Card game for 2 players. 
Based on the Imaginary world of Oz. 
One player represents the forces of good. 
The other player is the forces of evil. 

If, for 2 turns in a row, starting on turn 6, a player has no viable 
Characters in play, his opponent wins. 

The Good & Evil Characters each have their own unique Decks. 
The deck contains one of each card in the card list. 
Card Types include: Characters, Companions, Locations, Items, 
Modifiers, Powers, Attacks, Events

A Twelve-sided die is needed. 

Decide who is Good and who is Evil. 
Players get their respective Decks. 
Each player is dealt a hand of 7 cards.

A viable Character is one that is not: 
Killed, Incapacitated, Exiled, or Captured. 
A Character must be viable for any of its Special Abilities to work. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases: 
Adventure Phase
Summon Phase
Attack Phase
Rest Phase

Draw 2 cards and put them in your hand.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Put permanent cards into play from your hand. 
Permanent cards include: Characters, Companions (Minions), 
Locations, Items, and Modifiers. 
Place Location and Character cards face up in front of you. 
Item, Companion, and Modifier cards are attached to 
individual characters. 
You may organize your Characters into groups. 
A Group can have a max of 4 Members. 
Members of Groups add their Forces for Attack & Defense. 
All Members of a Group are considered to be the same 
Target and suffer the same fate from spells & attacks. 

Each of your viable characters/groups may make 1 attack per turn. 
An Attack targets an opposing viable character/group.  
First declare all Attacks.
The player who is being attacked is the defender.  
(Targeted Characters are also called “Marked” Characters)
To make an attack you must play (discard) an Attack card.  
The attacker rolls 1D12 and adds the Force of the attacking 
Characters and all attached cards. This is the Attack Total. 
The defender rolls 1D12 and adds the Force of the defending 
Target Characters and all attached cards. This is the Defense Total. 
Players may play (discard) Event and Spell cards to 
temporarily increase their Force. 
The higher Total wins. Attacker wins ties. 
If the Defender wins, the Attack fails, and nothing further happens. 
If the Attacker wins, the Target Characters suffer the fate described 
on The Attack card (Killed, Incapacitated, Controlled, Exiled, or Captured)
Note: Some Attacks do not target an opposing Character/Group. They 
Instead target a Location or friendly Character(s) to be affected. 
In this case, the defender may assign one of his Characters/groups to 
Intervene as if they were being attacked. If the defender wins the 
Battle the Attacker fails at his attempt. If the attacker wins, the 
Attempt is successful. 

For one Attack on your turn you do not have to play an Attack card.
The Free Attack can be used to capture, negate a capture, or 
Negate the control of a Location.   
The Free Attack has no Bonus.

Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 
You may assign each of your Characters/groups to Location cards. 

Killed Characters are placed in a special Killed Character card pile. 
All cards attached to the Character are discarded. 

Exiled Characters are placed in a special Exiled Character card pile. 
(They are no longer in Oz) 
All cards attached to the Character are discarded. 

Mark Incapacitated Characters with a token. 
You remain in control (possession) of your Incapacitated Character. 

If you gain control of an opponents Character, it now becomes your 
Character, and you may attack with it, etc. 
Indicate controlled status with a marker. 
Note that a controlled character is still viable, but only for 
the Player that now controls it. 
Important Point: If the original Attacking Character that brought 
the target character under Control is in turn controlled or 
made unviable, the control is lost, and The target character returns 
to its original owner fully viable. 
(Players will have to remember which character did what to whom)

You take possession of a Character you have captured. 
A Captured Character is not viable and may not attack, etc. 
Indicate controlled status with a counter. 
All non-modifier cards attached to the Character are discarded. 
Important Point: If the original Attacking Character that captured 
the target character is in turn controlled or made unviable, 
the captive is freed, and The target character returns to its 
original owner fully viable. 

Some Event cards allow for a “Call Defender” ability.
These cards are played by the Defender in Attack Phase.  
This lets an unmarked friendly viable character/group to join the 
Marked Character/group in a larger group. 

A Counter card causes a target card to be discarded only as it 
is being played. 
A Negate card causes a target card in play to be discarded or 
target effect to end. 

You cannot play Spell cards unless you have a Spellcaster in play. 

F = Force  
E = Event play in Adventure Phase
B = Event play in Attack Phase
R = Event play in Rest Phase
X = Event play any time
C = Character
U = Spell Caster
S = Spell
UO = Spellcaster Only
W = Woman
L = Location
I = Item
M = Modifier
A = Attack
N = Companion/Minion
TC = Target Character
D = Call Defender Card
FGM = Fellow Group Members
DO = Defender Only
AO = Attacker Only
AP = Adventure Phase
CC = Captured Character
CAL = Characters assigned to this Location
CAC = Characters attacking Characters at this Location
UBA = User Becomes a…

Name:				Type	Force	Notes:
Dorthy Gale			CW	3	FGM get F+1
Glinda the Good Witch		CUW	8	Spells get F+1
The Wizard of Oz		CU	4	
Cowardly Lion			C	4	F+2 if Attacking
Scarecrow			C	4	Hand Size +1
Tin Woodsman			C	5	
Toto the Dog			N	+2	
Queen Ozma			CUW	6	FGM get F+1
The Emerald City		L	-	CAL Get F+4 DO
The Yellow Brick Road		L	-	CAL get F+2 AO
Cyclone				E	-	Kill TC
Disguise			B	-	All AO Characters get F+3
Silver Slippers			I	+3	Female UBA Spellcaster
Magic Snow			S	+6	-
Quest				A	+5	Kill
Find Weakness			B	+7	-
Magic Picture			I	-	AP: Look at opponents Hand
Take Item			S	-	Steal Target Item Card
Water of Oblivion		R	-	CC is Incapacitated
Wish				S	+7	-
Gillikins			N	+3	-
Incantation			S	-	All Spellcasters get F+3
Enchantment			SM	+3	-
Tik-Tok				C	4	-
The Sawhorse			N	+3	-
Billina the Yellow Hen		N	+2	-
Powder of Life			I	-	Discard to draw 3 cards
The Gump			N	+4	-
Magic Carpet			I	+2	-
The Hungry Tiger		C	4	Cannot attach Companions
Royal Historian of Oz		C	1	Draw 1 extra card per turn
Munchkins			N	+2	-
Defeat				A	+3	Capture
Thwart				A	+4	Exile
Deadly Desert			X	-	Negate target Attack
Army of Female Soldiers		N	+6	-
Good Fairies			N	+4	-
Invisibility			S	+5	-
Protective Magic		S	+8	Defender Only
Rescue				A	+4	Negate a Capture
Aid Escape			A	+5	Negate a Capture
Disenchant			S	-	Negate an Incapacitate
Locasta the Good Witch		CUW	4	Hand Size +1
Hot Air Balloon			I	+2	-
University of Magic		M	+2	UBA Spellcaster
King				M	+3	Males Only
White Dress & Green Pumps	M	+2	Females Only
Banish				A	+3	Exile
Cry for Help			X	-	Call Defender
Palace				L	-	CAL Get F+2 DO
Jack Pumpkinhead		C	2	-
General Jinjur			CW	5	Companions get F+1

Name:				Type	Force	Notes:
Wicked Witch of the East	CUW	6	Spells get F+1
Wicked Witch of the West	CUW	5	Minions get F+1
Castle				L	-	CAC get F-3 
Goblin Guards			N	+4	Extra F+1 to Capture
Winged Monkeys			N	+3	Extra F+2 to Capture
Magic Belt			I	+5	Spellcaster only
Spell Book			I	+3	Spellcaster only
Turn to Wood			S	-	Incapacitate
Seized by Guards		A	+3	Capture
Kill Slowly			R	-	CC is Killed
Roquat the Nome King		CU	7	Draw +1 Card per Turn
Trapped				A	+4	Capture
Potaroo the Royal Wizard	CU	2	Nome
I’ll get you my Pretty		A	-	Capture
Magical Staff			I	+2	UO
Magical Robe			I	+1	Extra +3 when Attacking
Magic Wand			I	+1	UO; Spells get F+2
Thrown in the Dungeon		A	+3	Capture
Locked Away			A	+2	Capture
Torture				R	-	CC is Incapacitated
Revenge				M	+2	-
Kalico the Steward		CU	4	Nome
Golden Cap			I	+2	Minions get F+1
Winkie Slaves			N	+2	-
Quadling Slaves			N	+3	-
Fire Cage			S	+6	-
General Guph			C	4	Nome
Murder				A	+1	Kill
Sorcery				S	+5	-
Mangaboos			N	+4	-
Illusions			S	+3	-
Long Recovery			R	-	Negate an Incapacitate
Transformation			S	-	Incapacitate
Curse				SM	-	Incapacitate
Conquest			A	+5	Control a Location
Mishap				R	-	TC Exiled
Ritual Sacrifice		R	-	CC is Killed
Crystal Ball			I	-	AP: Look at Opponents Hand
Mombi				CUW	3	-
Singra				CUW	4	-
Whimsies			N	+3	-
Growleywogs			N	+4	-
Phanfasms			N	+5	-
Misguided			E	-	Control
Giant Size			S	+5	-
Evil Spirits			N	+5	-
Enslave				A	+4	Capture
Imprison			A	+3	Capture

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