Card & Dice game for 2+ players
Each Player controls a Cabal of Mages.
Source Material... "Mage: The Ascension" RPG by White Wolf.

Mage The Ascension is a copyrighted property of White Wolf.
This is merely a Fan site. 

To win you must complete the following:
1. One or more of your Mages must ascend to the 10th Level (Oracle).
2. You must establish a Chantry (control one or more Nodes).
3. All Foes in your Territory must be at level 5 or less.

10 & 6 sided dice are needed to play.
There are 4 Common Decks: Mage, Spell, Attribute, and Foe Decks.
A player keeps two hands of cards simultaneously: a Foe Hand and a Spell Hand.
Tokens (Markers) are needed to keep tract of: Wounds, Experience, Talismans, 
Transformations, and Conversions.
Paper & Pencil to keep track of Foes & Foe Levels.

Nodes are represented by a seperate set of generic "Node cards". 
All nodes are considered to have similar properties.
Note that you do not start with a Node in play but you must control one to win.
Nodes are discovered (put into play) in Research Phase.

Roll high on 1D10 to see who goes first.
Each player starts with a cabal of 4 Mages. Draw 4 mages from the Mage Deck.
Each starting Mage is at level 1. Put a +1 skill Token on each Mage.
Each cabal occupies its own territory. 
A territory will also be occupied by Foes.
Roll 1D6 for each of the ten types of foes to get their Foe Level:

1D10	Foe Type:
1. 	Technomancers
2. 	Inquisition
3. 	Vampires
4. 	Werewolves
5. 	Mages
6. 	Marauders
7. 	Wraiths
8. 	Umbral Denizens
9. 	Nephandi
10. 	Fey

Players take turns.
Each turn has 6 phases:
Antagonist Phase
Quintessence Phase
Incursion Phase
Attack Phase
Raid Phase
Research Phase

Draw one card from the Foe Deck.
Max Foe hand size = 10 cards. 
Discard excess cards.

Fill your spell hand to its maximum size.
Spell hand Max size = 4 with the following modifiers:
+1	If any of your Mages are level 3+ 
+1	If any of your Mages are level 6+
+1	If any of your Mages are level 9+
+1	If your Cabal has 8+ Mages
+1	If your Cabal has 12+ Mages
+1	For each Node you control
-1	If any of your Mages is experiencing ‘Quiet’.  

Roll for a random Foe on the Foe Table.
That foe gains 1D6 Foe points. 

If any Foe has 11+ Foe points, and gained Foe points this 
turn, then that Foe will attack your Cabal.
The Attacking Foe will have a Force = to its Level +1D10.
Any other player may play matching Foe cards to 
increase the Foe Force Total by +1D6 per card played. 
For a Foe card to match it must be of the same type as the attacking foe.
For example: The Technomancers are attacking. Your opponent may play a 
Men in Black Foe card if he has one, because MIB are Technomancers.
The Cabal has a Force = to the combined Skill level of all 
its non-neutralized Mages divided by 5 rounding up +1D10. 
The Cabal player must play a Detect Spell card. 
If a Detect card is not played, the Foe gets an extra +1D10 Force for surprise. 
The Cabal player may play Attack Spell cards to increase the 
Cabals Force Total by +1D6 per card played. 
Instead of Fighting, the Mages may flee combat by playing a Transport Spell. 
Compare the Force totals of the Cabal and the Foes. 
The side with the higher Total is the winner.
If the Cabal wins, the Foe Total is reduced to 1D10.
If the Foes win, the Cabal loses one of its Nodes. 
Put a ‘Captured’ Token on the Node. Those Foes now guard that Node.
Roll for Wounds & Experience:

After any combat randomly assign 1D6-1 wound tokens to your Mages. 
Play a Defense Spell card to negate a wound.
Any mage that takes 2 or more wounds must (remove the Wound Tokens and) roll 
on the Aggravated Wound Table:

1D6	Result:
1-2	Mage is Killed
3-4	Mage is Transformed
5	Mage is Converted
6	Mage is Captured
If Killed place the card back in the Mage deck.
If Transformed, place a Transformation Token on the Mage card.
(Transformed = Mutated, turned to stone, paralyzed, cursed, insane, crippled, 
turned into animal or monster, withered, blinded, burned, poisoned, etc.)
If Captured, place a Captured Token on the Mage card. Also note which 
Foe captured the Mage.
If Converted, place a Converted Token on the Mage Card. Note which Foe 
Converted the Mage. The Converted Mage will be part of all future conflicts 
with that that Foe, on the Foes side, and will add his level to the Foes Force.

Roll 1D6 for each Mage that takes part in a Combat (Win, loose, or escape). 
On a roll of 4-6 the Mage gains one Level. (The Experience Roll)
Roll Modifiers: +1 if you lost, -1 if you won. 
(You always learn more from your mistakes)
Add a +1 Experience Level Token to the Mage card. 

Neutralized Mages include Mages that are: 
Captured, Wounded, Transformed, or Experiencing “Quiet” 
(Quiet = Mage cannot properly perceive or interact with reality)
Neutralized Mages cannot fight, raid, train, cast spells, etc.

To play a Spell card you must have a Mage that can cast the Spell.
Each Spell lists what kind of Mage can cast it. For example: 
You would need a Mage of the Akashic Brotherhood to cast the ‘Dim Mak’ Spell. 
In all cases where it says you may cast a spell you may play an 
Attribute card in addition or instead. 
For instance:  Instead of playing a Detect Spell you play a Detect Attribute. 
Spell & Attribute cards are discarded when they are played.
Note: Spell cards are kept in your hand, Attribute cards are attached to Mages.

Skip this Phase if you were attacked in Attack Phase.
Choose which Mages are going on the Raid. 
Choose the Target of your Attack. 
The Target may be a captured or newly found Node or one of your 10 Foes.
You must play a Detect Spell to find the Target. 
Then you must play a Transport Spell to get to the Target.
Combat is resolved as in Attack Phase.
If the Foes win, the Cabal does not lose a Node. (like in Attack Phase)
If the Foes win, the Foe level is reduced by 1D6-1 levels.
If the Cabal was raiding a Foe or captured Node and wins, the 
Foe Total is reduced 2D6 levels. (0 Minimum)
If the Cabal was raiding a captured node and they win, they gain control of the node. 
If the Cabal was raiding a new node and they win, they gain control of 
the node and all Guardians are destroyed. 
If the Target had any captured Mages and the Cabal won, the Captured Mages are freed. 
If the Target had any converted Mages and the Cabal won, roll 1D6:
1-2 = The Mage is Killed
3-4 = The Mage lives and is still a Foe (& gains one Level)
5-6 = The Mage is converted back and rejoins the Cabal 
Raiding is considered Combat, like in Attack Phase (Roll for Wounds & Experience)

If you did not get attacked or go on a raid this turn, roll once on the Research Table.

1D6	Result
1-2	Recruit 
3-4	Attribute
5	Quiet
6	Find a Node
7	Training
8-9	Healing
10	Pick one
Recruit = Draw one Mage card from the deck. 
The newly awakened mage starts at level one.
Mage cards you control are placed face up in front of you. 
Quiet = Place a Quiet Token on one random Mage. 
Attribute = Draw an Attribute card and place it on one random Mage.
Find a Node = Place a Node Card in Play in front of you. 
Roll on the Foe Table to see what kind of Foe is guarding it.
The Node will have 1D10 worth of Foe Points guarding it. 
Note: A Territory will have a maximum of 1D6 Nodes.
Training = Each of your Mages makes an Experience roll at –1.
Healing = Remove a Wound, Transformation or Quiet Token from one of your Mages.

You may play a Paradox card on any opponents Mage that just cast a Spell.

Abv	Mage Tradition:		Sphere of Magic:	Foci:
AB	Akashic Brotherhood	Mental			Purification, Sash, Weapon
CC 	Celestial Chorus	Prime			Fire, Holy Symbol, Song
CE 	Cult of Ecstasy		Time			Incense, Music, Vice
D 	Dreamspeaker		Spirit			Crystals, Drums, Feathers
E 	Euthanatos		Entropy			Bones, Dolls, Weapons
HO 	Hollow Ones		None			None
OH 	Order of Hermes		Forces			Circles, Seals, Stones
SE 	Sons of Ether		Matter			Goggles, Meters, Abacus
V 	Verbena			Life			Blood, Wand, Cauldron
VA 	Virtual Adepts		Correspondence		Computers, Electricity
A	Any Mage			

Card Name			Type	
Martial Artist			AB		
Wandering Wise Man		AB
Zen Monk			AB
Witch Hunter			CC
Priest				CC
Theologian			CC
Musician			CE
Entertainer			CE
Thrill-Seeker			CE
Shaman				D
Hitchhiker			D
Ecologist			D
Voodoo Priest			E
Assassin			E
Doctor				E
Artist				HO
Occultist			HO
Blood Doll			HO
Alchemist			OH
Kabbalist			OH
Secret Agent			OH
Mad Scientist			SE
Gadgeteer			SE
Absent Minded Professor		SE
Druid				V
Explorer			V
Witch				V
Hacker				VA
Programmer			VA
Web Master			VA

Spell Name:			Type	Notes:
Landscape of the Mind		VA	Detect
Spatial Mutations		VA	Defense
Polyappearance			VA	Make 2 Raids this turn 
Free Conjunction		VA	Transport 
Co-Location			VA	Transport
Genetics Scan			VA	Detect
Physiological Control		VA	Attack
Tapping the Signal		VA	Transport
Multi-Tasking			VA	Detect
Graphic Transmission		VA	Defense
Pathos				HO	Detect 
Sidestep Time			HO	Attack or Defense
Accelerate Time			HO	Opponent must skip his next turn
Corresponding Sensing		HO	Detect
Manipulate Memory		HO	Attack or Defense
Flesh Toys			HO	Defense
Divided Sight			CE	Detect
The Rush			CE	Draw 2 Spell Cards
Subliminal Impulse		CE	Attack or Defense
Time Sense			CE	Detect
Leap Beyond			CE	Transport
Drums of Elemental Fire		CE	Attack
Slow Time			CE	Attack or Defense
Peeping Tom			CE	Detect
Tune in, Turn on, Drop out	CE	Defense
Ripple through Space		SE	Transport
Analyze Substance		SE	Detect
Matter Pattern Dissociation	SE	Attack
Alter Weight			SE	Defense 
Alter State			SE	Attack
Probe Thoughts			SE	Detect
Shrunken Machine		SE	Detect or Attack
Psychic Sterilization		SE	Attack
Time Travel			SE	Transport
Ray Projector			SE	Attack 
Blight of Aging			V	Attack
Flying Brooms			V	Transport
Animal Form			V	Attack
Bond of Blood			V	Draw 2 Spell Cards
Spirit Sight			V	Detect
Call Spirit			V	Attack or Defense
Breach the Gauntlet		V	Transport
Uther’s Butchered Visage	V	Defense
Imbue Flesh			V	Detect or Defense
Sounding the Gong		AB	Attack
Kick of the Four Winds		AB	Attack
Dim Mak				AB	Attack
Great Leap			AB	Defense
Breath of the Day		AB	Defense
No-Mind				AB	Detect
Recharge			AB	Draw 2 Spell Cards
Serene Temple			AB	Defense
Sense the Dragon Echo		AB	Detect
The Blissful Discipline		AB	Attack
Stalking the Void		E	Detect
Rip the Man Body		E	Attack
Possession			E	Attack
Curse of the Mayfly		E	Attack
Magdeline’s Dynamic Mind	E	Defense
Rubbing of the Bones		E	Attack
Little Good Death		E	Attack
Delions Haze			E	Defense
Intellectual Entropy		E	Opponent must discard 3 Spell cards
Destroy Thought			E	Defense
Darksight			OH	Detect or look at top 1D10 cards of Foe Deck
Ball of Abysmal Flame		OH	Attack
Hermes Portal			OH	Transport
Call Lightning			OH	Attack
Veil of Invisibility		OH	Attack or Defense
The Seven League Stride		OH	Transport
Metamorphosis			OH	Attack
Transmutation			OH	Attack
Untether			OH	Detect or Transport 
Postcognition			OH	Detect
Embracing Mother Earth		D	Defense or Attack
Dreamers Shroud of Day		D	Defense
Fragments of Dream		D	Detect
Sense Quintessence		D	Detect
Sugar Magnolias			D	Detect
Quintessence Blast		D	Attack
Break the Dreamshell		D	Transport
Dream Locus			D	Transport
Walking on Water		CC	Transport
Prayer of Healing 		CC	Remove a Wound Token
Flames of Purification		CC	Attack
Gauntlet Prison			CC	Attack
Deep Umbra Travel		CC	Transport
Songs of Future Days		CC	Detect or look at top 1D10 cards of Foe Deck
Mark of the Beast		CC	Detect
Spirit Pilgrimage		CC	Transport
Hymn of Beatific Harmony	CC	Draw 2 Spell Cards
Radiate Primes Energy		CC	Draw 2 Spell Cards
Countermagic			A	Defense
Coincidental Magic		A	Negate a Paradox Card
Heal Damaged Pattern		A	Remove a Wound or Transformation Token
Better Body			A	Attack
Stepping Sideways		A	Transport
Control Randomness		A	Reroll one Die Roll
Perceive Entropy		A	Detect or Look at opponents Foe Hand 
Diffuse Energy			A	Defense
Telekinetic Control		A	Attack or Transport
Telepathy			A	Detect

I = Inquisition
F = Fey
V = Vampires
W = Werewolves
T = Technomancers
M = Marauders
N = Nephandi
R = Wraith
G = Mages
U = Umbrood
P = Paradox Spirit

Card Name			Type	Notes
Witch Hunter			I	
Government Agent		I
Arcanum Scholar			I
Catholic Church			I
Society of Leopold		I
Trolls				F	
Redcaps				F
Sidhe				F
Changelings			F
Brujah Rebels			V
Gangrel Shapeshifters		V
Malkavian Pranksters		V
Hideous Nosferatu		V
Toreador Artistes 		V
Tremere Warlocks		V
Venture Sophisticates		V
Sabbat Pack			V
Black Furies Tribe		W
Get of Fenris			W
Red Talons			W
Shadow Lords			W
Silver Fangs			W
Wendigo				W
Iteration X			T
HIT Cyborgs			T
Men in Black			T
New World Order			T
Big Brother			T
Progenitor Clones		T
Null-B Marines			T
Webspider Technospirits		T
Pogrom				T
The Syndicate			T
Void Engineers			T
Unravel Reality			M
Marauder Mage			M
Manticora			M
Dragon				M
Mythic Beast			M
Nephandus Mage			N
Demon Hordes			N
Fomori				N
Wyrm				N
Black Spiral Dancers		N
Destroy Matter & Energy		N
Zigg’raugglurr			N
Rogue Magi			G
Errant Magi			G
Posession			R
Spectres			R
Shadows				R
Shades				R
Umbrood Minions			U
Umbrood Lord			U
Umbrood Preceptor		U
Guardian Spirit			U
Farandwee			P	Put a Transformation Token on Target Mage
Hex				P	Put a Wound Token on Target Mage
Igtukra the Unbridled		P	Put a Transformation Token on Target Mage
Terra Firma			P	Put a Wound Token on Target Mage
Dementia Paradox		P	Put a Quiet Token on Target Mage
Dorobo				P	Opponent must discard 3 random spell cards
Rune-Fetter			P	Put a Transformation Token on Target Mage
Wrinkle				P	Negate a Spell just cast
Vulgar Magic			P	Negate a Spell just cast
Static Reality			P	Negate a Spell just cast
Paradox Flaw			P	Remove 2 Experience Points from Mage
Paradox Backlash		P	Put a Transformation Token on Target Mage
Hobgoblins			P	Foe gains 1D6 Foe Points

Attributes include Skills, Abilities, Talismans, Talents, and Knowledges.
Card Name:				Notes:
Spirit Goggles				Detect (Talisman)
Sword of Discharge			Attack (Talisman)
X-ray Glasses				Detect (Talisman)
Peacemaker				Attack (Talisman)
Prodigy					Detect (Talisman)
Tass					Draw 2 cards from the Spell deck (Talisman)
Foci					Draw 2 cards from the Spell deck (Talisman)
Magik Tome				Draw 2 cards from the Spell deck (Talisman)
Library					Draw 2 cards from the Spell deck
Avatar					Draw 2 cards from the Spell deck
Arete					Gain 1 Quiet & 2 Experience Tokens
The Seeking				Gain 1 Quiet & 2 Experience Tokens
Epiphany 				Gain 1 Quiet & 2 Experience Tokens
Ascension				Gain 1 Quiet & 2 Experience Tokens
Mentor					Gain 1 Quiet & 2 Experience Tokens
Enlightenment				Gain 1 Quiet & 2 Experience Tokens
Mindscape				Remove a Quiet Token
Multiple Actions			Attack
Willpower				Defense
Strength				Attack
Stamina					Defense
Dexterity				Attack or Defense
Perception				Detect
Intelligence				Detect
Wits					Detect
Charisma				Attack
Manipulation				Attack
Brawl					Attack
Dodge					Defense
Intuition				Detect
Athletics				Defense
Awareness				Detect
Alertness				Detect or Defense
Firearms				Attack
Drive					Transport
Streetwise				Detect
Intimidation				Detect
Etiquette				Detect
Appearance				Defense
Leadership				Attack or Defense
Melee					Attack
Stealth					Attack
Survival				Defense
Meditation				Remove a Quiet Token
Subterfuge				Defense
Technology				Transport
Cosmology				Look at next 10 cards in Foe Deck
Occult					Attack
Enigmas					Look at opponents Foe Hand
Computers				Detect
Investigation				Detect
Medicine				Remove a Wound Token
Destiny					Defense
Dream					Detect
Influence				Attack
Arcane					Defense
Dynamic Essence				Attack
Pattern Essence				Defense
Primordial Essence			Detect
Questing Essence			Transport

White Wolf

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