Card game for 2-4+ people. 
Theme: Charlemagne (Charles the Great), King of the Franks 768-814. 

The game ends when all 10 Regions have been conquered. 

The player with the most Victory Points (VP) at the end of the game wins. 

There are 2 decks: 
The Region Deck
The Play Deck

The play deck has 3 card types: 
Foe Cards 
War Cards
Victory Cards

There are 10 cards in the Region deck, 1 for each Region. 
These are placed on the table face-up and lined-up so they are 
Visible to all players. 

Each region has a Strength Rating (SR) and a Victory Point (VP) value. 
Region:			SR	VP	Notes:
Aquitania		10	2	Plus Gascony; Starts the game as Hostile
Lombardy       		15	4	Threaten Rome
Saxony			20	4	German Tribe
North Iberia		10	2	Moors & Basques; The Spanish March 
Bretons			5	1	West Gaul
Benevento		5	2	Lombardy must be Conquered first
Bavaria			5	1	Must be Conquered before the Avars
Slavs			10	2	The Welatabians
Avars			20	5	Descendants of the Huns; Rich in Plunder
Danes			15	3	The Northmen

Place the 10 Region cards. 
Shuffle the Play deck. 
The most French player goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 6 Phases: 
1. Fate Phase
2. Foe Phase
3. Fortune Phase
4. Fight Phase
5. Feat Phase
6. Finale Phase

Draw 3 cards from the Play Deck. 
Place them face-up in front of you. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Place any Foe cards you drew onto any Regions that have 
Not yet been conquered. 
Note: When placing (attaching) a Play card onto a region, place it 
Slightly under the Region card so its Strength is still visible. 

Place any Victory cards you drew onto any Regions that have 
Not yet been conquered. 

Place any War cards you drew onto any Regions that have 
Not yet been conquered. See the Hostility & Conquest Rules. 
War cards, Foe cards, and Region Cards have Strength Ratings. 
If the total Strength of the War cards on a Region is equal to or greater than 
The Strength of the Region card plus attached Foe cards, you conquer the Region. 

If you conquered a Region (card) last phase, place it, and any attached 
Victory cards into your Victory Pile. 
Discard all Foe and War cards on the Region card. 
Each Victory card is worth 1 Victory Point (VP)
Each Region has its own VP value listed on the card. 

You must play all 3 cards you were dealt this turn if possible. 
If it is not possible to play a card, discard it. 

Some War and Foe cards have the Hostility Trait. 
These can be played on a Non-Hostile Region to make it become Hostile. 
War cards without the Hostility Trait can only be played on Hostile Regions. 
The only Region that starts the game Hostile is Aquitania. 
The other Regions must be converted to a Hostile State. 

Some War cards have the Conquest Trait. 
These cards can only be used if by playing them you actually 
Conquer in that Phase the Region you play them on. 

F = Foe Cards 
W = War Cards
V = Victory Cards
SR = Strength Rating 
C = Conquest Trait
H = Hostility Trait

Card Name:				Type	SR	Trait
Appear in Person       			W	4	
Frankish Nobles				W	2	
Fierce People				F	5	
Devil Worshippers			F	3	
Wage War				W	4	
Long Campaign				W	2	
Renew War				F	5	H
Compel Foe				W	4
Great Vigor				W	4
Submission				W	4	C
Quick Conclusion       			W	4	C
Premature Death				W	4	C
Grounds for War				W	2	H
Entreaties				W	2	H
Declare War				W	2	H
Long Siege				W	2	
Hostages       				V	-
Restoration of Lands			V	-	
Oath of Allegiance			V	-
Surrender				W	4	C
Subdue					W	4	C
Rebellion				F	5	H
Exhaustion				W	4	
Pepin					W	4	
Set Son as King				V	-
Subjection				W	4	C
Banishment				V	-
Expulsion				V	-
Tributary				V	-
Bitter Struggle				W	2	
Persistence				W	2
Dishonorable				F	3	
Transgressions				F	3	H
Expedition				W	4	H
Breach of Peace				F	3	H
Reprisals				W	2	H
Great Fury				W	2	
Promises       				V	-
Violate Terms				F	2	H
Steadfastness				W	2	
Wreak Vengeance				W	4	
Take to the Field			W	2
Open War				W	2
Exact Righteous Satisfaction		V	-
Ambuscade				F	5
Resettlement				V	-
Union					V	-
Renunciation				V	-
Pitched Battle				W	2
Enemy Routed				W	2
Protracted War				W	2
Strong Position				F	3
Arduous Contest				F	5
Frontier Garrisons			W	2
Muster Vassals				W	2
Treachery				F	5	H
Demand Obedience       			W	2	H
Threats					W	2	H
Harassing Raids				F	3	H
Invasion       				F	5	H
Send Army				W	2
Great Sum of Money			V	-
Arrogant Duke				F	3	H
Challenge				F	3	H
Summon Troops				W	2
Great Army				W	4	
Pitch Camp				W	2
Quell Uprising				W	4	C
Insurrection				F	3	H
Auxiliaries				W	2	
Depopulate Region			V	-
Seize Treasure				V	-
Spoils of War				V	-
Scara Elite Cavalry			W	2
Vain Boastful King			F	5	H
Preparations for War			W	2
Skillful Planning			W	2
Barbarous Tribes       			F	3
Vanquished				W	4	C
Overthrown				W	4	C
Glory					V	-	
Claim Kingship				V	-
Crowned Holy Roman Emperor		V	-
Spread of Catholicism			V	-
Patronize the Arts			V	-
Carolingian Renaissance			V	-
Convert Pagans				V	-
Warrior-King				W	4
Mass Baptisms				W	2	
Massacres				W	2	
Revolts					F	3	
Reconcilliation				W	2	
Christianization       			V	-	
Monestaries				W	2	
Missionary Activity			W	2	
The Song of Roland			V	-	
Frontier Marks				W	2	
Sub-Kinngdoms				W	2	
Assembly of Counts			W	2	

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