Card game for 2-4+ players. 
Theme: Social Advancement in 17th Century France. 
By means of purchase of ennobling offices players 
advance their Bourgeoisie Families into the Aristocracy. 

The player with the most Prestige Points at the end of the game wins. 
The game ends when a turn ends and there are no cards left in the deck. 

Each player builds up 1 Family at a time. Once a Family has been 
ennobled and has an income of 30+ silver per turn from investments, 
it is retired and the player must start a new family. 

Players share a common deck. 
There are 6 card types: 
Families, Trade, Bonds, Land, Offices, and Events. 
The Land, Bond, and Office types are collectively called Investments. 

There are 4 different types of Common Markers: 
Silver Coins (100 Livres)
Gold Coins (1,000 Livres)
Upgrade Markers
Opportunity Tokens

Six and Ten sided Dice are needed. 

This has a place for the Deck and 10 cards to be laid out: 
Discard | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | Deck
A cards position on the track is the cost in Opportunity Tokens to take it.  

Shuffle the Deck. 
Each player starts with 1 random Family card in play. 
Lay out 10 cards randomly to each of the 10 spaces on the Opportunity Track. 
Each player starts with 1D10 Silver. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn is divided into 9 Phases: 
Family Phase
Revenue Phase
Fate Phase
Opportunity Phase
Capital Phase
Conversion Phase
Investment Phase
Noblement Phase
End Phase

If you have no Family card in play you may put one in play from your 
hand at no cost. You may not put a Trade card or any investment 
card into play if you don’t have a family card in play. 
You may have a max of 1 non-retired Family card in play at a time. 
You may put a Trade card in play for Gold equal to its value. 
A Family may have a max of 1 Profession card in play at a time. 
Cards in play are placed face up in front of you. 

Gain Silver equal to the combined value of every card you 
have in play for your most current family. 

Gain 1D6 Opportunity Tokens (OT). 
OT can be saved from turn to turn. 

You may buy cards on the Opportunity Track using your OT. 
Place these cards into your hand. 
A cards position on the track is the cost in OT to take it.  
Some Event cards are resolved as soon as you buy them. 

You may discard one or more cards from your hand. 
Gain Silver equal to the value of the discarded cards. 

Convert Silver to Gold. 
Every 10 Silver converts into 1 Gold. 
Keep the Change. 

If you have a Trade card in play with your current family, you 
may buy Land and/or Bond cards from your hand. 
These cost Gold equal to their value. 
A family may have multiple Land and Bond cards in play. 
If your current family has at least one Land in play, you may buy an 
Office card for Gold equal to its value. 
A Family may not have more Office cards in play than land cards. 

If your current family has at least 1 office and is making 30+ Silver per 
turn, it may retire. 
If it is making 50+ Silver per turn, you must retire it, even if it has 
no office. 
Set the retired Family aside in its own stack.
When retiring, you must discard all your Gold.  
Next turn you may start a new family. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. 
If there is a card in the #1 spot on the Opportunity track discard it. 
Next slide all the remaining cards down from 10 to 1 filling in all empty 
spaces on the Track. Flip over cards from the deck to fill in a
vacated  #10 spot. Continue until all 10 Spaces are full. 

Score Prestige Points (PP) for each of your families. 
A family gets PP equal to the value of its Lands and Offices. 
If a retired family has no Offices it gets -5 PP. 
Get an extra +5 PP for each retired family you have after the first. 

Each Upgrade Token (UT) on a card increases its value by 1.  

F = Family
T = Trade
B = Bonds 
L = Land
O = Offices
E = Events
UT = Upgrade Tokens

Name			Type	Value	Notes:
Paupers			F	1	
Serfs			F	1	
Peasants		F	2	
Refugees		F	2	
Migrants		F	3	
Porters			F	3	
Servants		F	4	
Hired Hands		F	4	
Commoners		F	5	
Country Folk		F	5	
Provincials		F	6	
Workers			F	6	
Laborers		F	7	
Freemen			F	7	
Sailors			F	8	
Townsfolk		F	8	
Burghers		F	9	
Tradesmen		F	9	
Craftsmen		F	10	
Artisans		F	10	
Physicians		T	1
Lawyers			T	1
Woad Trade		T	2
Wool Trade		T	2
Charcoal Trade		T	3
Brick & Tile Trade	T	3
Horticulture 		T	4
Sugar Refining		T	4
Grain Trade		T	5
Textile Industry	T	5
Metallurgy		T	6
Manufacturing		T	6
Linen Merchant		T	7
West Indies Trade	T	7
Spice Trade		T	8
Luxury Merchant		T	8
Silk Business		T	9
Ship Building		T	9
Bankers			T	10
Financiers		T	10
Securities 		B	1
Securities		B	2
Securities		B	3
Securities		B	4
Bonds			B	1
Bonds			B	2
Bonds			B	3
Bonds			B	4
Annuities		B	1
Annuities		B	2
Annuities		B	3
Annuities		B	4
Joint Stock Shares	B	1
Joint Stock Shares	B	2
Joint Stock Shares	B	3
Joint Stock Shares	B	4
Mortgages		B	1
Mortgages		B	2
Mortgages		B	3
Mortgages		B	4
Plots			L	1
Parcels			L	1
Fields			L	2
Pasture			L	2
Countryside		L	3
Hinterland		L	3
Farmland		L	4
Grounds			L	4
Tracts			L	5
Acreage			L	5
Range			L	6	
Agricultural Land	L	6	+1 PP
Small Estate		L	7	+1 PP
Expanse			L	7	+2 PP
Holdings		L	8	+2 PP
Vineyard		L	8	+3 PP
Villa			L	9	+3 PP
Urban Property		L	9	+3 PP
Manor			L	10	+4 PP
Large Estate		L	10	+5 PP
Courtier		O	3
Registrar		O	3
Lesser Official		O	4
Municipal Officer	O	4
Military Office		O	5
Clergy			O	5
Dowry			O	6
University Dean		O	6
Tax Assessor		O	7
Fiscal Officer		O	7	
Administrator		O	8	+1 PP
Tax Collector		O	8	+1 PP
Abbott			O	9	+2 PP
Marriage		O	9	+2 PP
Tax Farmer		O	10	+3 PP
High Functionary	O	10	+3 PP
Dignitary		O	11	+4 PP
Judgeship   		O	11	+4 PP
Bishop			O	12	+5 PP
Mayor			O	12	+5 PP
Plague 			E	-	All players lose 1D6 OP
Famine			E	-	All players lose 1D6 Gold
Nepotism		E	-	Counts as 5 Gold for buying Office
Patronage		E	-	Counts as 4 Gold for buying Office
Corruption		E	-	Steal 2 Silver from all other Players
Innovators		E	-	Place 3 UT on target Trade
Professionals		E	-	Place 2 UT on target Trade
Reputable		E	-	Place 3 UT on target Family
Cunning			E	-	Gain 2D6 Silver
Fine Vista		E	-	Place 2 UT on target Land
Legitimacy		E	-	Place 3 UT on target Office
Crisis			E	-	Counts as 5 Gold for buying Land
Feudal Tenures		E	-	Counts as 4 Gold for buying Land
Default			E	-	Discard target Bond
Reinvest		E	-	Cost 3 Gold. Place 5 UT on target Trade
Capital			E	-	Counts as 5 Gold for buying Trade
Recognition Fees	E	-	Counts as 3 Gold for buying Office
War			E	-	Discard target Land
Taxes			E	-	All players lose 1D6 Silver
Diversify Portfolio	E	-	Gain 1D6 OP


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