The last battle of King Arthur, where Arthur was mortally wounded and Mordred was slain. 
Card game for 2 Players. 

The game ends after 10 hands. 
There are 3 possible Victory Conditions: 
1. Win 3 hands in a row
2. Win 6 out of the 10 hands
3. Play a Kill card to kill your opponents Leader card
If the game ends and both players have won exactly 5 hands then it is a draw… both 
leaders are slain as in the legend (or history if you prefer). 

There are 10 Victory Tokens. 
Gain 1 Victory Token every time you win a hand. 

This refers to the “Tide of Battle”. 
Whoever holds it gets to go first in Action Phase. 

Decide who is Arthur and who is Mordred. 
Mordred gets the Tide Token. 

Players share a common deck. 
Some cards can be used by both players. 
Some cards can be used by only one of the players. 
Unit cards include: Knights, Leaders, Wizards, and Troops. 

Each turn has 5 phases: 
Draw Phase
Redraw Phase
Reveal Phase
Action Phase
End Phase

Each player draws 10 cards. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players may discard face-up up to 5 cards and draw replacements. 
Leader cards may not be discarded. 

Players reveal their hands face-up onto the table. 
Players discard any cards belonging to their opponent, or that they cannot play. 

Players take turns using the special actions of their cards. 
The player holding the Tide token goes first. 
When a special action is used turn the card sideways to note this. 
A card can use its special action only once in Action phase. 
Most special actions have you “Negate” a target card of an appropriate type. 
Negated cards are discarded. 
There are 2 Kill cards in the deck. Kill cards can target any Unit card. 
A Killed card is removed from play for the rest of the game (not the discard). 
After all special abilities are used each player adds up the strength of his 
remaining cards. The player with the higher score wins the hand. If tied, 
the player with the Tide counter wins the hand. 

Players discard all cards in play. 
The Tide Token is given to the other player. 

Str = Strength
A = Can only be played by the Arthur Player. 
M = Can only be played by the Mordred Player. 
B = May be played by Both Players. 
SA: = Special Ability
L = Leader
K = Knight
D = Defense
W = Weapon
Z = Wizard
S = Spell
C = Action
I = Item
E = Event
O = Troops
T = Trait
X = Kill 

Card Name			Side	Type 	Str	Notes:
Arthur Pendragon       		A	LK	8	Your other Units get +2	
Mordred				M	LK	9	-
Lancelot       			A	K	10	Defense cards get +2
Excalibur			A	W	7	Arthur card gets +3
Golden Armor			M	D	5	Mordred card get +5
Merlin				A	Z	9	Cannot be Killed
Morgan Le Fay			M	Z	9	-	
Knights of the Round Table	A	K	6	-
Black Knight			M	K	6	-
Red Knight			M	K	7	-
Green Knight			M	KZ	8	-
Men at arms			A	O	5	-
Squires				A	O	4	Knight card gets +3
Mercenaries			M	O	5	-
Bandits				M	O	4	-
Spell of Making			B	S	4	Wizard card gets +5
Fog				B	S	2	SA: Negate a Troops card
Smite				B	C	3	SA: Negate a Defense card
Holy Grail			A	I	6	All your Knights get +2
Lance				B	W	3	-
Sword				B	W	3	-
Mace				B	W	2	-
Shield				B	D	2	PS: Negate a Kill card
Helm				B	D	3	-
Plate Mail Armor		B	D	3	SA: Negate a Weapons card
Perceval       			A	K	6	SA: Negate an Event card
Galahad				A	K	7	-
Gawain				A	K	8	-
Melee				B	C	2	All your Units get +1
Charge				B	C	3	Trait card gets +3
Courage				B	T	3	-
Bravery				B	T	2	Action card gets +3
Strength       			B	T	2	Weapons card gets +3
Slain				B	X	2	Kill target Unit
Mortal Wound			B	X	2	Kill target Unit
Challenge			B	C	2	Negate 1 Knight of each player
Sir Bedevere			A	K	4	Cannot be Killed
Treacherous			M	T	5	-
Enchantment			B	S	4	-
Barbarians			M	O	5	-
Delayed				B	E	2	SA: Negate a Knight card
Ensorcelled			B	S	3	SA: Negate a Wizard card
Falter				B	E	2	SA: Negate a Trait card
Rally				B	C	3	Your Troops get +3 each
Dispell				B	S	2	SA: Negate a Spell card
Sir Caradoc			B	K	5	-
Faerie Knight			M	KZ	6	-
Knight with 2 Swords		M	K	8	-
Purple Knight			M	K	7	-
Chivalry       			A	T	5	-

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