Wargame for 4 players.
Simulates the first Balkan War in 1912.
One player is the Ottoman Turks.
The other 3 players are the members of the Balkan League:
Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece.

The player with the most Victory points at the end of the game wins.
The game ends after 24 turns.

Use counters to represent Divisions.
Each Division represents 10,000 men.
Country:	Divisions	
Ottomans  	24
Bulgaria  	11
Greece		10
Serbia		11		
The Serbian Army includes one division of Montenegro Guerillas.
Other Counter types needed:
Control, Casualty, Movement, Battle. 

Players will have to make their own map.
(I'm waiting for someone to make a map)
Divide up the map into squares or hexes.
There are several terrain types.
Terrain:  		MP	DP	VP
Mountains		2	1	1				
Plains			1	0	1	
Towns			1	1	2	
Cities			1	2	5	
Fortifications		2	3	3
MP = Movement point cost to enter.
DP = Defending Divisions add this to their Battle Roll.
VP = Victory Points for controlling this space at the end of the game.
To control a space you must have a control marker on it.
Rivers cost 1 MP point to cross.
A unit that has to rout across a river or into a mountain is destroyed.
Divisions may travel on Railroads for 1 MP per 4 spaces.			

League Divisions are concentrated on their borders.
Turkish Divisions are scattered throughout Albania, Macedonia, and Thrace.

Draw Phase
Event Phase
Attack Phase
End Phase

Each League member draws 5 cards.
The Ottoman player draws 10 cards.
If the deck runs out shuffle the discard and draw from it.

Each player rolls once on the Event Table.

1	Disease			Remove one Division from Play
2	Transport Problems	Lose 3 Movement Points
3	Reinforcements 		Remove 1D6 Casualty Markers or gain 1 Division
4	Spies & Scouts		Look at opponents hand
5-6	Nothing

Each player makes 2 piles: A Movement Pile and a Battle Pile.
Place any of your cards with Movement points into your Movement Pile.
Discard these cards and take a corresponding number of movement point tokens.
For example: if a card was worth 2 Movement points you would take 2 tokens.
Place any of your cards with Battle points into your Battle Pile.
Discard these cards and take a corresponding number of Battle point tokens.
A player may play cards for tokens at any time during the turn.
Each player rolls 1D6. This is the initiative roll.
Highest roll moves his divisions first.
Divisions may not stack.
To move a Division, pay the needed number of Movement point tokens.
Place one of your control markers on any space you enter. (Remove Opponents)
League members may not attack each other.
To attack an adjacent enemy Division, discard one Battle Point token.
To resolve the Battle the attacking and defending players each roll 1D6.
Before rolling, players may discard Battle points to increase their 
totals by +1 per token. (up to 3 tokens max)
Defenders also get Terrain bonuses. 
Get +1 if another division already attacked the enemy division this turn.
Get 1 for every Casualty counter on your division.
Get +1 for every one of your divisions adjacent to the enemy division.
The Division with the highest total wins.
The loser rolls on the Casualty Table:

1D6	Result
1	Division Destroyed (Mass Surrender)
2	Get 1 Casualty marker and Rout
3	Get 1 Casualty marker and Rout
4	Get 1 Casualty marker
5	Get 1 Casualty marker
6	Both Divisions get 1 Casualty marker
A division that routs must immediately move away from the winner one space.
If unable to move the Division is destroyed.
A Division with 4 Casualty markers is destroyed.

If a division caused an enemy division to rout, it may immediately move at no
cost to occupy the empty space.

All divisions get 1 free move point per turn if the division is moving through 
territory controlled by the divisions owner. 

Discard all unused movement and battle tokens.
League player max hand size = 6.
Turk player max hand size = 12
Discard excess cards.

Card Name:		Notes:
Bravery			1 Battle Point
Machine Guns		1 Battle Point if Attacking, 3 if Defending
Artillery		3 Battle Points
Infantry	          	2 Battle Points or 1 Movement Point
Cavalry			1 Battle Point or 2 Movement Points
Railroads		3 Movement Points
Forced March		2 Movement Points
Leadership		2 Battle Points or 2 Movement Points
Well Supplied		1 Battle Point or 1 Movement Point
Fortified Positions	3 Battle Points: Defending Turks only
Counter Attack		2 Battle Points: Attacking Turks only
Land Grab		2 Movement Points: League Member only 
Major Offensive		3 Movement Points: League Member only
Pursuit			Destroy Retreating Division
Attack Flanks		2 Battle Points: Attacking League Member only
Foolish Attack		Attacking Division automatically Destroyed
Break Morale		Defending Division automatically Routs
Intelligence		Negate target card played by Opponent
Overrun			Division may attack a second time this turn
Racial Hatred		1 Battle Point: League Member only
Timed Attacks		Alter your initiative roll by +6 or 6.
The deck contains 4 of each card listed.

Let 2 players control 12 Turk Divisions each. They may not attack each other.

Begin immediately after a game of the First Balkan War.
Setup is how the FBW game ended.
A new player: Rommania gets 10 Divisions.
Bulgaria gets an extra 10 Divisions.
Serbia gets an extra 5 Divisions.
Everybody attacks Bulgaria.
The game ends when all Bulgarian Divisions are destroyed.

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