Card game for 2-4 players. 
Each player controls a European power that has 
Colonial ambitions in the Caribbean (West Indies) Circa 1550-1750. 

Each player must pick as his identity one of the 4 Powers: 
Spanish, Dutch, English, French
All players must be of a different power. 

The player with the most Victory Tokens (VT) at the end of the game wins. 

The game ends after 20 rounds. 
Each Round Represents 10 Years. 

During a Round , each player gets 1 turn. 
Players take turns in the following order within a round: 
1. Spanish
2. Dutch
3. English
4. French

Players share a common set of Victory Tokens (VT). 
There are an unlimited number of VT. 

Players share a common set of Settlement Tokens (ST). 
There are an unlimited number of ST. 

Players share a common deck. 

Each player starts with 10 VT. 
Players pick their Nationalities. 

Players take turns within a round. 
Each turn has 8 Phases: 
1. Prosperity Phase
2. Opportunity Phase
3. Exploration Phase
4. Development Phase
5. Trade Phase
6. Disaster Phase
7. Raid Phase
8. End Phase

Get one VT for each ST on an Island you own. 

You draw 3 cards.  
All Players draw 2 cards. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may put 1 Island card from your hand into play. 
You now own this Island. 
Keep it face up in front of you. 
You may discard an exploration card to play 1 additional Island

Discard a Settler Card and an Economy Card to put a 
Settlement Token (ST) on an Island you own. 
Each Island will have on its card text the max limit ST it can support. 

You may discard an Economy card from your hand for 1 VT. 
You may discard a Settler card from your hand for 1 VT. 
You may discard a Commerce card to steal 1 VT from a target Opponent. 
You may trade cards with other players. 

For each Island you own, flip over the top card of the Deck. 
If the card is a Storm or Disease, the Island loses 1 ST. 
If the card is a Piracy card you lose 2 VT. 
If the card is a Rebellion card lose 1 VT and the Island loses 1 ST. 
The Piracy card can be negated if you discard a Naval Card. 
The Rebellion card can be negated if you discard a Military card. 
If the card is a Treasure Fleet card, immediately take a Privateer Sub Phase. 

This Sub Phase occurs when a Treasure Fleet Card is revealed in Disaster phase.  
This represents Spanish Galleons delivering Gold and Silver from 
South and Central America. 
All players starting with you and going clockwise may play Naval cards. 
You must play at least 1 more card total than already has been played. 
This continues until all players pass in a row. 
The player who played the most cards wins the Treasure. 
If no one plays any Naval cards, you get the Treasure. 
The winner discards the Treasure card and gains 5 VT. 

You may attack a target Island owned by an opponent. 
As Attacker you must first play 1 Military card. 
Then your opponent may play a card to defend. 
This continues until both of you pass. 
The Attacker wins if he plays more cards than the Defender. 
The Defender wins if he plays at least as many cards as the Attacker. 
The Attacker can only play Military cards. 
The Defender can play Military, Treaty, and Disease cards. 
Discard all played cards. 
The winner gets control (ownership) of the island. 
The Attacker if he wins may play a Loot card to gain 2 VT. 

Current Players max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

I = Island
L = Loot
S = Settler
E = Economy
C = Commerce
Z = Storm
M = Military
P = Piracy
R = Rebellion
N = Naval
D = Disease
X = Exploration
Y = Treaty
T = Treasure Fleet
STL = Settlement Token Limit

Card Name:		Type	STL	Notes:
Hispaniola		I	4
Tortuga			I	1
Trinidad       		I	1
St Lucia		I	1
Cuba			I	5
Barbados       		I	1
Montserrat		I	1
St Kitts		I	1
St Martin		I	1
Aruba			I	1
Curacao			I	1
Guadeloupe		I	2
St Croix		I	1
Jamaica			I	3
Nevis			I	1
Puerto Rico		I	3
Tobago			I	2
Bonaire			I	1
Virgin Gorda		I	1
Sint Eustatius		I	1
Grenada			I	1
Martinique		I	1
St Vincent		I	1
Antigua			I	1
Nassau			I	1
Hurricane		Z	
Pirates			P
Pirate Fleet		P	
Sea Robbers		P
Tropical Storm		Z
Mexican Silver		T
Slavery			SE
White Settlers		S
Colonists		S
Explorer       		SX
Expedition		SX
Indian Slaves		S
Native Slaves		S
Black Slaves		S
African Slaves		S
Cyclone			Z
Garrison       		M		Defender Only
Governor       		SE
Privateers		NEC		
Coffee			E
Plantations		E
Indigo			E
Cocoa			E
Founding       		SX
Sugarcane		E
Molasses       		E
Rum			E
Charter			SY
Schooner       		NM
Royal Navy		NM
Frigate			NM
Warship			NM
Bold Sea Captain       	NM
Outpost			SM		Defender Only
Town			S
Fort			SM		Defender Only
Dysentery		D		
Fever			D		
Trade Route		E		
Runaway Slaves		R		
Buccaneers		P
Fleet			NM
Ploy			M
Surprise Attack		M		Attacker Only
Sea Rovers		P
Tobacco			E		
Salt			E
Fruit			E
Coconuts       		E		
West Indies Company	E		
Carib Uprising		R
Pearls			E
Sugar Mills		E
Aztec Gold		T
Livestock		E
Silver Bullion		T
Investors		S
Cash Crop		E
Slave Labor		S
African Diseases       	D
Indentured Servants	S
Massacres		RM
Peace Treaty		Y
War in Europe		M
Militia			M		Defender Only
Occupation		MSX		
Spoils			L
Plunder			L
Pillage			L
Blockade       		NM
Sloops			NM
Truce			Y
Diplomacy		Y
Navigation Act		C
Export Tax		C
Trade Restrictions	C
Cotton			E
Armada			NM		Attacker Only
Invasion       		M		Attacker Only
Slave Revolt		R		
Slave Rebellion		R		
Retaliation		M		
Mulattos       		S
Tropical Diseases	D
Smugglers		EC
Fresh Troops		M
Battle			NM
Siege			M

Caribbean History

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