Fantasy Setting. Worker Placement/Card Game for 2-4+ players. 
Players are Captains of the Guard defending a city from a plague of Monsters. 
Players recruit Heroes and equip them to defeat the various threats. 

The player with the most Gold at the end of the game wins. 
The game ends when the Monster Deck is depleted. 

Six sided Dice are needed. 

Use fake coins for gold. 
These are kept in a common Bank area. 

Each player will need their own set of 8-10 action tokens of a unique color. 
These can be pawns. All players place Tokens you are not using in a 
Separate common area near the Bank. 

There are 5 types of Hero Cubes: 
#	Type:		Color		Bonus
1. 	Warrior Cubes 	(Red)	Strength +1 vs Brute Monsters
2. 	Mage Cubes 	(Blue)	Strength +1 vs Magical Monsters
3. 	Priest Cubes 	(White)	Strength +1 vs Undead Monsters
4. 	Ranger Cubes 	(Green)	Strength +1 vs Beast Monsters
5. 	Soldier Cubes 	(Black)	No Bonus
About 10 of each should be sufficient. 
These can be Meeples. 
All Cubes are Heroes. 
All Cubes have a Base Strength of 1. 
These are kept in a common Pool area near the Bank. 

There are 3 Decks: 
1. The Monster Deck
2. The Item Deck
3. The Hero Deck

These will occupy the 3 Foe spaces on the board. 
Each Monster has a Strength Rating of 3-8 which must be equaled or exceeded to defeat it. 
When a Monster is Defeated the player will get a bounty in gold equal to its Strength. 
When the Deck is Depleted the game is over. 
There are 4 types of Monsters: Magical, Undead, Brute, and Beast. 
Various Cubes and Cards will give bonuses against specific types of Monsters. 

These cards go into a players hand. 
When played, they are discarded into the appropriate discard pile. 
If the Deck ever runs out, shuffle the Discard and draw from it. 
These represent (Single Use) Weapons, Relics, and objects useful to the Heroes. 
The back of the card should depict a crossed Sword and Staff. 

These cards go into a players hand. 
When played, they are discarded into the appropriate discard pile. 
If the Deck ever runs out, shuffle the Discard and draw from it. 
These represent (Single Use) Spells, Skills, and Events beneficial to the Heroes. 
The back of the card should depict a Guard at his Post. 

Your hand will contain both Hero and Item Cards. 

The small area of table directly in front of your seat. 
Keep your Gold, your Cubes, and your Action Tokens in your Zone.   

The Board has 23 Action Spaces and 3 Foe Boxes
Spaces must be big enough to contain 1 Action Token. 
Boxes must be big enough to contain 1 Monster Card. 

#	Space:			Notes:
1.	Guild Hall		Gain 1 Action Token (This costs 5 Gold)
2.	Tavern			Roll on the Tavern Table. Unlimited Capacity
3. 	Arena			Gain 1 Warrior Cube
4.	Tower	 		Gain 1 Mage Cube
5. 	Temple			Gain 1 Priest Cube
6.	Barracks		Gain 1 Soldier Cube
7.	Lodge			Gain 1 Ranger Cube
8.	Dwarf Hall		Roll on the Dwarf Hall Table
9. 	Elf Grotto		Roll on the Elf Grotto Table
10.	Mercenaries		Pay 1 Gold for 1 Hero of any Type
11.	Guard Tower		Gain 1 Gold
12.	Academy			Gain 1 Hero Card
13.	Market			Gain 2 Items
14.	Town Hall		You become Leader: Go First Next Turn
15.	Alchemist		Your Heroes get +1 vs Magic Monsters
16.	Druids Grove		Your Heroes get +1 vs Beast Monsters
17. 	Shrine			Your Heroes get +1 vs Undead Monsters
18. 	Tactician		Your Heroes get +1 vs Brute Monsters
19. 	Oracle			Your Priests get +1
20.	Library			Your Mages get +1
21.	Fletcher		Your Rangers get +1
22.	Sword Smith		Your Warriors get +1
23.	Shield Smith		Your Soldiers get +1

These 3 Boxes are labeled:
1. Catacombs (Foe gets -1 Strength)
2. Dark Woods
3. Ancient Ruins (Foe gets +1 Strength)

Shuffle the Decks. 
Place the top 3 cards of the Monster Deck face-up onto the 3 Foe Boxes. 
Each player starts with 3 Action Tokens and 2 Gold. 
Players roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. This person becomes the Leader. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 

Each turn has 3 Phases: 
1. Hero Phase
2. Action Phase
3. End Phase

Each player draws 1 card from the Hero deck and adds it to their hand. 

Players take turns placing 1 of their Action Tokens onto the Board. 
The Leader goes first. Continue clockwise until all Action Tokens of all Players are placed. 
Action Tokens may be placed onto Action Spaces or Foe Boxes. 
Only a single Token may be placed on a Space or Box in a Turn. 
Once you claim a space or a Box no other player may place a token there.
The exception is the Tavern. The Tavern can hold any number of Action Tokens.  
When you place a Token resolve the terms of the Space or Box immediately. 
Effects are either one time (Gain 1 Gold) or last to the end of the turn (Your Mages get +1). 
If you claim a Foe Box see the Battle Rules Section. 

Remove all Action Tokens from the Board back to players Zones. 
Max hand size is 7 Cards. Discard excess cards. 
Place new Foes from the top of the Deck onto empty Foe Boxes. 

To place an Action Token on a Foe Box, you must have enough Strength to defeat the 
Monster there. Monsters will have a Strength of 3-8 according to the Monster Card. 
You must commit at least one Cube to the battle. 
All Cubes have a base Strength of 1. 
Some cubes have +1 Strength vs certain Monster Types. 
You may also play 1 or more Cards from your hand. 
Action spaces you have claimed this turn will give bonuses to certain types of 
Cubes and against certain types of Monsters.
Cards you play this turn will give bonuses to certain types of 
Cubes and against certain types of Monsters.
The combined strength of your Cubes plus Card and Space bonuses must equal or 
Exceed the Strength of the Monster Card to defeat it. 
When Defeated discard the Monster card and all Committed Cubes and played cards.
At this point you may play (discard) a Save card. This will prevent a specific type of 
Cube from being lost. Return the Cube to your Zone instead. 
Gain Gold (The Bounty) equal to the Strength of the Monster Card.  

1D6	Result:	
1	Buy a Round of Drinks: Lose 1 Gold
2	Brawl: Lose 1 Cube
3	Gambling: Gain 1 Gold
4	Rumor: Gain 1 Hero Card
5	Shady Deal: Gain 1 Item Card
6	Adventurer: Gain 1 Hero Cube of any Type

1D6	Result:	
1	Gain 1 Warrior Cube
2	Gain 1 Warrior Cube
3	Gain 1 Soldier Cube
4	Gain 1 Gold
5	Gain 1 Item Card
6	Gain 1 Item Card

1D6	Result:	
1	Gain 1 Warrior Cube
2	Gain 1 Mage Cube
3	Gain 1 Ranger Cube
4	Gain 1 Gold
5	Gain 1 Item Card
6	Gain 1 Hero Card

Monster			Strength	Type
Skeletons		3		Undead
Zombies			4		Undead
Ghouls			5		Undead
Werewolf		6		Undead
Vampire			7		Undead
Demon			8		Undead
Kobolds			3		Brute
Goblins			4		Brute
Orcs			5		Brute
Ogre			6		Brute
Troll			7		Brute
Giant			8		Brute
Gremlins		3		Magical
Chimera			4		Magical
Witch			5		Magical
Djinn			6		Magical
Sorcerer		7		Magical
Dragon			8		Magical
Ratlings		3		Beast
Stirges			4		Beast
Beast Men		5		Beast
Crockosaurs		6		Beast
Bandersnatch		7		Beast
Wild Wyrm		8		Beast

Item:			Notes:
Potion			Save 1 Cube
Sword			Warrior gets +1
Armor			Save 1 Warrior
Shield			Save 1 Soldier
Amulet			Save 1 Mage
Wand			Mage gets +1
Holy Symbol		Save 1 Priest
Holy Water		Any Hero gets +1 vs Undead
Spear			Soldier gets +1
Ring			Any Hero gets +1
Scroll			Gain 1 Temporary Action Token (This turn Only)
Arrows			Ranger gets +1
Runes			Any Hero gets +1 vs Magical 
Cloak			Save 1 Ranger
Sack of Coins		Gain 1 Gold (For selling Hides of Slain Monsters)
Mace			Priest gets +1
Net			Any Hero gets +1 vs Beasts
Poison Vial		Any Hero gets +1 vs Brutes

Legend Lore		Gain 2 Temporary Action Tokens (This turn Only)
Pick Pocket		Steal 1 Gold from target Opponent
Assassin		Discard 1 Target Opponent’s Cube
Thief			Steal 1 Random Card from target Opponents Hand
Treasure Hoard		Gain 2 Gold and 1 Item Card after Defeating a Monster
Wandering Monster	Shuffle Monster back into Monster Deck
Experience		Cube gets +1
Tracker 		Ranger gets +1
Sentry			Soldier gets +1
Knight			Warrior gets +1
Wizard			Mage gets +1
Cleric			Priest gets +1
Militia			Gain 1 Soldier Cube
Scout			Gain 1 Ranger Cube
Sell Sword		Gain 1 Warrior Cube
Wandering Monk		Gain 1 Priest Cube
Hedge Mage		Gain 1 Mage Cube
Druid			Ranger gets +1 and is also a Priest
Battle Mage		Mage gets +1 and is also a Warrior
Paladin			Priest gets +1 and is also a Warrior
Barbarian		Warrior gets +1 and is also a Ranger
Beast Master		Mage gets +1 and is also a Ranger
Wards			Save 1 Mage
Hide			Save 1 Ranger
Prayer			Save 1 Priest
Tough			Save 1 Warrior
Luck			Save 1 Soldier
Healing Spell		Save 1 Cube
Sleep Spell		Mage gets +2 vs Brutes
Charm Spell		Mage gets +2 vs Beasts
Fire Magic		Mage gets +2 vs Undead
Disenchant		Mage gets +2 vs Magical
Miracle			Priest gets +2 vs Magical
Smite			Priest gets +2 vs Brutes
Turn Undead		Priest gets +2 vs Undead
Banish			Priest gets +2 vs Beasts
Monster Slayer		Warrior gets +2 vs Beasts
Giant Slayer		Warrior gets +2 vs Brutes
Zombie Slayer		Warrior gets +2 vs Undead
Quickness		Warrior gets +2 vs Magical
Traps			Ranger gets +2 vs Beasts
Vampire Hunter		Ranger gets +2 vs Undead
Wizard Hunter		Ranger gets +2 vs Magical
Forest Protector	Ranger gets +2 vs Brutes


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