Card game based on the Borrowers, adventures of the tiny people that 
Live hidden in our houses, and borrow only what they need. 

The Borrowers are a licensed, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

Be the first player to complete 3 Melds. 

Players share a common deck. 
There are 7 card types: 
Places, Threats, Escapes, Friends, Foods, Objects, and Tools. 
There are 10 cards of each type. 

A Meld is a collection of 7 cards of a specific ratio of types. 
There are 10 Types of Melds: 
1. Borrower’s Feast: 3 Friends + 4 Foods
2. Dangerous Journey: 3 Places + 2 Escape + 2 Threats
3. Monty Haul: 3 Objects + 2 Tools + 2 Foods
4. Friendly Visit: 2 Friends + 3 Places + 2 Escapes
5. Great Adventure: 1 of each Type
6. Tricks of the Trade: 3 Tools + 4 Escapes
7. Home and Hearth: 4 Objects + 3 Foods
8. Full House: 4 Friends + 3 Objects
9. A Big Scary World: 4 Threats + 3 Places
10. Weapons of Choice: 4 Tools + 3 Threats

Shuffle the Deck. 
The biggest person is the Dealer. 
The smallest person goes first. 
Deal 7 random cards to each player. 

Players take turns. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 
Each turn has 3 Phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Action Phase
3. Meld Phase

Draw Cards from the deck to fill your hand to 7 cards. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may discard 1 card. 
What happens depends on what type of card you discard: 
Places = Discard 1 more card and draw 2 cards
Threats = Opponent Discards 1 random card from hand 
Escapes = Steal 1 random card from opponents hand
Friends = Give this card to opponent and draw 2 cards
Foods = Draw 1 card
Objects = Put any card from the discard into your hand
Tools = Discard hand and draw 7 new cards

You cannot make a Meld of a type already made this game. 
(Example: If someone already made a Full House, you cannot make another)
If you have a Meld, show it to all players. 
3 Melds and you win the game. Keep Track. 
Discard your hand and draw 7 new cards. 
If you don’t have a Meld, you must discard your hand down to 6 cards. 

Place Cards: Garden, Attic, Basement, Roof, Hallway, 
Doll House, Bedroom, Window, Foyer, Kitchen
Escape Cards: Run, Jump, Climb, Crawl, Ledge, 
Hide, Hole in the Wall, Shadows, Distraction, Silence
Food Cards: Cookie, Sugar Cube, Cherry, Grape, 
Olive, Cracker, Candy, Raisins, Nuts, Berry
Threat Cards: Spider, Raven, Child, House Keeper, 
Snake, Rat, Cat, Big Feet, Loud Noise, Mouse Trap
Friend Cards: Ma, Pa, Little Brother, Big Sister, Mice, 
Wild Borrower, Neighbor Borrower, Friendly Human, Ants, Bees
Object Cards: Cork, Foil, Cloth, Paper, Pencil, 
Coin, Game Piece, Salt, Pill, Battery
Tool Cards: Needle, Thread, Wire, Glue, Tape, 
Paperclip, Rubber band, Pin, Match, Toothpick


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