A 2-4 player game of medieval conquest.

Be the first player to control 7 castles on the map.

Use a hex map.
Locate 12 castles on the map.
Other hex types include clear, forest, mountain, river, and sea.

Each player has a set of chits of a unique color.
Each chit set includes control markers and army markers.

The deck contains 60 cards, 4 of each of the 15 types in the card list.

Each player starts in control of 3 castles, and has 1 army in each.
Each player starts with a full hand of 7 cards
Determine turn order: Each player draws one card. High siege value goes first.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 5 phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. March Phase
3. Battle Phase
4. Recruit Phase
5. Control Phase

All players fill their hands to 7 cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard, and draw from it.

Only one army per hex.
Armies may move 2 spaces over clear hexes.
Armies may move 1 space over castle, forest & river hexes.
Armies cannot move into mountain or sea hexes.
Discard a March card to move an army a second time.

The active players armies may attack adjacent enemy armies.
Fight one battle at a time. 
The active player chooses which battle to resolve next.
At the beginning of all battles both players fill their hands to seven cards.
If the defending army is in a castle it is a siege battle.
If the defending army is not in a castle it is an open battle.
Both players may play some or all of their cards.
Cards have numeric values for both open & siege battles.
Some cards destroy other cards in open battle.
The destroyed cards are discarded simultaneously and immediately.
In a siege there are some cards that can only be played by the attacker or the defender.
Each side adds up the total value of all its cards to get a Battle total.
In open battle defenders in forest hexes get +2 to their battle total.
In open battle defenders in river hexes get 2 to their battle total.
An army gets +1 to its battle total for every other friendly army adjacent 
to the enemy army.
Compare the battle totals. The higher total wins. The defender wins ties.
The losing army is destroyed.
If the attacking army wins it may move into the empty hex left by the loser.
All cards played are discarded.

You can have as many armies as you have castles under your control.
If you currently have less armies than castles you may raise one new army in 
any one of your castles.

On all castles that one of your armies occupy remove any control markers of
your opponents and place one of your own control markers.

Name		Open	Siege	Notes
Archers		3	4	Destroy a Pikemen card in open battle
Crossbowmen	2	4	Destroy a Pikemen card in open battle	
Swordsmen	3	3		
Pikemen		3	3	Destroy a Knight card in open battle 
Knights		4	3	Destroy an Archer card in open battle
Boiling Oil	0	4	Defender only
Parapets   	0	5	Defender only
Moat		0	6	Defender only
Ladders		0	4	Attacker only
Sappers		0	5	Attacker only
Siege Tower	0	6	Attacker only
Catapults	1	4	
Trebuchets	1	5	
Ballistae	2	3	 
March		1	0	

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