INTRODUCTION Card game for 2 players. Simulation of Soviet-American Relations during the Cold War Era (1945-1991). One player takes the role of America (USA) The other player is the Soviets (USSR) POWER TOKENS Players use Power Tokens (PT) to keep track of their Scores in the Areas of Power. Use poker Chips, coins, counters, etc. to represent PT. AREAS OF POWER There are 5 Areas of Power (AOP): 1. Military (M) 2. Economic (E) 3. Social (S) 4. Espionage (X) 5. Territorial (T) DEFINITIONS -Military Power includes Conventional and Nuclear Forces as well as Progress in the Space Race. -Economic Power includes Population, Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Industry, Energy, Agriculture, Trade, Transportation, and Environmental Issues. -Social Power refers to Morale, Domestic Stability, and National Will. -Espionage Power includes all manner of Intelligence Gathering. -Territorial Power refers to the number of other ‘minor’ Nations you control, whether by Force, Diplomacy, or Ideology. VICTORY There are 3 ways to achieve Victory: 1. General Victory: If your scores in all 5 AOP are greater than your opponents for two consecutive turns, you win. 2. Power Victory: If your scores in any 3 (except Espionage) AOP are double or greater than your opponents for two consecutive turns, you win. 3. Crisis Victory: If your opponent goes to zero (or less) in any AOP (except Espionage) you win. THE DECK Players share a common deck. SETUP Choose one of 3 Setups: 1. Equal 2. Random 3. Historical -In an Equal Setup, each player has 10 PT in each AOP. -In the Random Setup, each player rolls 3D6 for each of his AOP. -In the Historical Setup, use the following Starting AOP values: USA: M=10 E=15 S=10 X=10 T=10 USSR: M=10 E=10 S=10 X=10 T=15 TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. (Each turn represents 1 Year) Each turn has 7 Phases: Production Phase Policy Phase Implementation Phase Threat Phase Economics Phase Policy Phase End Phase PRODUCTION PHASE Gain 1 Economic PT. Draw 3 cards from the deck and put them in your hand. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. ESPIONAGE PHASE If your Espionage score is higher than your opponents, you may do One of the following 3 things: 1. Spy: Look at opponent’s hand. 2. Intelligence: Draw 1 card from the deck and discard 1 card from your hand. 3. Sabotage: Discard 1 Espionage PT to make opponent discard 1 Random Card from his hand. POLICY PHASE You may remove 2 PT from one of your AOP and Add 1 PT to any other AOP. You may do this once only. IMPLEMENTATION PHASE You may play (implement) any 1 card from your hand. The card played will add to or subtract from your and your opponent’s Power Scores. Some cards will provide additional effects. Discard the card after it is played. THREAT PHASE If your Military Score is Greater than your Opponent’s, your Opponent must discard 1 PT from his Social AOP. ECONOMICS PHASE If your Economics Score is Greater than your Opponent’s, you May discard 1 Economic PT to Draw 1 card. POLITICS PHASE If your Territory Score is Greater than your Opponent’s, you May play (Implement) an extra card from your hand this turn. END PHASE Discard down to 10 cards. CARD LIST NOTATION Milit = Military Econ = Economic Soc = Social Esp = Espionage Terr = Territorial A = Amer = American R = Russ = Soviet Opp = Opponent (Affecting Opponents Side) Home = Home (Affecting your own Side) B = Can be used by both players Use = Which player can use the card Leader = Play 2 extra cards in Implementation Phase CARD LIST Card Name: Use Notes: Marshall Plan A Terr Amer+3 Econ Amer-2 Industrial Giant A Econ Amer+3 Military Industrial Complex B Milit Home+2 Econ Home+1 Iron Curtain R Terr Russ+2 Milit Rus-2 Nuclear Sub Fleet B Milit Home+3 Econ Home-2 Korean War R Milit Amer-1 Econ Amer-1 Soc Amer-1 NATO A Terr Amer+2 Milit Amer+2 United Nations A Milit Rus-1 Terr Russ-1 Warsaw Pact R Terr Russ+2 Milit Russ+2 Stalinism B Milit Russ+2 Social Russ-3 Esp Russ+2 Sputnik R Milit Russ+1 Soc Russ+1 Soc Amer-2 Space Race B Milit Home+1 Econ Home+1 Soc Home+1 Communist Revolution R Terr Russ+2 Econ Russ-1 Paranoia B Soc Opp-2 International Conferences B Soc Home+1 Capitalism A Econ Amer+3 Democracy A Soc Amer+2 Econ Amer+1 Ethnic Divisions B Soc Opp-2 Anti-War Movement B Soc Opp-2 Collective Agriculture A Econ Russ-2 Military Advisors B Terr Home+1 Milit Home+1 Nationalized Industry A Econ Russ-2 Restricted Cultural Expression A Soc Russ-2 Civil Liberties Denied B Soc Opp-2 Peoples Republics R Terr Russ+2 Occupation Forces B Terr Home+2 Milit Home-2 Youth Movement B Soc Opp-2 Market Reforms B Econ Home+2 Crackdown R Soc Russ+2 Milit Russ-1 Military Alliance B Milit Home+2 Econ Home-1 ICBMs B Milit Home+3 Econ Home-2 Containment A Terr Russ-2 Milit Amer-1 Propaganda B Soc Opp-1 Soc Home+1 Diplomacy B Terr Home+2 Aid to Third World Countries B Terr Home+3 Econ Home-2 Spy Ring B Esp Home+2 Subversion B Soc Opp-2 Esp Home+1 Negotiation B Terr Opp-1 Milit Home-1 Soc Home+1 Détente B Milit Opp-1 Milit Home-1 Esp Home+1 Confrontation B Soc Opp+1 Milit Home+2 Summit Meetings B Milit Opp-2 Terr Home-1 Bilateral Disarmament B Milit Opp-2 Milit Home-2 Soc Home +1 Hard-Line Leader B Soc Home+2 Soc Opp-1 Star Wars Weapon System A Milit Amer+2 Econ Amer-1 Evil Empire A Soc Amer+1 Milit Amer+1 Invasion of Afghanistan A Milit Russ-1 Econ Russ-1 Soc Russ-2 Vietnam War R Milit Amer-1 Econ Amer-1 Soc Amer-2 Bay of Pigs R Milit Amer-1 Soc Amer-1 Berlin Wall A Soc Russ-2 Cuban Missile Crisis A Milit Russ-2 Energy Crisis B Econ Opp-2 Satellite States R Milit Russ+1 Econ Russ+1 Terr Russ+2 Radio Free Europe A Soc Russ-2 Annexation R Terr Russ+2 Milit Russ-1 Counterrevolutionary Forces A Terr Russ-1 Milit Russ-1 Glasnost A Milit Russ-1 Terr Russ-1 Soc Amer+1 Perestroika A Milit Russ-1 Terr Russ-1 Soc Russ+1 Strikes B Econ Opp-2 Soc Opp-1 Arab-Israeli Wars A Milit Russ-2 Econ Amer-1 Puppet Regime B Terr Home+2 Milit Home-1 Proxy War B Milit Opp-2 Milit Home-1 Terr Opp-1 Sandinistas in Nicaragua R Terr Russ+1 Milit Russ+1 Milit Amer-1 Iran-Iraq War B Milit Opp-2 Milit Home-1 Terr Opp-1 Popular Uprising B Terr Opp-2 Milit Opp-1 Truman Doctrine A Terr Russ-2 Milit Amer-1 COMECON R Terr Russ+3 Econ Russ-2 Free Elections A Soc Amer+2 Normalize Relationships B Soc Home+2 Soc Opp+1 Foreign Aid B Terr Home+3 Econ Home-2 Czechoslovakian Coup R Terr Russ+2 Milit Russ+1 Medium Rang Missiles B Milit Home+2 Econ Home-1 Soviet Gas Pipeline R Econ Russ+3 Mutual Defense Treaties A Terr Amer+2 Milit Amer+1 Berlin Blockade R Terr Amer-1 Econ Amer-1 Soc Amer-1 KGB R Esp Russ+2 CIA A Esp Amer+2 Cultural Thaw A Soc Amer+1 Soc Russ-2 Nike Missiles A Milit Amer+2 Econ Amer-1 Assassination of Kennedy R Soc Amer-2 Brezhnev Doctrine R Milit Russ+1 Terr Russ+1 Esp Russ+1 Corruption B Soc Opp-2 Econ Opp-1 Failed Economic Policies A Econ Russ-2 Soc Russ-1 Prop-Up Dictatorship B Terr Home+2 Econ Home-1 Support Central American Rebels B Milit Home+2 Econ Home-1 Spy Planes B Milit Home+1 Esp Home+2 Econ Home-1 Moon Landing A Milit Home+1 Soc Amer+2 Soc Russ-2 Uprisings in Poland A Terr Amer+1 Terr Russ-1 Soc Russ-1 Nuclear Accident A Soc Russ-3 Econ Russ-3 Bomber Gap B Milit Opp+1 Econ Opp-2 Missile Gap B Milit Opp+1 Econ Opp-2 Western Imperialism R Terr Amer-2 Aid to Arab Countries R Terr Russ+2 Econ Russ-2 Milit Russ+1 Middle East Peace Talks A Terr Amer+2 Soc Amer+1 Communist Aggression A Terr Amer+2 Soc Amer-1 Milit Amer+1 Nixon Visits China A Terr Amer+1 Soc Amer+1 Econ Amer+1 Nuclear Bomb Research B Milit Home+2 Econ Home-1 Increase Nuclear Arsenal B Milit Home+3 Econ Home-2 Arms Race B Milit Home+2 Econ Home-1 Econ Opp-1 Cruise Missile Technology B Milit Home+2 Econ Home-1 Cold War Heats Up B Milit Home+2 Milit Opp+1 Soc Opp-1 Military Escalation B Milit Home+3 Milit Opp+1 Soc Home-1 Spy Satellites B Esp Home+2 Milit Home+1 Econ Home-1 Massive Arms Buildup B Milit Home+3 Econ Home-2 Econ Opp-1 Boycott Olympic Games A Soc Russ-2 Iran/Contra Affair R Soc Amer-2 Manned Space Flights B Milit Home+1 Econ Home-1 Soc Home+1 NASA A Milit Amer+1 Econ Amer-1 Soc Amer+1 Cosmonauts R Milit Russ+1 Econ Russ-1 Soc Russ+1 Unmanned Space Flights B Milit Home+1 Econ Home-1 Soc Home+1 U-2 Incident R Esp Amer-2 Soc Amer-1 Khrushchev Visits the US R Soc Russ+2 President Ford A Leader Soc Amer-1 Dwight D. Eisenhower A Leader Terr Amer+1 President Kennedy A Leader Soc Amer+1 Ronald Reagan A Leader Soc Amer+1 Nikita Khrushchev R Leader Soc Russ+1 Leonid Brezhnev R Leader Milit Russ+1 Econ Russ-1 Yuri Andropov R Leader Esp Russ+1 Premier Chernenko R Leader Mikhail Gorbachev R Leader Soc Russ+1 Terr Russ-1 Che Guevara R Soc Russ+2 Fidel Castro R Terr Russ+1 Soc Russ+1 Marxist Guerillas R Terr Russ+1 Milit Russ+1 Bureaucracy A Econ Russ-2 Centralized Economic Planning R Econ Russ+2 McCarthyism R Soc Amer-2 Superpower B Milit Home+2 Econ Home+1 Balance of Terror B Social Home-2 Soc Opp-2 Terr Home+1 West Europe A Econ Amer+1 Milit Amer+1 Allied Japan A Econ Amer+2 Far Flung Bases A Milit Amer+3 Econ Amer-2 Dissidents B Soc Opp-2 Wall Street A Econ Amer+2 Economic Powerhouse A Econ Amer+2 Land of Opportunity A Econ Amer+1 Soc Amer+1 Ethnic Strife B Soc Opp-2 Hostage Debacle B Soc Opp-2 Oil Embargo B Econ Opp-2 India Pakistan War B Soc Opp-1 Terr Home+1 Contest of Wills B Soc Home+1 Domino Theory R Terr Russ+2 Workers of the World Unite! 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