Historical period: Florida 1513 (Ponce de Leon) – 1821 (American posession)
Card & board game for 2-3 players.
Each player represents one colonial power: Spanish, British, or French

Players share the Enhancement deck.
The deck contains two types of cards: Income Cards & Combatants.

The Map is a circular ring divided into 36 spaces.
Spaces need to be large enough to put cards on.
The spaces are marked as follows:
1	Gulf Stream (Start/End Space)
2	Intracoastal Waterways
3	St Augustine (Settlement)
4	Mangrove Swamps
5	Unexplored Wilderness
6	Cowford (Settlement)
7	Payne’s prairie
8	Indian Trails
9	New Smyrna (Settlement)
10	Hardwood Hammock
11	Barrier Islands
12	Fort Caroline (Settlement)
13	Pond Apple Slough
14	King’s Road
15	Fort Matanzas (Settlement)
16	Cypress Stand
17	Lakes
18	Fort Picolata (Settlement)
19	St. Johns River
20	Wild Coast
21	Cape Canaveral (Settlement)
22	Beaches & Sandbars
23	Wetlands & Estuaries
24	Santa Maria de Loreto (Settlement)
25	Everglades
26	Old Spanish Road
27	San Luis (Settlement)
28	Sawgrass
29	Quagmire
30	San Marcos (Settlement)
31	Coral Reefs & Seagrass Beds
32	Sand Hills
33	Pensacola (Settlement)
34	Pine Barrens & Flatwoods
35	Sinkholes & Limestone Springs
36	Tallahassee (Settlement)

Each player has one pawn and 12 control markers.
Disease, Hurricane, Pirate, or Indian Raid Markers are needed.

The first player to accumulate 50 Gold is the winner. 

Each turn has 7 phases:
1. Rebuild Phase
2. Hurricane Phase
3. Pirate Phase
4. Indian Raid Phase
5. Disease Phase
6. Income Phase
7. Action Phase

Remove one Raze counter from each settlement that has one. 

Roll 3D6 and move the Hurricane Marker counterclockwise.
If the Hurricane lands on a Settlement place 1D6 Raze markers on it.
Enhancements are destroyed on a roll of 1 on 1D6 (roll for each)

Roll 2D6 and move the Pirate Marker counterclockwise.
If the Pirate lands on a Settlement, the settlement is attacked by 
1D3 combatants. If the defenders lose, place 1D6 Raze markers on the settlement. 
This includes the effects of bandits, outlaws, corsairs, slavers, wreckers, & buccaneers.

Roll 1D6 and move the Indian Raid Marker counterclockwise.
If the Indian Raid lands on a Settlement, the settlement is attacked by 
1D3 combatants. If the defenders lose, place 1D6 Raze markers on the settlement. 
Major tribes included: The Seminoles (Creeks), Miccosukee, Tequesta, 
Tocobaga, Timucuan, Apalachee, Calusa, and Choctaws.

Roll 1D6 and move the Disease Marker counterclockwise.
If the Disease lands on a Settlement place 1D6 Raze markers on it.
Diseases of the time included: Yellow Fever, Malaria, Typhus, and Cholera.
Combatants present are killed on a roll of 1-2 on 1D6

Each settlement generates income.
Income = 1 + the number of Income cards attached to the settlement.
Make an additional 1 Gold if the settlement has at least one Labor and
One non-labor income card attached.
The settlement makes an additional 1 Gold for each two Income cards of the 
same type, such as two ‘Civilization’ cards or two ‘Sea’ cards. 
Razed settlements do not generate income. 
If an opposing pawn is on your settlement the settlement generates no income.

Players take turns moving their pawn.
Roll two six sided dice, pick one, and move that many spaces clockwise.
A Player must skip his turn if his pawn occupies the same space as a 
Disease, Hurricane, Pirate, or Indian Raid Marker
If your pawn lands on a settlement not controlled by anyone, you are the “Founder” 
of the Settlement. Place one of your control markers on it.
If your pawn lands on a settlement you already control then remove 1D6 Raze 
Markers from it. If the settlement has no Raze markers draw one card from the 
Enhancement Deck. Attach the enhancement card to the settlement.
If your pawn lands on an opposing settlement you may attack it if you control either of 
the two Settlements next to it and at least one of them has a combatant card attached.
To resolve the attack, roll (1 + X)D6 where X = the number of combatant cards you 
Are committing from adjacent settlements. The defender rolls (2 + X)D6 where X equals 
The number of all combatants attached to the attacked settlement. Reroll ties. 
The higher roll wins. The loser loses all committed combatants. 
The winner loses one combatant (but not his last one) on a roll of 1-3 on 1D6.
(Fortress cards are never destroyed, they switch hands instead)
If the defender won nothing further happens. 
If the attacker won he gains control of the attacked settlement. He replaces the 
Control marker with one of his own and may transfer one of the 
Attacking Combatants to the newly conquered Settlement. 
If you control any Moveable Combatants, you may move them on your 
Turn, to an adjacent settlement you control. 

T = Trade
L = Labor (Florida was very underpopulated)
F = Food Crop
K = Cash Crop
V = Civilization
A = Animal Resource
W = Wood Resource
S = Sea Resource
C = Combatant 
M = Movable Combatant
X = Special Enhancement
# = Number of that card in the deck

Card Name		#	Type	Notes
Provincial Capitol	2	V	(Taxation) Capitols earn 2 Gold per turn
Busy Port		4	T/S	
Importers		1	T/S	(South American Rubber, Caribbean Rum)
Plume Trade		1	A	(Bald Eagles, Pelicans, Wading Birds)
Hunting			1	A	(Deer, Beaver, Otter, Alligator, Manatee)
Slaves			1	L	
Indigo Plantation	1	K	
Trading Post		1	T	(Indian Traders)
Frontier Women		1	L	
Bustling Town		1	V	(Shops, Markets, Taverns, Inns)
Entertainment		1	V	(Brothels, Bath Houses, Billiard Parlors) 
Citrus Groves		1	F	(Oranges, Grapefruit)
Orange Groves		1	F	
Naval Stores		1	W/S	(Pitch, Resin, Tar, Turpentine)
Artisans  		1	L	
Indentured Servants	1	L	
Cattle Ranches		1	A	(Livestock)
Fishing			1	A/S	(Fish, Sea Turtles)
Trapping & Harvesting	1	A/S	(Sponges, Shellfish, Shrimp, Lobster)
Farms			1	F	(Squash, Potatoes, Corn, Rice)
Missions	        1	V	(Ministers, Missionaries)
Tobacco			1	K	
Timber			1	W	
Barrel Staves		1	W	
Sugarcane		1	F	
Smuggling		1	T/S	
Indian Labor		1	L	
Land Grants		1	L	
Cubans			1	L	
Scots			1	L	
Minorcans		1	L	
Cutthroats & Thieves 	2	X	Settlement makes –1 Income
Fortress	        6	C	Cannot be used to attack 
German Mercenaries	1	M
Armed Black Slaves	1	C
Indian Allies		2	C	(Painted Indians)
Militia			2	C
Garrison	        2	C
Soldiers	        4	M	(Conquistadores, Redcoats)
Cannons			4	C	
Warship			4	M	(Sailors, Marines)
Privateers		2	M	
Provincial Units	2	C

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