Card game for 2-4+ players. 
Each player is an Architect in Rome during the Baroque Era 1600's. 
Players try to increase their own reputation at the 
Expense of their Rivals. 

When the deck runs out a second time, the player with 
The most Reputation Points (RP) wins. 

Use coins or pen & paper to keep track or Reputation Points (RP). 

Players share a common deck. 
The deck has 5 card Types: 
Patrons, Commissions, Quality, Actions, and Events. 
Patrons, Commissions, and Quality cards are referred to as Permanents. 

Shuffle the deck. 
The most Baroque player goes first in the first Round

Play proceeds in Rounds. 
A Round has 4 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Option Phase
3. Scoring Phase
4. End Phase

Place the top six cards of the deck face up in a row visible to all. 
These are referred to as the Option cards. 

During a Round, players take turns (going clockwise (to the left)). 
The first player to go in a Round is the player to the left of 
The player who went first in the previous round. 
A player on his turn must take possession of one Option card. 
If the card is an Event, it must be resolved immediately. 
Action cards are placed in the player’s hand. 
Action cards can be used during any option phase. 
If it is a Permanent card, the player must put it in his hand, or 
Put it into play face up in front of him visible to all. 
A player may have a max of 3 different Patrons in play. 
A player may have 1 Commission for each Patron. 
A Commission may have any number of Quality cards attached. 
You may put Permanents from your hand into play at any
Time during your option segment.
When used, event and action cards are removed from the game (not the discard). 
When the deck runs out the first time, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players may score Melds. 
All Permanents have a point (rank) value ranging from 1 to 5. 
A Meld must contain: 
1 Patron card
1 Commission card
0 or any number of (differently ranked) Quality cards. 
A player gains a number of RP = the total point value of the meld.
A Meld with no Quality cards is worth -1 RP.  
Each Quality card after the first is worth +1 RP. 
The Meld cards are removed from the game (not the discard). 
Note that you may wait to score a meld in hopes of adding 
Additional Quality cards, however, this leaves open the 
Possibility of the meld being stolen or discarded. 

Max hand size is 3 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

# = Copies of that card in the deck
P = Patrons 
C = Commissions 
Q = Quality 
A = Actions (Keep in Hand)
E = Events (Resolve Immediately)
RPV = Reputation Point Value
TO = Target Opponent
DT = Discard Target
RAP = Reveal them and Play them or Put them in your Hand 
OH = Opponents Hand
AC = And attached Commission card (Discard attached Quality cards)

Card Name:		Type	#	RPV	Notes:
The Pope		P	4	5	
Noble Family		P	4	4	
Wealthy Family		P	4	3
Church Order		P	4	2
Minor Family		P	4	1
Cathedral		C	1	5
Restoration		C	1	5
Basilica       		C	1	5
Major Project		C	1	5
Reconstruction		C	1	4
Church			C	1	4
Centerpiece		C	1	4
Palazzo			C	1	4
Piazza			C	1	3
School			C	1	3
Renovations		C	1	3
Oratory			C	1	3
Bell Towers		C	1	2
Shrine			C	1	2
Villa			C	1	2
Façade			C	1	2
High Altar		C	1	1
Bronze Doors		C	1	1
Colonnades		C	1	1
Sculpture		C	1	1
Grandiose		Q	1	5	
Great			Q	1	5
Grandeur 		Q	1	5
Magnificent		Q	1	5
Beautiful		Q	1	4	
Brilliant		Q	1	4
Astonishing		Q	1	4
Revolutionary		Q	1	4
Breathtaking		Q	1	3	
Splendid       		Q	1	3
Dazzling       		Q	1	3
Innovative		Q	1	3
Sublime			Q	1	2	
Opulent			Q	1	2
Inventive		Q	1	2
Elegant			Q	1	2
Graceful       		Q	1	1
Intricate		Q	1	1	
Elaborate		Q	1	1
Noteworthy		Q	1	1
Criticism		A	1	-	TO Loses 1 RP
Gothic			A	1	-	TO Loses 2 RP
Scandal			V	1	-	TO Loses 3 RP
Condemnation		A	1	-	TO Loses 4 RP
Public Disgrace		V	1	-	TO Loses 5 RP
Ambition       		A	1	-	Draw 1 Cards RAP
Enterprise		A	1	-	Draw 2 Cards RAP
Virtuosity		A	1	-	Draw 3 Cards RAP
Passion			V	1	-	Draw 2 Cards RAP
Genius			V	1	-	Draw 3 Cards RAP
Madness			V	1	-	Discard your hand
Idiosyncrasies		V	1	-	Discard your hand
Tormented		V	1	-	TO must discard hand
Intrigue       		A	1	-	TO must discard hand
Scheme			A	1	-	Steal Patron AC
Plot			A	1	-	Steal Patron AC
Fiery Temper		V	1	-	DT Patron Card
Dismissal		A	1	-	DT Patron Card
Celebrated		V	1	-	Gain 3 RP
Famous			V	1	-	Gain 5 RP

Use 6 Option cards for 2-3 players.
Use 8 Option cards for 4 Players. 
Use 10 Option cards for 5 players. 
For 6+ players draw Option cards = number of players. 

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