Napoleonic era tactical combat simulation. Watch out for grapeshot.

Use a Hex map. Incorporate the 4 Terrain Types.

Use cardboard counters or chits marked in denominations of 1, 5, 10, & 20 Men
Label them I' for Infantry, and C' for Cavalry
Label Cannons with an A' to denote Artillery
Label R' chits to mark Routing Formations
Label P' chits to mark groups of Prisoners
Label F' for Flag & B' for Baggage

Set Piece Battle. Each side begins with 100 points worth of units.
Units start at opposite ends of the map, or according to the scenario.
Flip a coin to determine Turn Order.

Earn Victory points as follows:
Man Killed       			1
Man Captured				2
Officer Killed				3
Officer Captured	          		5
Cannon Captured			        10
Baggage Captured  			5
Flag Captured				20

UNITS	        COST		MOVE	        NOTES
Infantry	        1		1		-
Cavalry	        1.5		2		-
Cannon	        10		(1)		Range = 5
Flags		0		0-2		For games of capture the Flag
Officer	        3		2		-
Baggage	        2		1		Supply Wagons

1-Cannonade Phase
2-March Phase
3-Melee Phase
4-Rally Phase

A minimum of 4 men must be present to move or fire the cannon.
Cannons can fire at formations up to 6 Hexes away.
Base Casualties inflicted = 1D6 modified by the following list.

-1              Indirect fire over friendly troops or terrain that is not clear
-2              Troop Density = 1-5
-1              Troop Density = 6-10
+1              Troop Density = 16-20
+1              Range = 1
-1              Range = 4
-2              Range = 5
-3              Range = 6
-1              Target in Covered Terrain
-2              Target in Fortified Terrain
A natural roll of 6 always results in at least 1 casualty.
Firing over friendly troops causes 1D6 casualties to them on a 
roll of 1-2 on 1D6.

Cannons can fire into or out of covered or fortified terrain but not through it.
A cannon may use indirect fire to hit a target behind covered or 
fortified terrain.
A Cavalry unit must spend its entire move to enter a covered or fortified 
Covered Defending Soldiers have their numerical strength in Melee increased 
by half.
Fortified Defending Soldiers have their numerical strength in Melee doubled.
Units may not enter Impassable terrain.
The Cover column indicates the reduction in casualties caused by cannons.

TYPES	        COVER	        NOTES
Clear		No		Fields, Roads, Bridge
Covered	        Yes		Trees, Buildings, Boccage, low walls
Fortified	Yes		Forts, Trenches
Impassable	---		Water, River, Mountains

A Formation occupies a single hex.
A hex may contain up to:
20 Men, or
1 Cannon or Baggage & 10 men, and
Any number of Officers, Routing men, prisoners.

A cannon that fired this turn may not move, nor may the men who fired it.
Formations may join or split to make larger or smaller formations.
The capturing player controls the movement of prisoners.
Prisoners and routing Formation move one space per turn.

Melee occurs when a formation attacks an adjacent enemy formation.
Men that fired a cannon this turn cannot attack.
Two or more formations may attack the same target formation.
A smaller force will not attack a larger force unless an officer is present.
A Formation may only be attacked once in a players Melee turn.
A Formation only gets to attack once in a players Melee turn.
Compare the number of Men on both sides to get a Ratio.
Roll D6 and cross index with the ratio on the Melee Result Table to determine 
who wins the Melee.
Next Roll on the Casualty result Table to determine the Fate of the losers.

		 			ROLL 1D6
RATIO		        1	2	3	4	5	6	
4:1 or Better		V	V	V	H	H	H		
3:1 or Better		V	V	H	H	H	B
2:1 or Better		V	H	H	H	B	L	
3:2 or Better		H	H	H	B	L	L	
1:1 Ratio	 	A	A	B	B	D	D

A= Attacker Wins
D= Defender Wins 
B= Stalemate: Both Sides suffer men killed = to half the men in the 
smaller force. Do not roll on the Casualty Result table.
H= Side with more men wins
L= Side with fewer men wins
V= Side with more men wins and winner suffers no casualties

1-2	Surrender	Both Sides suffer men killed = 
                        to half the men in the smaller force; 
			All remaining men on losing side taken Prisoner
3-4	Rout		Both Sides suffer men killed = 
                        to half the men in the smaller force; 
			All remaining men on losing side rout. 
                        Move the routers immediately
5-6	Slaughter	Winner suffers men killed = 
                        to half the men in the smaller force; 
			All men on losing side killed
Use chits to indicate groups of Prisoners & Routers.

The winner of a melee must immediately move half or more of his men into 
the hex of the side that lost. 
They cannot move more than 10 if the space has a cannon or baggage.
The advancing men now capture any prisoners and/or cannon or baggage in 
the hex.
Routers leave behind their cannon and baggage.

If their escort is killed, the prisoners escape and may move as normal. 
They are unarmed.
If an enemy Formation enters a hex containing unarmed men, the unarmed men 
become prisoners.
Prisoners cannot be killed by Cannons or Melee.
A Routing Formation must move. Routers are moved by the Enemy player.
Routing Formations will move away from enemy Formations.
Routing Formations will move towards the edge of the board, failing that 
they will move towards friendly units.
Formations that move off the Map are lost.
If an enemy Formation enters a hex containing routers, the routers become 
If a friendly Formation is adjacent to routers roll on the Rally Table.

1-2	The Formation is rallied and may move as normal. They are unarmed.
3-4	The Formation continues to flee.
5-6	The friendly Formation panics and routs itself.
Add 1 to the roll if the routing Formation is twice as large as the friendly 
Subtract 1 from the roll if the friendly Formation is twice as large as the 
routing Formation.
Subtract 1 to the roll if an officer is present.

Only one commanding officer per formation.
The officer is always the last man killed in a formation.

An unarmed man must move adjacent to a baggage unit to rearm himself.
A Cannon must be within 4 hexes of a baggage unit, or it will run out of ammo 
in 3 turns.
If an enemy Formation enters a hex containing baggage, they capture the 

The following magnificent counter sets were created by Janne Thrne:

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