INTRODUCTION Card and Dice game for 2+ players. Canaan circa 1300 – 1100 BC. Each player represents 1 Nation vying for control of Palestine. VICTORY At the end of 20 turns, the player with the most City Tokens wins. CITY TOKENS The land of Canaan (Palestine) is represented by a pool of 20 City Tokens. ARMY TOKENS Tokens (of a different color) are also used to keep track of Armies. Each Army Token a player owns generates 1 Force in Conquest phase. Each Army Token roughly represents 1,000 men. NATIONS Each player must pick 1 Nation. Available Nations Include: Canaanites Hebrews Egyptians Hittites Philistines Assyrians Minor Kingdoms Each Nation has a special Ability. CANAANITES The Canaanites are the decadent native inhabitants of the region. They start with 10 of the City Tokens before the Remaining Tokens are given out in Setup Phase. HEBREWS The Hebrews are religious zealots with superior leadership. Their Max hand size is +1. EGYPTIANS The Egyptians are populous but in decline. They start the game with 20 Armies. HITTITES The feudal Hittite war machine is efficient with good logistical support. The Hittites are allowed 1 extra conquest phase per turn. PHILISTINES The Philistines are master iron workers of Agean stock. The Philistines get +1D6 Force in Numbers Category. ASSYRIANS Expansionist & Sophisticated. The Assyrians are very adept at siege-craft. Opponents may not use Defense cards vs Assyrians. The Assyrians get +1 to their Muster Rolls. MINOR KINGDOMS Have no Special Abilities. These Include: Moabites, Edomites, Ammonites, Phoenicians, Arameans NO TOKENS If you are out of City Tokens or Army Tokens you are Not eliminated from the game. SETUP Divide up the City Tokens amongst all Players. Each player draws 5 cards Each player starts with 10 Army Tokens. Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. The current player is the Active player (also the Attacker) Each turn has 4 Phases: 1. Leadership Phase 2. Muster Phase 3. Alliance Phase 4. Conquest Phase 1. LEADERSHIP PHASE All players fill their hands to 7 cards. Players may discard up to 3 cards and draw replacements. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 2. MUSTER PHASE Active player gains 1D6 Army Tokens. (The Muster Roll) 3. ALLIANCE PHASE Declare who you are attacking this turn (or Pass). You are the Attacker, your target is the Defender. Other players may ally with either of you. An ally can lend 1 card or up to 5 Army Tokens. Army Tokens not destroyed are returned at the end of the turn. 4. CONQUEST PHASE Conquest Phase represents 1 Battle between 2 Nations. First Attacker & Defender may fill their hands to 7 cards. Next The Attacker & Defender determine who has the advantage in 4 categories: 1. Numbers 2. Strategy 3. Intelligence 4. Morale Players play cards to generate Force in each Category. Players compare Force Totals in each Category. Ties in a Category remain ties. If one player has the advantage (wins) in more Categories, he wins the Battle. If the players tie in categories won, roll high on 1D6 to determine winner. The loser loses 1D6 x 10% of their Army Tokens. The winner loses 10% of their Army Tokens and takes a City Token from the Loser. A Player cannot lose more Armies than his opponent has Armies. NUMBERS CATEGORY Each Army a player controls generates 1 Force. Some cards when played generate additional Numbers Category force. The Player with the most Force wins the numbers category. STRATEGY CATEGORY Attacker & Defender play strategy cards. Each card has a Force value. The Player with the most Force wins the Strategy category. The Defender may play Defense cards as Strategy cards. The Attacker may use Siege cards, but only if the defender used a Defense card If a Defense card is played, terrain cards are discarded if played or in play. INTELLIGENCE CATEGORY Attacker & Defender play intelligence cards. Each card has a Force value. The Player with the most Force wins the intelligence category MORALE CATEGORY Attacker & Defender play Morale cards. Each card has a Force value. The Player with the most Force wins the Morale category CARD LIST NOTATION I = Intelligence S = Strategy M = Morale D = Defense B = Siege N = Numbers R = Retreat = Play if loser in conquest phase, to reduce your casualties by half. P = Pursuit = Play if winner in conquest phase to double opponents casualties. Q = Player gets an extra conquest phase this turn (only if he won the first) U = Opponent cannot Attack you this turn A = Target Player cannot Ally this turn G = Gain an extra 2 Army Tokens this Turn Z = Opponent loses 1D6 Army Tokens (Play in his Muster Phase) X = Special COMMON DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Type Force Notes: River Crossing S 4 First Wave S 2 Second Wave S 3 Spearhead S 3 Night March S 4 Clever Stratagem S 5 Maneuvers S 2 Ruse S 5 Renew the Attack S 3 or Numbers = 2 Strategic Insight S 2 Draw 1 card when played Enemy Complacency S 4 or Intelligence = 2 Screening Force S 2 or Intelligence = 2 Surprise S 5 Sham Retreat S 5 Open Plain S 4 Terrain Deployments S 2 or Numbers = 1 Covered Position S 3 or Intelligence = 2 Pitched Battle S 3 or Numbers = 2 Main Assault S 4 Ambush S 5 Attack Downhill S 5 Terrain Block Approach S 4 Cunning S 5 Take the Initiative S 4 Concerted Attack S 2 & Numbers = 1 Forced March S 3 Split Forces S 4 Fight in Woods S 2 Terrain Guerrilla Tactics S 3 Speed & Mobility S 2 Swampy Ground S 5 Terrain Diversion S 4 Threaten Flank S 3 & Morale = 2 Decoy S 4 Intercept S 3 or Intelligence = 2 Surrounded S 5 Pre-Arranged Signal S 4 or Intelligence = 2 Attack Rear S 5 Trap S 5 Night Attack S 5 Narrow Gorge S 5 Terrain Timing S 5 Stealth S 5 or Intelligence = 2 Set Battle S 2 Mountains S 4 Terrain Formations S 2 & Numbers = 1 Phalanx N 3 or Strategy = 2 War Chariots N 3 Picked Troops N 3 Multitude N 2 Towers & Battlements D 4 Ramparts D 4 Entrenchment D 3 Garrison D 2 & Numbers = 1 Formidable Defenses D 5 Outpost D 3 Stronghold D 4 Citadel D 4 Fortified City D 5 Strong Defenses D 4 Earthquake B 9 Weak Walls B 5 Scale the Walls B 5 Starvation B 5 Siege Engines B 5 Tunnel B 5 Ramp B 5 Fire & Smoke B 4 Battering Rams B 5 Innkeeper I 4 Underestimate I 4 Observers I 3 Reconnoiter I 3 Know Terrain I 5 Terrain Spies I 5 Vantage Point I 4 Misled I 5 Learn Dispositions I 3 Infiltrate Camp I 4 Learn Intentions I 2 Draw 1 card when Played Scouts I 4 Catch Enemy Spy I 3 Mission I 4 Communications I 2 & Strategy = 1 Reports I 3 Lookouts I 2 Personal Reconnaissance I 5 Traitor I 5 Demoralized M 3 Divine Intervention M 6 Terror M 5 Flush with Victory M 5 Leadership M 3 & Strategy = 3 Self-Assurance M 4 Champion M 5 Revive Spirits M 4 Exhaustion M 3 & Numbers = 1 Anxiety M 3 Break M 5 Leader Slain M 7 Vengeance M 4 Superstition M 4 Blow Trumpets M 3 Heroic Action M 5 Confusion M 3 Panic M 5 Desperate M 5 Religious Beliefs M 3 Prowess M 3 Psychological Impact M 4 Daring M 3 Campaign Q - Occupation Q - Logistics Q - Invasion Q - Pillage & Plunder Q - Subjugation Q - Impose Authority Q - Pre-Emptive Strike Q - Interference Q - Counter Offensive Q - Organized Retreat R - Friendly Territory R - Escape R - Regroup R - Smite Foe P - Rout P - Flee P - Disperse Foe P - Harass Fugitives P - Blocking Force P - Exploit Victory P - Decisive Victory P - Pursuit P - Diplomacy U - Wells Dry Up U - Weakness U - Empty Promises A - Threatened A - Ally Minor Tribe G - Gather Host G - Centralized Government G - Tribal Contingents G - Mercenaries G - Auxiliary Troops G - Local Clans G - Natural Allies G - Drought Z - Internal Divisions Z - Desertions Z - Nomad Razzias Z - Raids Z - LINKS Assyrians Hittites Philistines Canaanites

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