 
Flee if there is no Settlement.
If a Crusader stack breaks it retreats into an adjacent space. 
If unable to retreat, due to impassible terrain or the presence of 
opposing forces, the stack is destroyed.
Roll 1D6 for each retreating unit: On a roll of 1-2 it is slaughtered.
Victorious Turks become part of the Settlement’s forces, if there
is no settlement, the Turks ride off into the sunset.

Besieging Missile troops may attack units inside a city.
Units hit on a base roll of 11+ on 2D6. If they hit, an opposing unit 
is killed (Defenders choice).
The last unit in a settlement cannot be destroyed this way.
If the Crusaders attack, the Archers in the city may simultaneously attack 
back at +1 to their attack roll.
Each side in the siege only attacks once this phase.

Besieging troops may attempt to sap the settlement walls. Roll 1D6 (Sapping Roll):
1	Sappers Killed: Attacker loses one troop unit.
2	Counter Measures: Remove one Sapping Counter.
3-4	---
5-6	Undermine the Walls: Put one Sapping Counter on the settlement. 

The Besieging troops may attempt to Storm the Castle. Roll 2D6 (Assault Roll):
4 or less	Repulsed & Lose 2D6 troops
5-7		Repulsed & Lose 1D6 troops
8-9		Breach & Lose 2D6 troops
10+		Breach & Lose 1D6 troops
Add 1 to the roll per Sapping counter on the settlement.
Subtract the Defense stat of the settlement from the roll.

If the Besieging troops breached the walls last phase, they enter the 
settlement and combat proceeds as in Open Battle Phase.
Siege engines may not attack in Breach Phase.

If all of the Turkish defenders are killed in Breach Phase, the crusaders 
capture the city and Loot it.
Baggage gained by looting is equal to the Loot stat in the Settlement table.
A settlement may only be looted once per game.
The player gains control of the settlement.
The player must keep a garrison in the settlement with a number of troops 
equal to its Garrison level.

If a settlement is under siege roll 1D6 (Starvation Roll):
1-5	Add one starvation counter to the settlement.
6	Attackers start fires or disease: Add two starvation counters
7	Add one starvation counter to the settlement.
8+	The settlement surrenders. Discard all defending units.
Add the number of starvation counters already present to the roll.
Subtract the settlements defense stat from the roll.
If a settlement is ever not under siege immediately remove all starvation counters.
If the city surrenders, the crusaders capture the city and Loot it.

If a garrison is undermanned the populace of the city will 
revolt on a roll of 6+ on 1D6.
If there is a revolt, the garrison is automatically destroyed and 
the city becomes hostile and 'unexplored'.
if Crusader forces intentionally abandon a Settlement, that 
Settlement immediately becomes Hostile and Unexplored.

Hostile Turkish settlements not under siege will 
replenish all of their troop losses.
Maximum hand size = 7 cards. Discard excess cards.

Card Name:		Notes:
Siege Tower		Add 3 to target Assault roll this turn
Battering Ram		Add 2 to target Assault roll this turn
Ladders			Add 1 to target Assault roll this turn
Miners			Add 2 to target Sapping roll this turn
Engineer	          	Add 2 to target Sapping roll this turn
Traitor			Target Sap, Starve, or Assault roll +1 this turn
Surrender Terms		Add 2 to target Starvation Roll this turn
Desertions		Target stack loses 1D3 troops in supply phase
Plague			Target stack loses 1D6 troops in supply phase
Revolt			Add 3 to target Revolt roll this turn
Uprising	          	Add 3 to target Revolt roll this turn
Rebellion		Add 3 to target Revolt roll this turn
Unrest			Add 3 to target Revolt roll this turn
Sorties			Opponent Loses 1D6 x 10 Baggage in supply phase
Raiders			Opponent Loses 1D6 x 10 Baggage in supply phase
Spoilage	          	Opponent Loses 1D6 x 10 Baggage in supply phase
Pilgrims  		Gain 1D6 x 10 Baggage in supply phase
Caravan			Gain 1D6 x 10 Baggage in supply phase
Live off the Land	Gain 1D6 x 10 Baggage in supply phase
Merchant Shipping	Gain 1D6 x 10 Baggage in supply phase
Converts  		Add 1D6 Spearmen TYAISP
Holy War	          	Add 1D6 Heavy Inf TYAISP
Reinforcements		Add 1D6 Heavy Inf TYAISP
Knights Templar		Add 1D6 Knights TYAISP
Knights Hospitaller	Add 1D6 Knights TYAISP
Teutonic Knights  	Add 1D6 Knights TYAISP
Antioch Mercenaries	Add 1D6 Cataphracts TYAISP
Saracens	          	Add 1D6 Horse Archers TYAISP
Scythians		Add 1D6 Horse Archers TYAISP
Byzantines		Add 1D6 Archers TYAISP
Carpenters		Add 1D3 Siege Engines TYAISP
Dervishes		TSAB 2D6 Heavy Infantry.*
Counter Attack		TSAB 2D6 Horse Archers & 1D6 Cataphracts.*
Mad Turks		TSAB 3D6 Archers & 3D6 Spearmen.
Saladin			TSAB 2D6 Horse Archers & 2D6 Cataphracts.*
Mohammedeans		TSAB 1D6 Horse Archers & 1D6 Cataphracts.*
Infidels	          	TSAB 2D6 Spearmen.
Jihad			TSAB 2D6 Horse Archers & 1D6 Cataphracts.*
Bandits			TSAB 2D6 Horse Archers & 1D6 Archers.*
Bedouin Nomads		TSAB 3D6 Horse Archers.*
Egyptian Army		TSAB 2D6 Spearmen & 2D6 Cataphracts.*
Mamlukes	          	TSAB 2D6 Spearmen & 1D6 Cataphracts.*
Relief Force		TSAB 2D6 Spearmen & 1D6 Cataphracts.*
Arabs			Add 1D6 to Target Garrison Roll
Ghulams			Add 1D6 to Target Garrison Roll
Auxilia			Add 1D6 to Target Garrison Roll
Leader dies		Target Leader killed.
Assassination		Target Leader killed.
Troops demand Pay	Target player must repeat his upkeep phase.
Fatigue			Target stack may not move or Assault this turn.
Demoralized		Target stack may not move or Assault this turn.
Skirmishing Turks	OB: Turks are –1 to be hit this Battle
Separate Horse & Foot	OB: Turks get +1 to hit this Battle
Disciplined Ranks	OB: Crusaders get +1 to hit this Battle
Narrow Plain		OB: Crusaders get +1 to hit this Battle
Rally Troops		Gain back 1D6 troops lost this turn.
Find Stragglers		Add 1D6 Heavy Inf to your Army in supply phase
Gambesons		Negate 1 Crusader casualty. (Coat of Leather)
Chain Mail		Negate 1 Crusader casualty.
Plate Mail		Negate 1 Crusader casualty.
Late Arrival		Gain 1 Leader counter at your Invasion Point
Battle Hardened		Target Leader becomes a Great leader.
Surprise	          	Add or Subtract 1 from target morale check.
TSAB = Target stack attacked by...
OB = Open Battle Phase
* = Play in Open Battle Phase.
TYAISP = to your army in supply phase

***Any units a player receives by virtue of cards like 
‘Holy War’ and ‘Reinforcements’ remain with the player; they do 
not disappear after one battle.
***Bonuses are cumulative:  For example, a player plays ‘Siege
Tower’, ‘Ladders’, ‘Battering Ram’, and ‘Traitor’ all at once.
***There is a limit of 1 OB & 1 TSAB card that can be played against 
a given stack per turn.
***For cards that target a stack, only a Crusader stack may be targeted.
***Some reinforcement cards provide ‘Turkish’ units to a player. 
Turkish type troops that have been recruited into a player’s army 
cannot be left without at least one of the player’s ‘regular’ units 
to accompany them.
***A victim of Desertions & Plague is allowed to choose which units he 
must lose. If the result exceeds the number of units in the target 
stack, the stack is destroyed but the difference is not directed 
to another stack.

Designate some Leaders (1D3 per Player at setup) as Great leaders.
If any Great Leaders are present in a stack, all units get +1MP.
A Great leader gives his +1 bonus to up to 3 troop units.
Some Great Crusader Leaders include: 
Richard Coeur de Lion, Philip Augustus, Emperor Frederic Barbarossa, King Louis VII, 
Gilbert the Templar, Garin the Hospitaller, Baldwin I.

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