INTRODUCTION Board & card game for 2 players. Human fleet vs a Berserker Ship. Abstract skirmish level Ship combat. Each figure represents a single Ship (unit). DISCLAIMER ‘Berserker’ is a copyrighted/trademarked property. This is just a fan site. VICTORY Destroy the opposing fleet. THE MAP Use an 8x8 chessboard. THE SHIPS Use chits or miniatures to represent Ships. THE BERSERKER # Type Hits Speed Range 1 Berserker 20 2 5 HUMAN FLEET UNIT TABLE # Type Hits Speed Range 4 C-Plus Gun Ship 1 2 6 4 Cruiser 2 3 4 8 Ramship 1 4 2 # = Number of that type of Ship you start the game with. Hits = Number of Hits that type of Ship has. Speed = Type of Move cards the unit can use (Maximum) Range = Type of Attack cards the unit can use (Maximum) SETUP Each player places one Ship on each square of his back two rows. Ships may not stack. THE CARDS Players share a common deck. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 3 phases: Orders Phase Maneuver Phase Fire Phase ORDERS PHASE Draw 3 cards. Max hand size = 5 cards. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. Discard excess cards. MANEUVER PHASE Play (discard) a Move card to move one of your Ships. The move card has a number. This is the number of spaces the Ship moves. The Unit tables list what type of Move cards each unit can use. Moves can be diagonal or orthogonal. Instead of moving just one Ship in any direction, you have the option of moving one or more Ships forward the indicated number of spaces using a single move card. Ships cannot move through other ships. A ship can only make one move per turn. FIRE PHASE Play (discard) an Attack card to have a Ship attack. The attack card has a number. This is the range of the attack. The Unit tables list what type of Attack cards each unit can use. Attacks can be diagonal or orthogonal. Every attack does 1 point of damage. Use Chits or coins to record damage. A ship reduced to zero Hits sinks and removed from the board. Your opponent may play (discard) Defense cards to negate your attack. Ships cannot attack through other ships except for C-Plus Guns: Their Projectiles skip through Normal and Hyperspace. Cruisers can make up to 2 attacks per turn. The Berserker can make up to 3 attacks per turn. If a Ramship uses a "Marines" Attack card the Ramship is destroyed. A Marines card does 2 points of damage (1 from the Ram, 1 from the Boarders). A "Robot Security" defense card negates 1 point of damage caused by a Marines card. CARD LIST NOTATION M = Movement A = Attack D = Defense X = Special Type = Purpose of card Dam = Damage (inflicted or prevented) # = Number of that card in the Deck. CARD LIST Card Name: # Range Type Notes Marines 8 1 A Ramships only; Does 2 Points Damage Point Blank 2 1 A Short 2 2 A Medium 2 3 A Long 2 4 A Very Long 2 5 A Extreme 4 6 A C-Plus Guns only Tactical Speed 7 1 M Cruising Speed 6 2 M Fast 5 3 M Very Fast 4 4 M Ramships only Evasion 4 - D Humans only Superstructure 4 - D Berserker only Robot Security 4 - D Berserker only vs Marines

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