Two Player card game.
Simulation of the battle of Berlin (4/3/1945 – 5/2/1945).
Players are Russian Generals competing to be the first to capture Berlin.
One player is Marshal Georgi Zhukov (First Belorussian Front). 
The other player is Marshal Ivan Koniev (First Ukranian Front).  
Capture the Reichstag & raise the Red Flag!

The first player to capture 10 City Defense cards is the Winner. 

Players share a common deck. 

Each turn has 5 phases:
1. Fate Phase
2. Plan Phase
3. Drive Phase
4. Fight Phase
5. End Phase

Draw the top 9 cards from the deck and put them 
face up in a line in the middle of the table. 
These are referred to as the Fate cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players may Bid Russian Cards from their hands. 
They may bid zero, one, or more cards. 
Bids are made simultaneously. 
The player who bids the higest total force worth of 
Russian cards gets to pick first in Drive Phase. 
If tied, flip a coin to determine the winner. 
All Bid cards are discarded. 

Players take turns picking up one fate card and putting it 
in their hands. 
The player who won the plan phase bid goes first.
Players may make one or more Melds. 
A Meld consists of exactly 1 German card and 1 or more Russian cards. 
The total force of the Russian cards must exceed the Force 
of the German card. 
The German card in a Meld is "captured" and kept in a Victory pile. 
The Russian cards are discarded. 
A player must capture 10 German Front Line cards before he may 
capture any City Defense cards. 
A player who has not yet captured 10 Front Line cards is said to be 
"Outside the Gates". A player who has captured 10 Front Line cards is 
said to be "Inside the Gates". 
Once Inside the gates you can only capture City Defense cards and 
not Front Line cards.

You may discard 2 cards to draw 1 replacement card. 
You may do this multiple times. 
Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

FL = Front Line German Card
CD = City Defense German Card
RC = Russian Card

Card Name:				Force:	Notes:
Berlin Suburbs				2	FL
Supply Lines Endangered			5	FL
Bypassed Enemy Forces			6	FL
Flank Threatened			4	FL
Soviets Confined to a Few Roads		7	FL
Rebuilt Positions			4	FL
Seelow Heights				8	FL
Counter Attacks				5	FL
Halted Outside the Gates		7	FL
General Goddard Heinrici		7	FL
Successive Defensive Belts		8	FL
Deep Defensive Positions		6	FL
Minefields				9	FL
Anti-Tank Obstacles			5	FL
Strong Points				6	FL
Mobile Reserves				8	FL
Ninth Army				9	FL
Third Panzer Army			9	FL
Fourth Panzer Army			9	FL
Army Group Mitte			9	FL
A Few Hundred Aircraft			2	FL
700,000 Men				7	FL
9,000 Artillery Pieces			7	FL
1,500 Tanks & SPG			7	FL
Second Defense Line			5	FL
Fighting Withdrawals			4	FL
Heavy Artillery Fire			8	FL
Maze of Canals & Ditches		2	FL
Heavy Soviet Casualties			7	FL
Flooded Fields				5	FL
Me262 Jet Fighters			9	FL
Soviet Confusion			5	FL
Soviet Attack Falters			8	FL
Soviet Searchlight Blunder		6	FL
Strong Resistance			8	FL
Suicide Aircraft			1	FL
Evade Barrage				3	FL
Reinforcements				4	FL
Heavy Fighting				8	FL
Intricate Defense System		7	FL
Armored Engagement			9	FL
Panzer Corps				8	FL
Mountain Corps				4	FL
Fortified City				9	CD
Protracted Urban Battle			9	CD
Hitler Refuses to Surrender		8	CD
Savage, Bloody Battle			9	CD
Defense Sectors				2	CD
Obstacle Zones				2	CD
Defense Positions			3	CD
Garrison				3	CD
Tenacious Defense			6	CD
SS Personnel				5	CD
Old Men & Boys				1	CD
Volkssturm				2	CD
Home Guard				2	CD
Hitler Youth				2	CD
Apartment Building Fortresses		6	CD
Fanaticism				4	CD
Defenders of Berlin			3	CD
City Fighting				6	CD
Soviet Infantry Loses			7	CD
Panzerfausts				8	CD
House by House Fighting			6	CD
Roads Blocked				4	CD
Fight Street by Street			5	CD
Last Minute Defenses			3	CD
Debris & Rubble				4	CD
Nazi Propaganda				4	CD
Concrete Flak Towers			7	CD
Anti-Aircraft Guns			8	CD
Hand-to-Hand Fighting			9	CD
Breakout Attempts			6	CD
Breach Enemy Defenses			10	RC
Defeat Enemy on Open Field		7	RC vs Front Line Cards only
Hitler commits Suicide			1	RC Draw 3 Cards
Secure Bridgehead			8	RC only if you have 2 FL or less
Spearheads				5	RC vs Front Line Cards only
Set Piece Offensive			3	RC Draw 2 cards
Expand Bridgehead			6	RC only if you have 3 FL or less
Deploy for Attacks			3	RC +6 For Bid
Advance					2	RC +7 for Bid
Reconnaisance in Force			2	RC +7 for Bid
Launch Attacks				4	RC +5 for Bid
Clear the Germans			6	RC 
Begin Offensive				6	RC vs Front Line Cards only
Powerful Mobile Forces			5	RC vs Front Line Cards only
Fixing Attacks				2	RC vs Front Line Cards only
Encircle Berlin				9	RC vs Front Line Cards only
Soviet Vengeance			10	RC 
Soviet Momentum				9	RC 
Breakthrough				8	RC 
Axis of Attack				3	RC 
Highway					2	RC vs Front Line Cards only
7,500 Aircraft				7	RC
2.5 Million Soldiers			9	RC
41,000 Guns & Mortars			8	RC
6,250 Tanks & SPG			9	RC
Stalins Organs				6	RC
Devastating Bombardment			8	RC
Seize Initiative			6	RC
Release Armored Reserve			7	RC
Guards Tank Army			5	RC
Sheer Weight of Numbers			6	RC
Push Forward				4	RC
Shatter German Divisions		10	RC vs Front Line Cards only
Bleed the Germans			4	RC
Pour Tanks through Gaps			7	RC vs Front Line Cards only
Numerical Superiority			6	RC
Air Support				3	RC
Improving Weather			2	RC Draw 2 Cards
Push Germans Back			5	RC
Bypass Resistance Pockets 		4	RC
Pincer Movement				6	RC
Stranglehold				7	RC
Costly Frontal Assaults			4	RC
Armored Formations			5	RC
Thrust Deep 				5	RC
Artillery Bombardment			3	RC
German Panic				5	RC
German Armies Retreat			7	RC only if you have 4+ FL
Red Army				8	RC
Tighten the Noose			6	RC vs City Defender Cards only
Heavy Firepower				5	RC
Infiltration				4	RC
Railway Tunnels				4	RC vs City Defender Cards only
May Day					10	RC only if you have 7+ CD cards
Surrender Negotiations			7	RC only if you have 8+ CD cards

If you want a third player, include
Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky of the Second Belorussian Front.


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