The Quest for the ultimate Civ Lite game continues!
Civilization type Game. Dice, Map, and Record Keeping.  
2-7 players. 

The Mediterranean divided up into multiple areas (about 20 per player). 

Each player has a set of units of a unique color. 
There are 2 types of units, Population Tokens(PT) and City Tokens(CT). 

Each player will need access to multiple six sided dice. 

Use a pad and pencil to keep track of: 
Idea Points, Resource Points, Victory Points, and Advances. 

Each player places 7 PT onto one empty Area on the board. 
Players roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. 

There are 8 Phases: 
1. Leader Phase
2. City Phase
3. Advance Phase
4. Growth Phase
5. Build Phase
6. Disaster Phase
7. Clash Phase
8. Migration Phase

Roll once on the Great Leader Table. 
Roll 1D6 (Leader Roll): 

1D6	Leader Type	Notes
1	None		Nothing
2	Scientist	Get +1D6 IP (Idea Points)
3	Administrator	Get +1D6 RP (Resource Points)
4	Religious	Get +1D6 PT (Population Tokens)
5	Imperialistic	Get +1D6 MP (Move Points)
6	Conqueror	War +1 and Get +1D6 extra Clash Phases (War only) this turn
7+	Iconic		Get +1D6 VP (Victory Points)
The old Leader dies and a new leader is rolled for each of your turns. 

Roll once on the City Table for each City you control: 
Roll D6 (City Roll):

1D6	Result
1	Gain 1 Population Token
2	Gain 1 Idea Point
3	Gain 1 Resource Point
4	Gain 1 Move Point
5	Pick one of Above
6+	Gain 1 Victory Point

Gain 1D6 Idea Points (IP). This is the Idea Roll:
Idea Points are saved from turn to turn. 
You may turn in 5 IP to gain 1 Random Advance: Roll once on the Research Table. 
If you roll on the research table and get an Advance you already know, you may pick 
One you do not know. 
If you randomly get an Advance that has a requirement you do not already have, you 
Get the requirement instead. 
The second Advance you buy in a turn costs 7 IP, the third 9 IP and so on. 
Max IP you can store is 15. Excess is lost. 

Roll 2 dice for first and second numbers. 
Roll	Advance		Notes
1-1	Pottery		VP+1 Mitigate Famine 
1-2	Politics       	Get +1 to Leader Rolls
1-3	Sailing		Move 2 by Sea
1-4	Navigation	VP+1 May enter Deep Sea Areas (Req Sailing)  
1-5	Medicine       	VP+1 Mitigate Plague
1-6	Fortifications	War +1 (Req Masonry)
2-1	Chariots       	War +1 (Req Wheel)
2-2	Archery		War +1
2-3	Siegecraft	War +1 (Req Archery)
2-4	Cavalry		War +1
2-5	Biremes		War +1 (Requires Shipbuilding)
2-6	Triremes       	War +1 (Req Biremes)
3-1	Coinage		Get +1 to Build Rolls
3-2	Philosophy	Get +1 to Idea Rolls
3-3	Irrigation	Get +1 to Growth Rolls
3-4	Wheel		Get +1 to Migration Rolls
3-5	Music		VP+2
3-6	Metal Work	War +1
4-1	Drama		VP+2
4-2	Monotheism	Get +1 to Trade Rolls (Req Mythology)
4-3	Roads		PT may move any number of Areas within your Empire
4-4	Masonry		VP+2
4-5	Literature	VP+2 (Req Writing)
4-6	Law		Reroll 1 Target roll on your turn
5-1	Writing		VP+2
5-2	Architecture	VP+1 You may build Wonders (Req Masonry)
5-3	Engineering	VP+1 Mitigate Floods (Req Architecture)
5-4	Shipbuilding	VP+2
5-5	Mythology 	VP+2
5-6	Husbandry	Get +1 to Growth Rolls
6-1	Mining		Get +1 to Build Rolls
6-2	Mathematics	Get +1 to Idea Rolls
6-3	Monarchy       	VP+1 Mitigate Revolts
6-4	Aqueduct       	VP+1 Gain 1 City (Req Engineering)
6-5	Glass Working	VP+2
6-6	Geography	Get +1 to Migration Rolls

Gain 1D6 Population Tokens (PT). This is the Growth Roll. 
These may be placed in any Areas you control. 
Max PT a single Area can maintain is 10 (plus 1 city). Excess is lost. 

Gain 1D6 Resource Points (RP). This is the Resource Roll. 
You may spend 5 RP and discard 5 PT to build a City in any Area you control. 
An Area may contain only 1 city. 
You may spend 10 RP to gain 1 Wonder of your choice. See Wonder List. 
Wonders are unique. They can only be built once. 
You cannot build more Wonders than you currently have Cities. 
Max RP you can store is 15. Excess is lost. 

Wonder  		Notes:
Great Wall      	Mitigate Barbarians
Great Pyramids  	VP+3
Grt Lighthouse          Gain 1 Trade Roll per turn
Stonehenge      	Gain 1 Advance
Great Library   	Idea Rolls +1 
Colossus        	Resource Rolls +1
Oracle  		Reroll 1 target roll on your turn
Parthenon       	Gain 1 City Roll each turn
Hanging Gardens 	Growth Rolls +1
Sphinx  		Only costs 7 RP

Roll 1D6. This is the Disaster Roll: On a roll of 5+ your culture 
Experiences a disaster. Roll 1D6 to determine Type: 
1D6	Disaster Type
1	Famine
2	Plague
3	Flood
4	Earthquake
5	Barbarians
6	Revolt
Next roll 1D6 (Casualty Roll) to determine how many Population Tokens you lose. 
Lose these from any of your Areas. A city may be broken down into 5 PT to take losses. 
If you have an Advance that mitigates a disaster you get -2 to the Casualty roll. 

For each other Civ you are adjacent to, you may choose either Trade or War. 
If you choose Trade roll on the Trade Table (this is the Trade Roll): 
1D6	Trade Result
1-3	Steal 1 RP
4	Steal 1 IP
5	Gain 1 Advance Opponent knows but you do not
6+	Steal 1 PT
If you choose War, each player rolls 2D6 (War Roll) and adds their bonuses from War Advances. 
Attacker picks 2 adjacent Areas, 1 controlled by each player.  
The higher War Roll Total Wins.  Defender wins ties. 
Loser loses all Units in the Area lost. 
The winner gains control of the opposing Area by placing 1 PT from off board onto the 
Newly conquered Area. 

Roll 1D6 (Migration Roll) to get that many Move Points (MP). 
You may use 1 MP to move 1 PT to an adjacent Area. 
Sailing and Road Advances allow PT to move further. 
Move Points are not saved from turn to turn. Use them or lose them. 

The Game ends when any of the following happens: 
--- All Areas containing Land are occupied. 
--- All Wonders are built. 
--- Any one player has 7 or more cities.
--- Only 1 player is left. (automatic winner)

At end of game add up your Victory Points: 
--- From Advances and Iconic Leaders
--- Earned from City rolls
--- Get 1 per Area you occupy
--- Get 5 per Wonder you built
Highest VP score wins. 

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