INTRODUCTION Simulation of the Battle of Crecy 1346 (Hundred Years War). Card Game for 2 players. One player represents the English, the other the French. VICTORY The game lasts 16 Turns (Charges/Hands). To win the battle the French must 1. Win 4 hands in a row, or 2. Win the last Hand by double the Force of the English Otherwise, the English win. THE DECKS There are 2 Decks: An English Deck & a French Deck. TURN SEQUENCE Each Turn/Hand represents a Charge. Each Turn has 3 Phases: 1. Draw Phase 2. Tactics Phase 3. Resolution Phase DRAW PHASE Each player draws 7 cards from their own deck. If a deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. TACTICS PHASE Players may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacements. RESOLUTION PHASE Both players reveal their hands. A Hand may contain up to 1 card from each of that decks 6 suites. Excess cards of a suite are discarded. Each card has a Force value of 1 to 5. Each player determines their Battle Total (BT) for their hand. BT = Total Force of all cards not discarded. The player with the highest BT wins the hand. The English win ties. ENGLISH DECK CARD TYPE SUITES L = Leader I = Infantry B = Bows A = Arrows D = Defense M = Morale ENGLISH DECK CARD LIST Card Name Type Force Edward III L 5 Prince Edward L 4 Earl of Northampton L 3 Earl of Arundel L 2 Godfrey Harcourt L 1 Knights on Foot I 5 Dismounted Men-at-Arms I 4 Esquires I 3 Welsh Foot I 2 Welsh Spearmen I 1 Intense Archery A 5 Murderous Fire A 4 Massed Projectiles A 3 Volleys of Arrows A 2 Flanking Fire A 1 Powerful Longbows B 5 Well Trained Archers B 4 Well Supplied with Arrows B 3 Bodkins & Broadheads B 2 Indirect Fire B 1 Experienced Troops M 5 Discipline M 4 Respected Freemen M 3 Reserves M 2 Primitive Cannon M 1 Strong Defensive Deployment D 5 Good Planning D 4 Sloping Ground D 3 Flanked by River & Village D 2 Pits & Stakes D 1 FRENCH DECK CARD TYPE SUITES L = Leader K = Knights F = Foot Soldiers T = Tactics M = Morale C = Chivalry FRENCH DECK CARD LIST Card Name Type Force King Philip L 5 Count d’Alencon L 4 Codemar de Faye L 3 Blind King John of Bohemia L 2 King of Majorca L 1 Flower of French Chivalry K 5 Armored Cavalrymen K 4 Mounted Men-at-Arms K 5 Hot Blooded Knights K 4 Vanguard K 3 Genoese Crossbowmen F 3 Common Footsoldiers F 2 Ill-Armed Untrained Militia F 1 Feudal Militia F 2 Peasant Rabble F 1 Lead from the Front M 5 Confidence & Determination M 4 Superior Numbers M 3 Reckless Aggression M 2 Rally M 1 Deeds of Valor C 5 Chance for Glory C 4 Personal Honor C 3 Vigor & Gallantry C 2 Acts of Skill & Courage C 1 Impetuous Charges T 5 Disordered Advance T 4 Hand-to-Hand Melee T 3 Hasty Deployment T 2 Uncoordinated Charges T 1 LINKS Wikipedia Fletchers

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